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Found 1,342 results

  1. hi, :Randy-git::wacko: hello to all of you. I am very much confused and very much searching for information. I am planning to apply for a 176 visa and move to Australia. I, am wondering, if I could really get a chance in securing a job. People out there in ausi, can you please tell me how the job market is. is it possible to get a job of any kind or anything odd or professional (i am into computer science, and i have good experience in it) with effort?. Please do reply me. I will be grateful to you. Thank you.
  2. smitsav

    How to validate gsm visa 176

    Hi, Myself my wife and kid are on my 176 gsm visa which I need to validate by October 2012. I need to get a new child visa 101 for our child due in February 2012 and the DIAC site says it takes 7 to 8 months. Does anyone know if I can just enter and leave Australia to validate my 176 visa or does my wife and kid have to go also? If we don't get the child visa 101 by October 2012 then I must validate my own 176 visa. Thanks
  3. Guest

    Subclass 176 State sponsorship!

    Hi I just received my Subclass 176 VISA. The problem is that I have a Victorian state sponsorship. I was wondering if I could leave Victoria and start working in Queensland? I would prefer living in Brisbane. Can I leave Victoria and live in Queensland or will I have to stay in Victoria? And if I do, then for how long? Thank you
  4. Guest

    Applying for a 176 Visa

    Hi everyone.. My partner Carina and I have been searching for a while, through this site, google and immi.gov.au We have spoken to a couple of agents and are just trying to get an idea of what exactly is involved. I am 25 and a plumber, gas and heating engineer. We are looking to move near my uncle, aunt and cousins in Perth. They have been there for 4-5 years now. My uncle is also a plumber. Carina is a hairdresser/beautician and we have a 4 year old girl. So im just wondering about other peoples experiences and if anyone has any pointers or tips. Thank You.
  5. Guest

    Visa 176 - de facto

    Hi there, New to this. My partner is a carpenter and we are going to apply for SS in WA and 176 visa. Couple of questions: 1. Do I as second applicant need to do the IELTS test as well? 2. Is there anything I need to submit as 2nd applicant for the SS. Thanks and no doubt I'll be on asking so many questions over coming weeks/months. Thanks in advance :laugh:
  6. Guest

    176 VISA Help!

    Hi everyone. My father just got a subclass 176 VISA and is the Principal applicant. I wanted to know whether or not me or any other family member can travel to Australia without the principle applicant? Is it compulsory for my father to come or can we move on our own without him?
  7. masvirk

    176 visa

    Dear All, I have applied for 176 FS in may 2011. I got SS SA for 475 in Nov 2011. I want to launch another app for 475 SS. - will be able to launch one online? - If my 176 FS gets approved later, will it overide my 475 SS?? - Should I apply for 475 SS in first place?? I will be really grateful for you help regards
  8. RavenBlue

    Skills assessment and 176 - help!

    Hi, We are looking at starting the long process of applying for skills assessment (ACS) and State Sponsorship (NSW), and hoping to get our 176 application in before the shake up to EOI next July. So I’d imagine it’s going to be a stressful few months! I was hoping some people on here might be able to help with a few questions I have regarding the process. Skills assessment: My OH will be getting his skills assessed by ACS, through the RPL route as he has no formal qualifications, but has been doing his job for over 10 years. Has anybody else gone down this route? We are especially concerned as he is going to be applying for systems administrator and as such doesn’t really have any major ‘projects’ that he can write about in his assessment? Has anybody else had a similar experience? State sponsorship: NSW state for all IT occupations that they require a mix of business/commercial as well as ICT experience – what exactly does this mean? My OH started in a services industry where he used to go out to visit clients and do systems admin work on their sites, but for the last 10 years has been based in the IT department of a major shipping line, looking after internal systems, helpdesk, etc. Does this count as having covered all the bases that they are looking for? De Facto: We are not married but have been together for a few years so will be applying for De Facto – my question is, at what stage do we do this? Is it with the 176 application? Medicals and police checks: I understand that these are done once requested by a case officer (if we get that far!) – how long do you have to do them once requested? I realise there are a few questions, I apologise! But if anyone can help to make this rather daunting looking process seem a bit more bearable it would be much appreciated! Thanks :cute:
  9. Guest

