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Found 1,342 results

  1. mansukhpatel

    176 Online Application

    Hi, I have completed the online application and its ready for submitting but at no point its requested for additional documents listed in http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/176_checklist.pdf Can I need to upload these seperately once the application has been submitted. If not what is the process?
  2. Heatheryo82

    simple question on Subclass 176

    Hi, If anyone can clarify one thing for me that would be really great. As cook, get a tasmania State Sponsorship and lodge 176 as cook (chef) will this be cat 3 or cat 5 Thanks! after all this years waiting for visa, i have decided to do something.,... good luck guys!
  3. I planned to apply for the 175 visa, I have 60 points and plan to sit the IELTS to gain the additional 5 points required. As the 175 can take 18-24months we decided to apply for SS to Victoria. I am an Senior Occupational Therapist and my job is on the demand list. I completed the application last week and received an email today informing me that we have not been successful:no: due to "a lack of financial resource to assist with the move/settlement". I wrote $15,000 as I can prove this just now. However, it is likely we will have more and I hope to secure a job before arriving in Oz. I was under the impression there is no set amount required to immigrate:confused: and looking at the forum people appear to be going with less. I now plan to go for a 175 but I am worried about the amount they expect you to have. Can anyone recommend what you need to make the move, I though £10-15,000 would be enough for a family of 3, especially if I had a job to start?? Any comments welcome Leah (31), Robert (32) and Declan (5)
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering who had the fastest 176 visa grant (SS) on the board? : ) Any tips for the rest of us? We are lodging today! Kate.
  5. My Australian Immigration Medicals have been completed and finalized. All documents have been met. Expecting Visa Grant any time. I found out today that my wife is pregnant. What should i do now? Should I inform the case officer or just wait for the grant. What options do I have as my initial entry date is expected to be 1st week of June 2012 and my Wife's due date is Mid April 2012. Cant go immediately for visa validation due to my job commitments. Was planning to have a visa validation trip in Feb - March 2012 but wife wont be able to travel then. I think that if i wait until our baby is born, we wont be able to get the baby's visa after birth in April in time to make it there before first week of June. Please respond urgently, because if i get the grant letter in a couple days, i wouldnt have too much options. Look Forward to prompt responses. PLEASE HELP....
  6. Wow this Visa ride is stressful! We have applied for a QLD Family Sponsored 475 Visa, but after 18 months and being reduced to Cat 5 we are looking at switching to a 176 Visa, however it means living in Canberra as my skill has limited places in ACT only. The issue is my family are in Brisbane, but its only for 2 years right? and 176 might actually get processed at some point this decade? Of course, trouble is the extra cost unless I can get my agent to soak up the costs as they loose money if the 475 visa doesn't come through. (No visa, No Fee) Any professional or well advised opinions? Never been to Canberra, scary to apply with no experience of the place. Cheers. p.s I think i'm addicted to this forum. The Drama, the highs, the lows.
  7. Sorry am very new to this and not sure which of the three types we are eligible for is best? Any help appreciated think my heads going to explode soon trying to take in all the information I've been reading!
  8. we only applied 4th jan but where one of the people to receive the march 18th email all paperwork has been sent in just waiting but dont know what happens next.do we get a co even if all paperwork is ok did we get lucky due to my wife being a midwife or do we just receive an email(we applied online) saying that the visa has been granted al this waiting is rubbish but we feel lucky when you see how long others have to wait can anybody offer me any advice:confused:
  9. PositivePixie

    Quick & urgent question about 176 form

    Sorry for the panic, trying to sort this out asap - on the bit about family members on the application form for 176 visa do we only include MY family (as the applicant) or my husband's (as he is my dependant on the visa) family as well? Cheers if you can help
  10. Hi guys, We received our visa grant VE 176 last 31st March 2011 and we are WA sponsored. However, my wife & I plans to land in Victoria instead of WA. My questions are, what would be the implications & problems that we might encounter if we proceed to settle & live in Victoria? The current problem that we might face & future trouble like gaining citizenship? Please help us before we finalise our plans and any advice is highly appreciated! We are planning to fly to Melbourne end of August this year. Thank you in advance!~ Tazmania:unsure:
  11. Hi, As per doucument check list for document to uploaded its stated satisfactory skills assessment for your nominated occupation. Please include all evidence of work experience you used to obtain this assessment. If you applied for an onshore GSM visa please also provide evidence of when you applied for your skills assessment Do we also need to submit the CDR report submitted to Engineers Australia or should wait for CO request (if required) ? Thanks
  12. Guest

    175 or 176 Visa

    Hi, My family and myself want to move to Perth within the next 12 Months, I currently have a sucessful TRA application for a Radio communications Tech that is on the SOL but not on the WA SOL. My agent is (slowly) in the process of re-appling to TRA for the trade of Telecommunications Tech (that is on the WA SOL). Would it be quicker to cut my losses with the TRA re-application and submit a 175 visa, or should I continue and hopefully get a sucessful result for Telecomm Tech, apply for WA state sponcership and apply for a 176 visa? Which option would be quicker? Thanks
  13. jimmyk

