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Found 1,342 results

  1. Hi all, This is our first posting on the site. I have applied for state sponsorship through Victoria I am a teacher. It was held up as I needed to get my VIT registration number. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a yes for state sponsorship and then how long after we lodge a 176 Visa application before we will get an answer. We are dying to know how long it will be realistically before we are able to move over to Oz? Any advice is welcome Maz and Nick :huh:
  2. twinsmom65

    176 Visa

    Hello, Just applied this morning for the 176 Visa. Just checked the status using my TRN number. Is it normal for payment to be taken straight away and when I looked under the status it showed that the visa application has commenced processing and under what is required everything shows today's date including meds and police check. Is this normal for everyone. Just checking as never done this before and from seeing other peoples posts, it looks like it doesn't happen that quick. Maybe I am just being a dreamer and hoping to get the visa quicker than one year!! Cheers Karen
  3. twinsmom65

    Online Visa Application 176 Visa

    Well true to my word, I just completed the 176 Visa online application. I have a couple of questions. 1. How do I send everything to them (passport photos etc) can I scan them and send them down or should I be mailing them by courier. 2. Got our TRN number ... what are the next steps Any help is greatly appreciated.... I feel like a newbie Karen
  4. Guest

    176 or 457 visa?????????????

    i have been told that i can get a 176 state sponsored visa for south australia for my trade(print finisher) but i have also been told by a migration agent that i can get a 457 visa which would mean i could work anywhere in oz. a seperate agent has told me that it would be much better to go for the 176 as the 457 can be a bit of a gamble as its a company sponsored visa and if it doesnt work out with that company we may have to come back i'm getting really confused now and just want to get the process underway, can any one help thanks dave
  5. Hi my hubby who is chartered accountant and 4 kids and i are hoping to move to WA this yea. he has the points for 175 visa but we have been looking at the 176 state sponsorship visa as we want to stay in that state. we are totally new to this and not sure on timescales restriction etc. would taking a 176 be faster?we have been given conflicting info. thanks vic
  6. Hello All, Well I am going to go the subclass 176 Visa route with the WA Government sponsering. Found out OH's occupation is on their priority list. Went to their website and filled out the application uploaded the TRA results and OH's CV went to submit it and it comes up with a bindery exchange issue. I tried from my office as well and the same message pops up after I hit the submit button. Has anyone else tried doing the online application in the last few days and if so have they had any problems?? I think the problem is at their end, but I am not sure. Any help would be great Karen
  7. Guest

    The 176 or 475 visa path?

    Hi, my wife is a primary teacher and we are looking to move to Victoria.She also has a brother who lives in Nsw.Now the problem is we are not sure which is the easiest,smoothest or quickest visa to go for.Is it lot of hassle trying to get state sponsorship? Or should we just get her brother to sponser us on the 176 visa.Also do these visas entitle me to get unskilled work in Vic. And finally is it a straightforward process getting a permanent visa after 2 years on the temp visa? Any help would be very gratefully recieved in our house. Eliot,Catherine and Oliver(4)
  8. Hi all, Do you need to provide a bank statement and inland revenue statement on a 176 / job offer visa ? If any one has a list of documents i would really appriciate it . I am concerned as my hubby has been offered a really good position the problem is he came out of his career for 18mnths and worked in another sector , however his experience is more than 12 years, but i know you had to be in continual employment in the role to get the work related points , so we extended his first employment from 8-9 1/2 years , to cover up him getting out of his job. I know the references will be brilliant and we can get the dates verified on his eight year job , from his past manager , but what if : the inland revenue forms don't tally with references and they contact his first referee and someone else speaks to them . Any advice would be greatly appriciated , Thanks all
  9. Guest

    VISA 176 (Paper based)

    Yet another thread!. Anyway, this one is for anyone on a skilled sponsored visa 176 who made a paper based application. If anyone has any news on this application please post reply. Visa sent by agent December 2007 Visa acknowledged by ASPC on 14th January 2008 Police Check applied February 2008 Medicals done and sent March 2008 Police Check back and sent off April 2008
  10. duckec01

    176, 457 or 119/857?? Help

    Hello, Has anyone been in the position where they have been offered a job and also a variety of visa choices? If not can anyone else please provide some advice? My prospective employer has given me three visa choices. 176 state sponsored visa, 457 temporary visa or the 119/857 Regional Sponsored visa They have offered me a relocation package to avoid the long wait for the 176, so I need to consider whether it’s worth considering the other two, or waiting for the security of the 176. As far I can make out the benefits of the 119/857 are that it gives you PR but the downside is that it ties you to the employer for two years. Any advice gratefully received.
  11. debbie2302

    176 skilled Sponsored Visa

    Hi Just wondered if anyone could give us idea on how long this visa takes to be granted. We have been told that the guidelines are 12-15 months. We dont want to wait that long and if you have been granted this visa recently would appreciate your comments. Thanks. Debbie, Stuart & Kids
  12. Guest

    Visa 176

    Hi guys, has anyone who had a ACK in January 08 got a case office yet!!!! i am so impatient. :arghh:
  13. kellyjamie

    176 visa advice please????????

    Hi last nite i looked on the immigration website and found the state sponsorhip 176 visa. it looks a viable optioin for me i filled out the points test and scored 110, you only need 100 to qualify. :err:BUT, i got 110 points without work experience and someone has said that i would still need atleast a years experience to get the visa? im am confused big time now:goofy: if you need 100 points to get the visa and i scored 110 would i surely not get the visa, im waiting on a chap getting back to me but just wondered if anyone had any knowledge or previous experience? i will be a newly qualified nurse so dont doubt that i will get state sponsorship, but this visa points is frying my brain:wacko: someone please set me straight??thanx kelly
  14. Gaztin657

    176 visa

    Hi everyone, does anybody know how long a 176 visa is taking to process. Our application arrived in oz on 9/11/07 money taken a few days later.....heard nothing since. We,ve done medicals and are waiting on police chescks coming back. They should be here by 30th March. Everything should be returned to oz early in April. Any ideas about how long we should expect to wait after that? :unsure: Thanks for any info.....
  15. Hi all, Quick query anybody know how long it would usually take with a 176 visa application and victorian sponsorship? I think this is supposed to speed it up wondered if anyone has used this method and approx how long it took. Many Thanks for advise Sarah
  16. Hi some help with clarification please. Is my understanding correct does anyone know??? Skilled regional sponsored visa 475 if i went this route and had family sponsorship i would have to live in the same region as my sponsor and it is only a temporary residence. But if i went for Skilled - sponsored visa 176 i could still use my family sponsorship but could live anywhere and it would be a permanent visa. Please please please tell me i have understood this correct as it would solve all my problems as i only have a 40pt occupation so cant get 120 points and have to rely on a job offer or my family. Or has anyone gone over on these types of visa that can give me some more info. i have spent months researching all the websites and migration agents and feel just as confused now as i did when i started. help!
  17. Guest

    176 visa

    Hi i've got my skills visa and state sponsored how long will take for my visa now, i'm doing it on line . Thanks Paul and gang. Is it any quicker than mail.