    Skilled Migrant Visa SUB 176

    G`day Guys, I have a few questions in relation to the "Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176)". I was recently turned down for a 2nd year working holiday visa to Australia. I am now hoping to apply for a different visa to get back into the country. I have listed a few details below; My brother is a citizen of Australia and has agreed to sponsor me I am a geologist so I qualify under Schedule 2 of the "SOL" list I have previously worked in Australia for 2.5 years as a geologist I hope to live in Victoria Q1: is this type of visa the best one to apply for as I do not qualify under Schedule 1 of the SOL list Q2: How long does this visa usually take to get Q3: Will the fact that I got got refused a 2nd year working holiday visa hamper my chances for getting a different visa (I did not provide incorrect/ misleading information) Q4: What are the total costs of obtaining this visa Thanks in advance for any replies. Much appreciated, Pad
  10. How long do our passports need to have left on them? In the back of my head I'm thinking it shoul dhave 6 months remaining from the date we land in Oz - But is that the case?
  11. Hi, I've got a question regarding supplying a copy of your birth certificate as one of the required documents for the PR visa. The thing is I don't have one. And, as an alternative mentioned on the DIAC website, I do not come from a country that doesn't issue birth certificates. They do, I just lost mine, moving countries years ago and my parents moved twice since then so it got misplaced. So my question is: is it absolutely mandatory to provide a birth certificate as a proof of age? What other document can be used instead? For example, can my old passport issued in the country of birth be used for this purpose? This has really stumped me...This is the only document outstanding in application!
  12. Hey there very new to all of this at the moment can any one tell me how long they are taking for the state sponsorship for WA my husband is a plumber and due to do his Ielts in Oct and we are sending his trade assessment of at the end of the week so would love to hear any information you may have
  13. dani5

    176 visa confusion

    Not sure if anyone can help: :confused: we are looking at applying for the 175 skilled independent visa but on the government website we also qualify under the 176 state/family sponsored visa... and this is a shorter processing time.. however, when i spoke to a migration agent the other day, they told me we were not eligible for the family sponsorship as our family live in Brisbane (which is not a regional area of Australia) but on the government website, it says any family members can sponsor you. can anyone clarify this for me or is anyone going through the same thing? thank you!!
  14. Hi :wubclub: My 176 skilled state sponsored was granted on 07 Nov 2011. I was sponsored by Queensland government. Should I inform Queensland immigration team of my visa grant ? Regards REZA:wubclub::cute:
  15. Guest

    URGENT HELP - 176 application!!

    Ok, just submitted and paid for my 176. However, after payment completes, I'm told I must upload documents NOW. Can't i log in later and submit them? Some are on different computers... ANY HELP MASSIVELY APPRECIATED!
  16. dalejaneaustralia

    Medicare on 176 SS

    Hi, I am sure this has been explained before but I cannot find a link to it. Can someone enlighten me about how Medicare works? My take is that you sign up on arrival and you are covered to a certain level as we are on a PR visa. You have to pay for certain treatments and you can then also pay for private health cover for things that are not covered. I've read somewhere about employer contributions? How does this work? Are they contributing to private healthcare or towards the cost of Medicare treatments that are not included? Sorry its a bit vague but this is baffling me, have been on the Medicare website, but it's still confusing me! Thanks Dale
  17. Sol2Oz

    176 priority 3 or 4?

    According to the website link below - from DIAC themselves - there are some 176 Visa's that are considered priority 4. Does anyone know why some are priority 3 and others 4 - does it have to do with the occupation? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm
  18. Guest

    Which Visa - 176 or other?

    Hi all, I have been reading through the forum and have an idea of what visa I need, but would appreciate some feedback or thoughts from others. Currently I am on the Working Holiday Visa (417). I found employment 3 months ago as a software engineer, so have 3 months to go with my employer on my current visa. I pass the points test for a skilled migrant visa. My employer is willing to sponsor me so I think a 176 might be best. I don't qualify for an 885 visa as my university is not on the list. I do not qualify for an 856 visa as I do not have 3 years experience yet. I would like the freedom of changing jobs so I don't think a 457 is for me. Is there anything I have missed or is a 176 the best option? If so how long can I expect to wait for it?
  19. sylvandsam

    degree for 176 visa??

