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Found 1,342 results

  1. My partner and I just received our state sponsopship this morning. It took 2 hours 10 minutes for them to agree to sponsop us. I was expecting to have to wait a few weeks. The panic has now set in to get our 176 visa lodged within the next few weeks. Can anyone advise on what work experience evidence needs to be submitted? I have 8+ years in my profession, 7 of them being with my current firm. I really do not want to ask for references from my boss as he will not be happy when he finds out I am leaving.... Is a copy of my employment contract sufficient? Do I need to include payslips, P60s, etc? Help......:biggrin:
  2. Guest

    DIAC Help 176 visa timeline

    Hi I just got this reply from DIAC. Can someone help me decode this. I applied for a Subclass 176 in Feb 2011. Here is the reply I got for a question about where is my application. Your application has been batched for allocation. We are unable to provide you with a timeframe, however you will be notified in due course. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Does it just mean that you are in an infinite queue? cheers
  3. Hi all anone knows if you can study if you have a 176 visa?? Im applying for a 176 visa under state sponsorship of west aus and i was also thinking maybe if ever i get a succesful 176 visa application maybe i can work and study at the saame time. Will this be possible? Thanks in advance to anyone who can share info/ reply. Paris :idea:
  4. Guest

    Help Please, 176 SS

    Hi All I'm after as much advice as I can get, basically I have submitted my 176 SS SA visa app this week. I'v uploaded all relevant documents, all that remains is the police checks and meds. My question is do I need to wait until they are requested by my CO before I can arrange/book them, or can I have them done any time now and just send them off once they are requested? I'm trying to speed up my visa as much as possible as we arrive in Oz on holiday on the 8th December and would love to validate my visa then, even if we don't stay. Cheers Neil
  5. Hi everyone, I've managed to get most of the my documents ready for my application. The remaining section I need to cover is evidence to prove my relationship with my long term (same sex) partner. A bit of background: we've been together for over 9 years (we met in June 2002), dated for 8 and didn't move in together until June 2010 as we had to first finish studying and also get our families to accept our relationship. We've lived together since then, we've even moved once. My question relates to what evidence I need to provide. I propose the following: We have a lease for our first and second apartments, both leases are in our name and cover a period of more than 12 months We traveled to Australia in 2009 - I have our e-tickets and iteneraries, as well as the ETA date for my passport and the immigration/emigration stamps from his passport Photos - we have photos of us together at parties, as well as on holidays (including the trip to Australia). Unfortunately the photos aren't dated on the actual photos though. We can get friends to write letters vouching that our relationship is true and genuine - while I'm on this, do these need to be made under oath at a police station? Or can they just be signed? We share the cost of living - for practical reasons we don't have a joint bank account. We do have records of who spends what, and then we settle at the end of the month (whoever paid more gets re-imbursed) - we can get bank statements showing the transfers between our accounts and I can provide the records (it's just an excel spreadsheet) Would this probably be sufficient? Has anyone been through this before?
  6. Hello, I would like to know exactly how many IELTS score need for the Secondary applicants under 176 visa? Someone said need to get 4.5 for each module and others are telling all 4 modules average band score need 4.5. Which once is the correct one.(This is for old point system) Please reply ASAP. Thanks. Kathy :swoon:
  7. Hi All, I was browsing DIAC website today and I noticed some changes in Relative Sponsorship. For 176 Visa it says: Where can a sponsor be living? Your sponsor can live anywhere in Australia. Link: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/176/eligibility-state-terr-rel-spon-02.htm For 475 Visa it says: Western Australia can now sponsor all location, before Perth is not included. My brother and sisters are in Sydney while my cousins are in Perth. Does this mean my relative in Sydney can sponsor me already? I thought before relative sponsorship is possible but for selected areas of Australia. Can anyone shed some light, I am very excited. :wink:
  8. Guest

    Subclass 176

    Hi, Under 176 visa what are the benefits we can obtain from the government? Thanks! kathy
  9. Guest

    176 visa / Case officers

    Hi I am a newby to the forums and hope to receive my 176 ss visa very soon! My application was submitted on the 9th may but my agent had made a mistake by ticking the wrong box for my occupation, I had to complete a form which verified the mistake, once complete the forms were forwarded to my case officer, I had a C/O assigned around the 26th September and have been asked for further documentation after my application was submitted, is it normal for this to happen at this stage? it doesn't fill you with confidence when you pay over 4k for the whole process and simple mistakes are being made! My SS is for South Australia but I will reside in VIC, my agent has advised as long as you inform them there are no problems. Does anyone know how long a C/O normally has the application before making decisions? I believe from reading different forums that I'm cat 3 priority. If anyone can relate or shine some light on the above I'd really appreciate it.. Longing to have both feet on Aussie terra firma rather than no man's land! Steve
  10. Guest

