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  1. Guest

    176-Relative Sponsored Gang

    Hi there. I'm starting this thread to get a list of the 176 Applicants who are sponsored by an eligible relative. That way we can get an idea of where DIAC are up to with this cohort. My details 457 Issued Apr 2009 176 Application Lodged June 16 2011 (onshore) Police Check Lodged Jun 20 2011 Medicals booked: July 28 2011 Awaiting CO
  2. Guest

    Switching to 457

    Hi, after some initial optimism we've just been told, after a brief discussion with an agent, that a 176 skilled migration visa is only applicable if you've been working at least 20 hours per week. My wife, a health visitor, does 18.75 (you couldn't make this stuff up!). Can anyone confirm this as it doesn't seem to be obvious from the immi website ? Anyway, assuming this is correct we are now looking a 457 visa (employee sponsored, temporary stay) as my employer's parent company is based in Melbourne. Assuming that works does anyone know how long you need to be there until you can apply for a permanent visa if at all ? Thanks
  3. Hi, I was wondering what the average costs of using an agent for a 176 state sponsored (ACT) visa are? I have been quoated AUS$7,500 in three installments or AUS$7,000 in total. The agants cut is just shy of AUS$3,000. Is this reasonable? Thanks, Stuart
  4. Guest

    Pre-reg Optometrist - 176 Visa

    Hi, my wife is halfway through her pre-reg year in Optometry. We were just wondering whether her pre-reg year (in which she actually practices) counts towards the required 1 year experience for a 176 visa? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Warren
  5. Guest

    176 Online Application

    Hi guys, I'm on this question with the 176 visa: Have you or any person included in this application previously been to Australia, held or currently hold a visa for travel to Australia? Now, I have been to Aus on holiday but it didnt require a visa, it was only an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for travel to Australia which had no visa number. So do I answer no to this? Confused!
  6. aliogilvie

    176 - Further Info Requested - help!

    Hello all I have had a request for some further information from our CO, this is in relation to proving employment for the period of time I wish to claim points for (5 years - same as for the skills assessment). Although I have initially searched the forums I cannot find any exact answers on this. Firstly - they ask for a 'duty statement' - do they simply mean a formal job description for my post? I have the letter which my employer wrote for the skills assessment which does list individual things for the post and I can upload this but am unsure whether I also need to dig out a JD. Secondly - they want payslips for 'the entire period being claimed for' and P60s, do they seriously want me to upload all 60 payslips for the 5 years? I can access them if needs be, I have half hard copy and half electronically as my company switched to a paperless system a few years ago. Finally - as regards the more recent payslips being electronic, I assume it will be ok just to download and colour print them and then scan them in as normal, I am guessing they wont be able to tell this anyway, its just that they will look different? I may be panicking about nothing but I thought I would run it by you lovely bunch! Thanks in advance Ali
  7. After 4 years and 7 months that it is.......... Please turn us what ever colour you want I don't care!!!! Granted today. I have had a bottle of Moet already and cannot quite believe it. It all sounds and feel very fake to me. Needless to say I would like the golden ticket in my passport so need to sort out how to do this next. Thank you to all those that have been there with nice words and support, and those who have kept us going on this journey. To those who have not got a visa yet........ we have waited nearly 5 years in this process.....so that day will come!!!! Chin up, good luck and stay positive Rach xxxx PS wooop wooopp!!!
  8. Hi We got our 176 visa on the 28th Jan and was just wondering , do we have to apply for the visa labels to go in our passports??? if so where do i send them ? My information does not tell me anything about visa labels, so was wondering if they are electronic. Having said that i want it in my passport cos i worked damn hard to get this visa lol:wink: Any help guys would be appreciated x ANNETTE
  9. We had it all planned out nicely......or so we thought!!! We have wanted to move to Oz for some time now and planned to make the move in 2013 when I complete my studies for my degree - this plan hasn't changed for the last 3 and a half years! We tried to approach this sensibly and began researching on the internet, during which we discovered that the visa application was quoted as being 12-18 months for a 176 PR visa. We planned our timeline for a move in August / September 2013 and not having to validate before purchasing the much wanted one-way tickets. So far everything has gone to plan, the skills assessment, IELTS and the state sponsorship are all in bag and inline with our original timeline, the problem comes with the next step.........applying for the visa. The 12-18 months has now reduced to 2-3 months (?), I have seen one POI member got theirs in 2 weeks!!! Most people will think that this is great but to us its a nightmare. We have to apply for the visa by the end of March or we will lose our state sponsorship, but the current processing times will more than likely mean we have an Initial Entry Date way before we are able to leave meaning the only option would be for a costly validation trip that we can't afford!!! :arghh: :arghh::arghh: :mad::mad::mad: :arghh::arghh::arghh: VERY ANNOYING!!! Does this effect anybody else in this way or is everyone just pleased to get the golden ticket ASAP???
  10. AnuragChaudhary