    Hi, Not sure if anyone can help, but I'm feeling a bit frustrated. I am a dance teacher (private) and run my own ballet school and have for the past 17 years. South Australia has my occupation listed as being eligible for state sponsorship, and I followed a link which took me to a page on the government website stating that it was a degree level application, but that extensive work experience of 5 years + may be taken in place of the degree. Yay thought I, and contacted a migration agent who told me I needed a degree. If this is the case, I'm not suprised they're short of dance teachers as the majority (like myself) have trained in specialised theatre schools and not university's. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sylvia.
  20. Guest

    Newbie 176 or 175

    I wanted to say hello to everyone in this forum. I've been reading for some time and I think there are loads of great information here. I'm planning to submit my visa soon, however I'm not entirely sure which could be the best way. I'll travel with my OH and 3 kids. Have already my AACA positive skills assessment, and I guess I'll get my 7-in-each-band-score-IELTS-results on Friday, but I'm not sure what to do. Whe are willing to go to Sidney, so our options are: option 1. 175. I've read recently that people are spending an average of 7 months in this visa, despite the information in DIAC option 2. SS NSW and 176. I'm more keen on this. I've read that people are getting 176 very fast, despite DIAC's information ( a couple of months or so). However I',m not sure about the timing for the positive SS assessment for NSW. Any advice would be apretiated. Thanks.
  21. Hi all, Sorry for asking so many questiosn recently, but I've got limited amounts of time... To apply for a 176 online, do i need to have my certified copies submitted too? Thing is - i need to apply for my 176 befor Nov 11th, as my SS will expire on that date. All of my skills assessment docs etc are back in Ireland, but i have scans of all on my laptop here. So my question is, Can i get a TRN and sumbit hard copies at a later date? Thanks in advance, David
  22. Can someone please let me know where I put my IT Qualifications in on this form? I am not sure if I need to add them in the 'Overseas Qualification>Trade Qualification' section (for MCSE, CCENT, Comptia A+, Network+, etc) or I just list these in the next section 'Applicant other training and qualification specialisation' or if it really matters which? Thanks to anyone who can help
  23. samfarren

    help please on 176

    Please could anyone help........ can anyone advice the best way to make payment to ANMC for my skills assessment and also, does anyone have a template that my manager could use for my professional reference - she has said that if I write it a bit like a cv, then she will sign it but I am not sure if this is acceptable or does it have to be in letter form I am trying to do this whole process without paying £2000+ for an agent and have received some fabulous help on the site so far Long may it continue :rolleyes:
  24. Guest

    Medical benifir for 176 Visa

    Hello, Please clarify that what are the medical benefit can obtain for subclass 176 visa from the Government? and the kids educational benifits? Anybody can clarify it is great help. Thanks. Kathy
  25. Hello everyone, Hope you can give me advices or share with me experiences somehow related to my concern. I am an applicant for State Sponsorship Visa. We plan to lodge our Visa Application this January 2012 subject to the release of the State Sponsorship Nomination-SA . I understand that there will be a medical exam along the way. The thing is, I have a congenital heart disease which is called as Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. However, my case is asymptomatic (clinically silent) . I was hospitalized before due to pneumonia in November 2010 and because of Pneumonia, I had heart palpitation which is a manifestation of WPW syndrome. Nevertheless,I visit my Cardiologist regularly and complied with all medical exams requirement. All tests taken in January 2011 and October 2011 reflected a good prognosis, thus, I don't need to take any medication as instructed by my Cardiologist. He provided me a medical certificate last October 29, 2011 stating that I have WPW (asymptomatic), fit to travel and work ,and does not need any maintenance medication. In this regard, given that I have this existing condition, do you think I should still give it a shot? Of course lodging an application will impose financial risk as I need to pay a big amount that's why I am concerned that my medical condition will be the potential deal breaker. :eek: Hope you can shed light on this matter. Warm Regards, mjcg