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Found 1,342 results

  1. 82rhoads

    176 or 475 visa for joiner

    Hi,i've just got back from Perth but can someone clear something up for me? I have a sister-in law in perth who is permanent resident and willing to sponsor us. We're looking at the 176 visa as this would allow us into perth. I understand that a 475 is for regional sponsorship and that perth is now regional so my question is.....what's the difference now between 176 and 475 ? now perth has been re-classified. And is there a points difference. sorry if this has an obvious answer:wacko: Anybody that wants any info on perth, feel free to ask as we were there for 3 wks and had a good look around. Thanks , Darren
  2. I have been working at the same job for years now - doing the exact same thing, but my assessing agency said that I am "qualified as of year X" - (the day I got my degree). My problem is that I don't know if DIAC will look at it the same way or not. If DIAC agrees with my assessor, and they only count my experience from since I had my degree, then I'll have to wait until this coming May to get the full points (to complete the year) OR.... I can go for State sponsorship ....what would you guys do? :idea:
  3. JoRed4

    Completing 176 Visa Online?

    I was wondering if anyone who has applied for the 176 visa online recently could offer some advice. We have completed the form and were about to press submit when we remembered our certified docs that need to accompany the application, so I've gone on DIAC & found out that once you've submitted your visa application you get a TRN & you log back in using this number to upload any additional docs; however on the 176 visa checklist form it says that the checklist is for paper applications and should only be used as a guideline for online applications; apparently the checklist for online applications becomes available once you start your online application, we've been back and forth 10 times and we can't see where this checklist is!! We are just a bit worried as we don't want to submit the form without seeing this online checklist first to make sure that we have everything it's going to ask for... Regardless of whether you complete a paper application or an online application does everybody need to complete Form 1276 & Form 80? Help!!
  4. I have a question regarding an application, has my priority group been changed from 3 to 4 with the July 2011 changes? I have learned after a phone call that a case officer was allocated Aug 2011, does this make any difference? Lodged online Oct 2010 - Systems Analyst ANZSCO Code 261112 - 176 family sponsored
  5. WelshBen

    176 Query

    Hi folks, This week I will be submitting my skills assessment and RPL to ACS for assessment. I am yet to sit my IELTS, although quite confident about it. My query is, do I have a time limit once I receive my ACS result before I need to do the state sponsorship? I am going to require the IELTS for the extra points and in the worst case scenario where I don't get the result I need, I don't want to invalidate my ACS assessment. Also how much work is invalid in the state selection part compare to the RPL sectio I have just completed? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Ben.
  6. Guest

    176 with < 7.0 IELTS

    Hi Gang, Long time no speak! Been enjoyin the sunshiiiine too much I've recently received State Sponsorship for SA - wohoo! So need to apply for my 176 within 1 month. So, at present, i don't have the correct amount of points for a 176 - I'm 5 short. So, in order to obtain that extra 5, i have to sit an IELTS exam - which i did on Saturday past. However, i made a slight balls of my essay and I'm not sure if I'll score 7 or above.. My question is this - As i need to apply pretty soon, could I submit my application with < 7 score - then resit the test at the next available sitting? Just to get the application in on time... Would they request a new IELTS, or reject it immediately ? So sickened that they changed things back in July - previously I wouldn't have needed the test! Thanks dudes Davo
  7. Hi everyone, not sure if anyone can offer me any advice. my partner and i are applying for the 175 visa as it is our only option if we want to emigrate to Queensland to be near other family members. If we were willing to go to Melbourne or Western Australia, we would be eligible to apply for the 176 SS visa.. however, hardly anyone i have spoken to applies for the 175 visa and question us when we say we are going for the 175! is it a bad idea? and what are our obligations if we go for the 176? is the waiting time that much difference? would really appreciate any info!! :eek:
  8. SJSabir

    SS-176-HR-CAT3 Applicants

    :cool:Dear All, Please gather here and share your DIAC experiences. I am trying to make a chat room for those who share the following attributes: Stage (Waiting or Done): CO/Med/PC/Visa (Insert date if done, or write Waiting) Sponsorship: State Sponsored Visa type: 176 Fall in Category (Post July 14, 2011): 3 Belong to: High Risk Country You can fill the format to introduce yourself; Sabir
  9. I was wondering if a 176 visa stays valid when returning offshore. Imagine I have the visa, and want to return back to Europe, does my visa stays valid too? Can I use it again like when I should want to return to Auz after 8 years?
  10. Sol2Oz

    176 for single...

    Will it be a huge negative if one were to apply for SS being single and not know anyone at the State their applying for? Does the application ask you if you know people and what their names are? Also, what if you don't know anyone at that specific region, and you're traveling alone, will that be a big negative? :err:
  11. Offshore 176 family sponsored, applied Oct 2010 > received general email March 2011 to send meds/police > Sept 2011 gsm team sends email requesting info > now still waiting without any updates I'm in priority group 3, should it be waiting much longer?
  12. HI All, yesterday I have got my SS approval from SA as Telecommunication Engineer ( ANZSCO code 263311). I submitted the my assessment as Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13) which I got before introducing ANZSCO. As per the DIAC endorsed ASCO- ANZSCO correlation, the ACSO code (2125-13 Electronics Engineer) has correlation for the below ANZSCO codes. 263311 Telecommunications engineer 263312 Telecommunications network engineer 233411 Electronics engineer Now I am applying for VISA application. In the application, I have to select my nominated occupation . Which will be my nominated occupation : is it Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13) or Telecommunication Engineer ( ANZSCO code 263311). I have assessment in Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13). BR, Morshed
  13. rehanonline83