    Nsw 176

    Hi, I am planning to apply for SS 176 with NSW. I am kinda stuck with the documentation requirements where it is mentioned in form #3 that all documents must be certified - All? - including CV, salary slip, Skills assessment also? I am bit confused how someone would certify my CV, skills assessment which is again a PDF and salary slip same - PDF format since there is no original copy to match with. Or I misunderstood since form #3 also states that Tab 6 & tab 8 should be certified? Please share your experience. I am applying from India. Thanks
  11. Hey PIOs I am starting a new thread for 886/176/475 State Sponsored August-September 2011 Gang (ALL STATES)... Please update your details as below just like the one I started for ACT, Canberra Guys any of you can update their 886/176/475 State Sponsored application status as : Name: Big Bob Visa Applied : 1 September 2011 Trade/Profession: ICT Security Specialist Visa type: 176 ACT Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 5 September 2011 Case Officer Allocated:13 September 2011 Meds Received:12 September 2011 PCC Finalised: 12 September 2011 Form 80 submitted:14 September 2011 Meds Finalised:21 September 2011 Visa Granted: 21 September 2011 DIAC ESTIMATED CASE OFFICER ALLOCATION TIMES LINK While your application is being processed by DIAC this would be our color code: Visa Applied :Green Case Officer Allocated recently:DarkOrange Meds / (after CO Allocation):Pink PCC / Meds Finalised / Form 80 uploaded:Red Visa Granted :Blue Total no of visa applicants : 20 CO Allocated: 15 CO Allocated recently: 1 Medicals booked: 13 PCC Finalised: 12 Form 80 requested requested/submitted to CO: 7 Visa Granted:8 ************************************* August Applicants ************************************* Name: Rachel Visa applied: 1st August 2011 Visa type: 176 ACT sponsored CO Allocated: 18 August 2011 Meds & police checks requested: 18 Aug 2011 PCC finalised: 25 Aug 2011 Meds booked: 12 Sep 2011 Meds Finalised:Yes Form 80 submitted:Yes Visa grant:15 September 2011 (#2 Grant) Name: Mansukhpatel Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type:176 SA Sponsored CO Allocated: 22 Aug 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 03 Aug 2011 Visa Filed: 02 Aug 2011 PCC Finalised: Meds Booked:8 Sep 2011 Meds Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Visa Grant :19 September 2011(#4 Grant) Name: Kate10 Trade/profession: Civil Engineer (husband) Visa type:176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 04 Aug 2011 CO Allocated : 17 Aug 2011 Visa Filed: 03 Aug 2011 PCC Finalised:09 Aug 11 Meds Booked:31 Aug 2011 Meds Finalised:9 Sep 2011 Form 80 : Submitted Visa Grant:13 September 2011(#1 Grant) Name: LouiseMarybillia Trade/profession: Business Analyst Visa type:176 SA Sponsored Visa Filed:19 Aug 2011 CO Allocation: 6 Sep 2011 PCC Finalised:21 Sep 2011 Meds Booked : 14 Sep 2011 Meds Finalised :21 Sep 2011 Form 80 submitted: Visa Granted: Name: plannerOH Trade/profession: Urban and Regional Planner Visa type: 176 VIC Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 17 Aug 2011 CO Allocated : 28 Aug 2011 Visa Filed: 17 Aug 2011 PCC Finalised: Meds Booked: 29 Aug 2011 Meds Finalised:16 Sep 2011 Form 80 submitted: Visa Grant:24 Oct 2011 Name: HG3 Trade/profession: Dentist Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 25 Aug 11 Visa Filed: 19 Aug 2011 CO Allocated:7 Sep 2011 Meds Booked: 9 Sep 2011 Meds Finalised: Yes PCC Finalised: Yes Form 80 submitted : Visa Grant:21 September 2011(#5 Grant) Name: Williamsons Visa Applied : 21 August 2011 Trade/Profession: Accountant Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 23 August 2011 Case Officer Allocated: 29 August 2011 PCC Finalised:Yes Meds Booked: 1 September 2011 Meds Finalised:Yes Form 80 submitted : 29 August 2011 Visa Granted:20 September 2011(Grant#4) Name: IZA Visa Applied : 25 August 2011 Trade/Profession: ~no info~ Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: Yes Case Officer Allocated: 8 September 2011 PCC Finalised:16 September 2011 Meds Booked:25 September 2011 Meds Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Visa Granted: ************************************* September Applicants ************************************* Name: Big Bob Visa Applied : 1 September 2011 Trade/Profession: ICT Security Specialist Visa type: 176 ACT Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 5 September 2011 Case Officer Allocated:13 September 2011 Meds Received:12 September 2011 PCC Finalised: 12 September 2011 Form 80 submitted:14 September 2011 Meds Finalised:21 September 2011 Visa Granted: 21 September 2011(#6 Grant) Name: TheWorm Visa Applied : 3 Sep 2011 Trade/Profession: Telecom Engineer Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 9 Sep 2011 Case Officer Allocated:12 Sep 2011 Meds Received:19 Sep 2011 PCC Finalised: 9 Sep 2011 Form 80 submitted:13 Sep 2011 Meds Finalised: 19 Sep 2011 Visa Granted: Comments:Internal & External Checks(All docs met) Name: Cdchaplin Visa Applied : 5 September 2011 Trade/Profession: Nurse Visa type: 176 VIC Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: Case Officer Allocated:23 Sep 2011 PCC Finalised:7 Oct 2011 Meds Booked:26 Sep 2011 Meds Finalised:7 Oct 2011 Form 80 submitted: Visa Granted:13 Oct 2011 Name: Lucky Lady Visa Applied : 12 September 2011 Trade/Profession: Cook Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: Case Officer Allocated:28 Sep 2011 PCC Finalised:7 Oct 2011 Meds Received:25 Oct 2011 Meds Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Visa Granted: Delays/further docs requested/comments: Name: Corky80 Visa Applied : 15 September 2011 Trade/Profession: Critical care Nurse Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: Case Officer Allocated: PCC Finalised: Meds Booked: Meds Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Visa Granted: Name: Le Bourvellec Visa Applied : 13 September 2011 Trade/Profession: Mechanical Engineer Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 13 Sept 2011 Case Officer Allocated:28 Sep 2011 PCC Finalised: Meds Booked:7 October 2011 Meds Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Visa Granted: Name: WinTheAshes Visa Applied : 17 September 2011 Trade/Profession: Market Research Analyst Visa type: 176 ACT Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 20 September 2011 Case Officer Allocated: 29 Sep 2011 Meds Received: PCC Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Meds Finalised: Visa Granted: Name: Bexy71 Visa Applied : 26 Sep 2011 Trade/Profession: Medical Laboratory Scientist Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 29 Sep 2011 Case Officer Allocated: Meds Received: PCC Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Meds Finalised: Visa Granted: Name: Bingo Visa Applied : 26 Sep 2011 Trade/Profession: Engineer Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: 27 Sep 2011 Case Officer Allocated:20 October 2011 Meds Received: PCC Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Meds Finalised: Visa Granted: Name: dalejaneaustralia Visa Applied : 28th September 2011 Trade/Profession: Podiatrist Visa type: 176 VIC Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: Case Officer Allocated:19 Oct 2011 Meds Received: PCC Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Meds Finalised: Visa Granted: Name: Robyn&Kevin Visa Applied : 28th September 2011 Trade/Profession: OH Urban & Regional Planner Visa type: 176 WA Sponsored Form 1100 Uploaded: Case Officer Allocated: Meds Received: PCC Finalised: Form 80 submitted: Meds Finalised: Visa Granted:
  12. Hi there, my wife and I are in the middle of the trying to get a 176 visa to move to Brisbane with our two kids. I'm just waiting to hear from Qld whether they'll grant me State Sponsorship (applied July 7, 2009 and got asked for Proof of Funds last week so it feels like moving somewhere finally). My wife has been a State Registered Dietitian working in the NHS for the last 23 years and is about to start out the process of getting her qualifications recognised in Oz. We'd love to hear from any Dietitians who made the change from UK to Oz - just to find out about the process of becoming recognised in Oz, working there, what the market is like etc? Many many thanks Gerry:biggrin:
  13. Guest

