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Found 1,342 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I’m not technically a “pom”, apart from the fact that I have a British passport. I have a question regarding a skilled migration visa issue. I want to apply for a 176 visa with New South Wales as a sponsor. I can only apply for the sponsorship in January 2012 as this is when I have my 3 years work expereince that they need in that state to sponsor me as an accountant. I currently can apply for a 175 visa (with no state sponsorship) but they seem to take a long time to process. My concern is that my occupation is removed from the skills list before I get to apply. What I want to do is apply for a 175 visa this year, then apply for state sponsorship in January next year, and then convert my 175 visa to a 176 visa. Does anyone know if I can do this?
  2. Guest

    Steps to 176 SS Visa?

    Hi all, Could someone tell me the first steps I need to take for applying for the 176? Do I have to have ielts results,acs results,medical results etc before I start my application? I want to apply under network administrator for south australia but I read that these are capped, is there anyway I can find out if there are places left as I want to kick off the process asap.... Any info much appreciated:)
  3. Hi all, Finally made our application for our 176 state sponship for ACT. Had an email to say the docs had been recieved and the skills assessment is going to be done, hopefully this will be ok and we can get the ball rolling. How long does the skills assessment take? Steph
  4. Hey, Recently just sat my IELTS exam for South Australia State Sponsorship. However talking to a few people on the day also moving to Australia and going through same process was it mentioned that once you have received the official nod for permanent residency it is not a legal requirement only an ethical requirement to remain working in a state of chosen sponsorship for 2 years. Is this true? How do they know? How can they police it?
  5. Prior to yesterday's suspension, quite a few of us managed to lodge applications and are now sitting with fingers crossed, touching wood etc etc hoping our applications are accepted. There's also been speculation about how quickly [or not] these applications may be processed. Please could you add your details below and update on your progress? I'll start... Names: David & Nicky [he's the applicant] Visa Type: 176 QLD sponsored CSL: yes Job: .NET Developer Progress: got the TRN number and they've taken our money...
  6. Hi, Is the 176 grant/Visa different than the 175 grant/visa. I am not asking the difference in terms of obligation to stay in some specific territory. My question is about difference in appearance of a 176 grant/visa and the 175 grant/visa. Regards, Ezy Going
  7. Hi all, We are just trying to decide on whether to apply for the above visa now or whether we go out to Oz on a WHV and apply once out there..how long (roughly) are these visas taking to be granted at present? Thanks in advance peeps :-)
  8. dalejaneaustralia

    176 State Sponsorship given priority group 2

    Hi, We've just had email confirmation that our state sponsorship application has been successful.....great news!! Just a bit baffled by one point. It says that we are going to be put into priority group 2. Everything I have read since the 1st July is that State sponsorship is priority group 3 and only ENS is priority group 2. I am going to email them, but has anyone else had a similar "issue". It's just with the potentially quicker processing time, is going to effect our saving plans. Thanks Dale --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=44.836447,1.148301
  9. lazydaisy

    OMG SS 176 visa granted today!!!

    At long last , we're so happy our visas were granted today!!!!. Time line fyi: Nov 09-Applied for vetassess test (carpentry) May 10-passed vetassess test Jan 11-granted state sponsorship 4 march 11- took medicals 23 march 11 -passed medicals -cert issued 18 mar 11-cleared police checks 1 april 11-VISA GRANTED!!! and thanks to everyone on pomms in oz who have guided us along the way...it is possible without an agent !!! (and with a v. minor cannabis conviction!!!) :notworthy:
  10. Hi there.....I was pointed to this forum by a friend, who suggested it may be able to help. I am currently in Melbourne, 33, from the UK, and have been working as a designer for Holden for the last 2 years as a contracor, via an Australian agency. I moved out here for the job and the agency sponsored my on a 457 visa. Thankfully, despite all the current redundencies, Holden still want to keep me on. However, my agency called me a little while back and advised me that due to changes in the 457 legislation (that have taken place since my initial visa was granted) they are no longer able to sponsor anyone, so couldn't renew my visa, and that my best option was to apply for permenant residency. I called the immigration department to ask about PR, and they told me that unless the agency can guarantee me work for 3 years, they can't sponsor my PR application, so I would have to apply independantly.....for which I would not be able to get a bridging visa. So as it stands, with my current visa soon to expire, it looks like I may soon be out of work....even though Holden wants me to stay...and wondering how best to remain in the country (I now have a g/f here...so would like to stay). I have tried other agencies, but Holden can only use the ones currently on their books...none of which have the ability to sponsor people under the new laws. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could possibly (A) stay working at Holden, or (B) stay in the country!! Many thanks, Fonz PS - I have an uncle who is a citizen here now, though he lives up near the Gold Coast.
  11. Guest