    Irelands call

    I am an Irish guy looking to move to Australia ASAP. 1- Does anyone know if there is a database of the different companies that sponsor overseas workers? 2- If I get the 176 visa myself, how long after I actually receive it do i actually have to move to austraila before the visa becomes invalid? (ie if the visa is granted today do i have a few months or a year etc because I've a few loose ends to tie up at home before moving) 3- From experience which company would you use to get the visa? I have shopped around a bit already and there seems to be big price differences but i'm afraid using a lower priced agent might mean less chance of securing the visa and cannot afford to lose the money. Thanks
  14. I have checked on the website and it seems if we were to go the 176 route we couldnt live anywhere we would like to, ie. Sydney and central coast are our of bounds! So is a 175 our only route? To be honest I dont mind it taking two years, gives us plenty of time to get the house ready for selling and for the exchange rate to please get better! xx
  15. We are making the move in November and were wondering if it is possible to go self employed/start own business on a 176?
  16. Hello My OH applied for a 175 back in June 2009 and we are still waiting for a decision :arghh: He is a Fitter (general) and his occupation was on the MODL when we applied but was then taken off and we were in limbo for a long time. It has beeen put back on the SOL with the July changes but we are getting really desparate for some movement so I have just done a South Australia State Sponsorship application online. My agent says because of when I applied I dont need to submit another visa application form but I am reluctant to have him deal with this as to be honest they havent really been much help. I just wanted to know if anyone else had done this and what do I do if I get the big yes from SA? Do I just inform DIAC that we have applied already in 2009 and we want to change our visa to a 176?? :wacko: Thanks for your advice, its much appreciated:notworthy:
  17. My State Nomination 176 has been refused by Victoria Government because professionals having experience in J2EE, Java and RPGILE/400 are not in Demand.Although my profession was in Demand list Need your valuable advice in this regard, what should i do. :unsure:
  18. Guest

    176 visa

    My husband is just at the first stages of applying for 176 visa, he is a plumber gasfitter. We have an agent who comes highly recommended handling this for us. We have been told the process can take between 12-18mths. Has anyone else applied for this type of visa and was successful? What are the stages that you go through? Police checks first, then IELTS, then medicals?...
  19. Hi Can anyone shed any light on how long the process takes from being granted SS and then applying for a 176 visa until the DIAC grant your visa?:unsure: I was initially led to believe that it would take a couple of months or so but it now appears with the changes announced by DIAC for 1st July 2011 that it will be between 12-24 months. For anyone who applied for their 176 visa pre 1st July 2011 it looks as though we are not excempt from the above timescales. Our agent is looking into it but he believes this is the current situation.:arghh: Can anyone confirm or counter the above? Regards Breezer
  20. Hi there, I have been granted WA SS 176 back in February. Our house is on the market, I have resigned from my job and I am planning to fly to Perth in the next couple of weeks. The visa has to be validated by 12Jan 12 and I want to fly first with my wife and daughter joining me around September time (once I found a job, accommodation etc). Has anyone else done this before? Is it possible for my wife and daughter to join me at later date or do we all have to enter as a family? If anyone can advise I would really appreciate it. I will be contacting my agent on Monday to check this but would like to find out before if possible. Many thanks John
  21. Guest

    176 Visa, SA SS approved

    Visa 176 applied for 7May2008, South Africa. NSW submitted to DIAC early 2010. South Australia SS submitted to DIAC 27May2011, CO assigned 7Jun2011. Medicals submitted immediatly, Police clearance submitted Fri 8Jul2011,17h00. Visa granted Mon 11Jul2011 before i got out of bed. Thanks to everyone on this site for spreading the knowledge, hope this helps. Hang in there, its almost time for you. Jake
  22. Can anyone give me an idea of timeframe of getti visa after medicals and police checks have been compete, we are applying SASS 176, DIAC have all requested docs including meds etc and just wondered how ling process takes from this point? Thanks
  23. Hi all, I would like to share the good news with all in pomsinoz; my 2 year 4 months of wait is over. I have been on and off here, frustrated with the changes and all.Then one day, my mailbox shows I have the grant letter .... finally! My special thanks to Gollywobbler (who sadly no longer around the forums), Reza (for his information on adding de-facto/spouse), VickyMel , siamsusie pumpkin, GeorgeD, _shel and everyone else that I may have unintentionally left out for the support, encouragement and sharing their experiences here. My timeline: Date applied: 03 March 2009 s175 (MODL/SOL) Low Risk (LR) country Medical checked: 03 April 2009, police clearance done Priority changed Sept 2009, s175 given lowest priority Applied for NSW SS and granted: 10 Sept 2009, changed to s176 (cat2) Priority changed again, s176 and s175 priority goes further down (cat5) unless you are in CSL/ENS AU election ... everything on hold again ... ---looong wait ---- NSW election ... SMP on hold the longest of all states SMP out in 03 Mar 2011 - My occupation no longer listed ... (cat4 for having SS but not SMP) CO first contact: 03 April 2011 Asked for S80, F47A, de-facto evidence, spouse IELTS, etc Health check re-done, police clearance re-done Visa granted: 12 Jul 2011, must enter AU for validation by Dec 06, 2011 I guess I am the last few dinasours to be out ... Best of luck everyone!
  24. Guest

    CO wants more de-facto evidence

    Apologies ... i have deleted this post for fear of being identified ....
  25. Hi our family sponsored visa 176 was lodged on the 9th june 2011 but payment was only just taken a few days ago. We have just been put in cat 5 even though my husband is on the shedule 1 SOL list and was on the old one. We had 100 points which was needed for the visa. Would they of done our points based on when our visa was lodged? or would they of done the points on the new test because they took the payment after the 1st of july? i would presume it would be from the old points as that was when it was lodged, but i cannot understand why we would not be in cat 4.