    Changing from 175 to 176

    I am waiting for my skills assessment at the mo, but as soon as that arrives I am wanting to apply for a 175 visa (I pass the points test :smile:). Victoria (where I want to go) has just released their SS list and my occupation is on it. As I pass the points test would I be able to get State sponsorship? If so would I be able to change from a 175 to a 176 visa? :confused:
  11. Hi peeps, I need some help please from you experts! My boyfriend and I have watched the SMPs for the past year and waited in hope that my job as a Sales Rep / Business Development would come up on one of them. We noticed yesterday that Technical Sales Rep is on the SA SMP list, this is our preferred state as we have family there so are very excited! However, we are a bit confused as to whether this covers my job .... I work in B2B sales for a large international airline, recruiting new business partners for their loyalty program. On the description for "Technical Sales Rep nec" we're not sure what the nec (not elsewhere classified) means. Any ideas??? Does this mean it covers everything that is not on any of the other Sales Rep classifications e.g. the one specific to medical/pharmaceutical/industrial?? Please help we're so confused .... :wub:
  12. Hi all, My wife and I finally have all our paper work collated for our SS application, bank statements, mortgage statements, tenancy agreement showing our properties are being rented, Skills assessments etc etc. Now what? I take it all paperwork has to be cert copies which in turn has to be sent to ACT. Do I now go onto the business.act.gov.au/ website and use the Skilled - Sponsored subclass 176 visa link to apply? Can anyone guide me through the steps, exactly what to do next in which order? Any help/feedback/info would be greatly appreciated. look forward to hearing from you, regards Julian
  13. sarab

    Medical Tests for 176 Visa

    Hi I have just sent my 176 visa (I'm moving to Perth soon!!), and I saw you need a chest x-ray as part of your supporting documents. Any ides why (just curious)? Also, how do I get this done? Do I needto go through the doctors or is it something I have to pay for? Thanks
  14. Guest

    176 Sept 2011

    Hi Just wanted to see who else has applied for a 176 this month? I am keen to comunicate with anyone who has, so we can compare timelines/ issues etc. Best of luck! :yellow_guy_smiling_ I have just seen the thread by Big Bob - so have posted there!!
  15. Guest

    Which is better 176 or 457?

    Hello All I was originally thinking of applying for a 176 VISA but got an unsuccessful VETASSESS skills assessment due to not having a full year post grad work experience. So if i still want 176 must wait until June '12 to apply again. or my agent said to look into a 457. My research today on pomsinoz has left me concerned about whether the 457 is right for me and my family. There are 6 of us, ME, hubby, children aged 17,15,11 and 2. There is no way we could live of one salary if it is hard to get a job as a partner on a 457 visa which seems to be the case on here. Shall i wait to continue with the 176 next June?
  16. Hi I would really appreciate it if anybody could give some advice on the below. This morning I received approval for state sponsorship for western Australia however one of he condition set out is that I bring $120k with me to cover relocation costs. This amount will not be a problem once my house sale completes however currently I do not have this amount of money in a account. My question is do the DIAC require proof of the $120k qt time of lodgement or is proof required on entry to WA or is proof even required at all. Many thanks
  17. Hi, is it possible to apply for a 176 visa and then travel out on a whv and wait for it to come through in Aus?
  18. Earlier i have submitted Visa 176-family sponsored in Mar 2011. Then i got my Victoria SS in Aug 2011. I understand i have to re-submit and pay the Visa Fee again. However, if i resubmit now, is my application be treated using the March 2011 (100 point system) ruling OR July 2011 NEW RULING (the 65 point system) Appreciate anyone that can shed some light?
  19. Guest

    176 lodged feb 2011 group

    I've noticed other threads for groups that have lodged their 176 in the same month and its a great idea! We lodged our 176 visa in feb 2011, if anyone else lodged theirs in feb and would like to chat or track our progress pls feel welcome to post here... :v_SPIN:
  20. Hi everyone, Do any of you have recent experience applying for a 176 visa with sponsorship from SA? We were wondering how long we can expect things to take once we get a decision from ACS: a) to get the state sponsorship, and b) to get the visa itself after that. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi to all, I have a single question. Am i eligible to get sponsorship from my wife's cousin (son of her mother's sister) for the Subclass 176? Thanking in advance to all. Zakir Chowdhury. Bangladesh
  22. Hello, I'm waiting on the SA sponsorship, they said I just need to prove I have settlement funds when I arrive. All of the other states seem to state the opposite, that I need to prove I have the funds before I apply? Is this the concrete truth or am I missing something? Many Thanks.
  23. dalejaneaustralia

    Random 176 questions!

    Hi, we are finally going to be submitting our visa over the next few days I just have a couple of queries if anyone can help....... 1- On the section where it asks you to confirm which state has sponsored you, it lists all the various states and various regional substates etc. We are sponsored by Victoria. Our SS letter calls our sponsorship "Victoria Government Sponsorship" but all of the sponsorship schemes on the are for Victoria Regional Development or Victoria Dept of Innovation. Anyone ever queried this, we were just going to pick Regional Development, they have our ref number. 2- Identity Cards We're in the UK and I was thinking of our National Insurance card is the closest thing, or do we leave this blank? Sorry it's a bit waffly!! Thanks Dale Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. Big Bob

    176 Granted today !!!

    Hey everyone!!! I am glad to announce that I have my 176 grant today!:biggrin: ... I would like to thank you guys and all mods especially "Snifter" over these two years.... I do appreciate everyone's effort to help each other...You learn a thing every time... thanks and regards Big Bob
  25. Hi, Hoping someone can help. We have 176 visa and living in WA. Have been here nearly 4 weeks. I'm sure there were some conditions of living here as part of the state sponsorship, such as registering your address on arrival/completing surveys etc....... Has anybody done this or know what/where I have to go to do this?? Thanks Guys