    176 lodged July 2011 Gang

    Hi all, I was waiting for some one to start this thread for 2 weeks now :laugh:. I lodged my 176 on 18th-July-2011. WA sent 1100 to DIAC on 19th-July-2011. Now I am waiting for a CO after uploading all the documents. Wish me good luck. :biggrin: ps: According to the auto reply from gsm.processing@immi.gov.au, state sponsored 176 visa are assigned a CO with in 2 weeks. However, I haven't been yet and it is 9 working days. :huh:
  12. Hi We've finally been assigned a Case Officer to process our Queensland State Sponsored 176 visa but I have a few questions that I'd be grateful for help with: If we get the visa granted we don't plan on moving out immediately but come out to validate sometime next year........would we have to fly into Qld or can we go to anywhere in Australia for the validation? And I'm a little confused how long the visa would be valid - is it usually 5 years from the date of grant or 5 years from the date you validate? Many thanks! Mandy
  13. Guest

    HELP 176 nightmare

    Hi Guys I am trying to do an online 176 application for myself and spouse/de facto partner. Each time I get to the section countries of residence I can put in my details but not my partners. I cant proceed any further because it comes up with an error comment if I try to go to the next page without my partners details.. I included her under "other family members" at the beginning of the application. its a nightmare I have tried so many times and I am so frustrated I emailed the DIAC and rang them but was told to it would take months for a tech support to get back to me on it and to just apply by paper I really want to do it online because I have heard its much faster Has anyone else had this problem??
  14. My husband would be the main applicant, I have family in australia (dad, step mum, 3 brothers), Could we use this to apply for a family sponsored skilled visa or not as they are my family and not my husbands? ALSO: Which of these visa's would give a quicker/easier entry to OZ? Im struggling to find pro's/con's for both! Any advice would be great :biggrin:
  15. Hi there I wonder if there is any single travellers with the sponsored 176 ACT visa hoping to go to Canberra in the near future? It would be great to hear from you and see if you are having the same dilemmas as me as one minute I'm ready to book a flight and then the next I've changed my mind again and then I'm on the roundabout wondering what to do for the best. I Look forward to hearing from anybody in the same boat.
  16. Hey guys and all the people out there I need suggestions from you all.. My sister is going to apply for Visa 475 or 176 till the end of this year ..She need some info for her help.If She applies for a 475 visa till when can she apply for PR and if 176 then after hw many years can she apply for PR? Secondly, how much time does it take the PR to be granted??? Can you clear me on that and the difference in benefits of both.It will be highly appreciated.
  17. Do you want to join me here? Just copy and paste and fill in your info it will give us an idea of how long the process takes! Good luck everyone...... Name: Canberra 2011 Date of SMP application: 20/05/2011 Trade/profession: Real Estate Agent Principal Visa type: ACT SS 176 SS received: 25/07/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 01/08/2011 Visa Filed: 01/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant/Declined? Name: Kate10 Date of SMP application: 25/07/11 Trade/profession: Civil Engineer (husband) Visa type: WA SS 176 SS received: 29/07/11 Form 1100 Uploaded: Sent to DIAC by WA 04/08/11 Visa Filed: 03/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks:09/08/11 Visa Grant/Declined? Name - Rachel 80 Date of SMP Application - 11th May 2011 Trade/profession - Project administrator Visa type - ACT SS 176 SS Received - 19th July 2011 Form 1100 uploaded - 01/08/2011 Visa filed - 01/08/2011 Name: mansukhpatel Date of SMP application: 12/07/2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: SA SS 176 SS received: 01/08/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 03/08/2011 Visa Filed: 02/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant
  18. TheSmithFamily