    176 (2-3 Months or 12-24 Months)

    DIAC website clearly says that 176 processing time is 12 months (low risk) and 24 months (high risk). However, my findings on pomsinoz.com and britishexpats.com found that most of the people are managed to get 176 in 2-3 months or even less. I know mostly they are low risk applicants but still the processing time is reduced significantly. Also, i never heard even from low risk applicant waiting for 24 months for his/her 176. Is there anyone to explain what is going on? How much the low risk factor influence the state sponsorship and 176 processing time? Cheers..
  14. Guest

    176 Ticking Down

    Hi All, My husband is a Floor Finisher we have a 176, we have spent about 4 months in Oz but are now back home, our 5 year limit is ticking by. Does anyone know what the specifics on filling the 2 year state sponsorship are, do you have to complete the two years in one go or can you spread it out doing a few months at a time? or can my husband as the main applicant complete this time without me or the children in oz with him? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Carpetsmans Wife
  15. Hi everybody, I was just trying to start our application but can't find the correct agency between the ones in the multiple choice. We applied from migration.wa.gov.au, and we have been sponsored by: Skilled Migration WA - Department of Training and Workforce Development on DIAC website available choices are: WA- Southwest Development Commission WA- Goldfield Esperance DC WA- State Migration Center - Small Business Development Corporation WA- Gascoygne DC WA- Great Southern DC WA- Mid West DC WA- Peel DC :eek: the third, maybe?
  16. Hi I lodged my online application for a GSM 176 visa with family sponsorship on the 16/03/2011 for WA. The E-Business Systems online application progress checker says 'Processing commenced' is 4 and a half months normal to have heard nothing back? I'm worried I should have done something and maybe it's being held up. Does anyone have any experience of this who can help? Thanks
  17. Guest

    176 and recent skills?

    My other half has 5+ years of experience as a sys admin 1999 - 2007. He still works in IT but has moved onto a IT storage architecture role which doesn't seem to fit with anything on the SOL available for 175 or 176 VISA's (If I am wrong please let me know). Will he be able to use his old 5 years of sys admin experience or does the experience have to be current? Thanks!

    Which Visa? 176 or 175

    Hi, Me and my husband are about to start the application to migrate but we are unsure on which Visa to apply for. He is on the skilled list and we have family in Australia, we are asking because we want to make sure we get the correct visa and meet the requirement of points. :confused:. Please help!
  19. Hello. Sorry I am a complete novice and I cannot even find the online application form. I can find all the information about it. But , I just want to find the form and try and fill it out ( god help me when I cannot even find the form) Any pointing in the right direction would be appreciated, Thank you
  20. Guest

    176 Visa Call to employeers

    Hi I was wondering if the CO's call former and current employers for reference during the application process. I have not informed my current employer about my application for migration. I don't want him to be surprised by a call from a CO, if I get one. I have applied for subclass 176 family sponsored visa.
  21. Hi When I applied for Analyst Programmer back in August 2011, the state sponsorship for that job code was closed. However, now that is open again. I have a few questions regarding this: 1) Is it possible to move from 175 to 176, with the same application? 2) If yes, does it improve the chances of getting the application processed quicker? 3) If answer to 1 and 2 are yes, how to go about it? If the answers are NO dont bother :biglaugh: Hopefully, the DIAC guys are churning out the grants at a rapid pace... so that I can hope to get a CO assigned at least by march 2012, at the current rate... Cheers guys ind175
  22. Guest

    Help required for 176

    Hi All I am planning to apply for immigration under 176 visa subclass, I have few queries: (i) My sister is going to sponsor me, but we both don't have birth certificates. So please guide if we can use our passport or high school certificate containing our parents name to prove the relationship. (ii) Do we need to show funds in our account while lodging the visa? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  23. Ok I needed the extra pionts of 8 for each section in the itels just got my results today and only got 7's!!! Not sure I want to sit another exam so is there another visa I can apply for? My occupation is on the list......................I'm 40 years old with hubby + kids?
  24. sohc

    176 or 475 Route

    I'd like to ask opinion whether to go 176 or 475 VISA. I was granted 475 SS from SA, I have chosen 475 because the State Sponsorship is 10pts compared to 176 SS which is only 5pts. The 475 route gives me a total of 65pts. However, my wife recently had a positive skills assessment from VETASSESS. She has all the requirements to obtain partner skills, which are the following: - positive skills assessment from VETASSESS, both occupation should be in the same SOL. (Me: Systems Administrator, Wife: Journalist & Other Writers, both occupations in SOL 2.) - Proficient IELTS 7,7,7,8.5 (I wish I have this kind of score, she didn't even took a review) - more than 3 years exp as a writer - Age: 27 It means we can obtain a partner skills right? which is based on DIAC website 176 eligibility. The partner skills will give us a total of 70pts in 475 VISA. I wonder if I should email South Australia to change my SS from 475 to 176. or be safe to go 475? The only difference I see is that I need to pay $270 after 2 years to change 475 to 887 VISA which is really ok for me. Though I was wondering if I should maximize the points.
  25. Hi everyone:biggrin: Can anyone tell me about processing timeline for 176 Visa (SS-ACT) seeker from Bangladesh (high risk country)? Does police verification take very long time? Cheers!! Nazmul