    Visas 176 State & 475 State

    Haven't been thinking about emigrating too much in the past 6 months or so due to having a baby. However I've just looked up, because the Visa process has changed since July, which Visa we're eligible for. Using my wife as the primary candidate we score 80 points on a 176 State visa and 85 points on 475 state visa. So which visa is better? What's the difference between the two and is there anything else we should know/take into consideration before starting the process? (P.S - What is the threshold for a pass using the new system?)
  19. BenBob

    176 Application October 2008

    Hello all, I have looked through these forums many times before, but I am now at a stage where I need some advice. I applied for 176 family sponsord visa on the 17/10/2008. Since applying I have heard nothing from DIAC. I Front loaded my police checks and meds and according to the online tracker they were finalized few weeks after I applied. However, the general status of my application has not changed. I originally applied with a job (Industrial Design) that was on the SOL, now since the 1st of July 2011 it is no longer there. This brings me to my question, what category am I in? and are any of you in a similar position? I have been reading a few threads here and there that look similar to my situation where applicants have applied after me, yet been approved a visa already?? As some general background... I moved here in Jan 2009 on a working holiday visa hoping the 176 would be approved within the year. Since then I have been working and living on a 457.. 3 of them actually! and just waiting for the 176 to be approved. One other thing I should mention.. on the online application status under "entitlements" it provides me with all the conditions retaining to my 457.. does this mean my application will not be looked at until my current 457 expires? Thank for your time and I would greatly appreciate any advice / help you can offer. :Randy-git:I feel this smiley best represents my feelings.. DIAC messing with my head with all their categories and changes! Ben
  20. Guest

    Is our 176 visa still valid?

    Hi I am seeking advise on where myself and my children stand with our 176 visa's. My husband, myself and our family moved over to Australia, early 2010. It was a new start, a fresh outlook after my husband was recovering from an illness... it was our family dream and had been for the past 4 years. We are now nearing the end of the year and my husband wants to return to the UK. However, myself and our children would have to be dragged back kicking and screaming. We are hoping that if he does return, the pull of his family still being here and when he realises the reason we wanted to move here in the first place, he will return. I know this sounds very strange but it is a chance I am going to have to take. Having given our teenage children a choice, they have all said they want to stay. Their lives here are much better than in the UK. They have great schools, sports clubs and friends. So my dilema is this... We came to Australia on my husbands skilled visa. We all have a perminent 176 visa in our passports. However, does this only apply whilst my husband is in Australia as well? I am a Director of an Australian Company and I am also a qualified Real Estate Agent in work, so I am able to support us. Could someone please let me know, if we only have a right to perminent residency, whilst my husband is here. He may decide to stay, but I need to know to put our minds at rest. It is all a mess!!! But I am trying to make the best of a bad situation!!! Thank you in advance.
  21. hey guys anyone who is applying for visa 475 this year and does anyone know how fast will it get processed till the year end or next year beggining????
  22. Hi guys may I just ask since im planning to apply for ss in wa, does all my documents need to be certified? And do I need proof of funds just like other states usually they require $20,000 aud but in the wa website i cant find any stating how much is the proof of funds. Also, im applying for architectural draftsperson occupation since the ielts requirement is lower like only 6 band in all parts, though im an interior designer, i do have 3 year relevant work experience as an archi draftsman so i hope there will be no problem for that.
  23. hi Dear All.... Are there any visa processing time differences between 475 family sponsor and 176 family sponsor?.... your reply will be really appreciated.... thanks samk6 :idea:
  24. claramanda

    176 Visa Granted!

    Our 176 was granted on 25 August, just 2 days after completing our medicals in Edinburgh! I'd been checking my emails religiously rather than using the online system...we could have been celebrating all weekend! Oh well, it's a great way to start this Monday instead. Whooooop!! Thanks to everyone on here who has given such invaluable advice, support and re-assurance. It will never be a stress-free process, but we certainly could not have gotten through everything so quickly and relatively painlessly without you.
  25. Hello there I have a 3 & a half yr old daughter. I am currently just 12 weeks pregnant. We've just handed in our State Sponsorship form for SA. As soon as that is back (fingers crossed) we will start with the visa. Does anyone know how we let them know I am expecting, as we will obviously only go once second is born. On the form there is a section for your dependants. But, just wondered if I enter on there one due march 2012.? Anti info would be appreciated. Thank you