    176 family sponsor

    Hi , spoke to my agent last week and they told me at present the above visa application are recieving a co in approx 7 months as i was told it's normally takes 12-18 months. I'm not complaining and I know it can change over night but we are very excited about the prospect. Is there anybody else on the same visa who has heard different or has recieved their co early. Many Thanks Dean
  14. sully7669

    176 family sponsored visa query!!

    Hi would like to pick someones brain please, I am in process of applying of 176 fs and have a query on one thing. My brother who is an aus citizen lives in Melbourne and have received his side of the application, is it correct that I too have to live in Melbourne for at least 2 years.!!! Please advise many thanks:wacko:
  15. doing a geographical

    quick 176 question

    Hi guys On the application form for the 176 visa, it says that the 176 is for "applicants outside autralia". Im working in oz at the moment on a 457. Does this just mean I would have to pop overseas and back if it was granted. Am I eligible for 176 if already living in australia? Thanks.
  16. Hello everyone, hope you can share with me the processing timeline of your South Australia 176 Visa Application. I am done with IELTS (done in May 2011), Positive Vetassess (received result in Sept. 28 2011), State Sponsorship in South Australia application was forwarded in October 25, 2011 and approved in November 30 2011. This December, perhaps on Dec. 12, I wil be able to lodge my visa. However, I was told that we can already lodge our visa while waiting for the Points test Advice. In this regard, I would appreciate if you can give us an idea how fast or what is the timeline that they follow for points test advice and also the processing timeline for 176 Visa Applications particularly to SA. Success stories of those who lodged their visa after July 01, 2011 will also be appreciated. Hope to hear from you guys. Regards, Mjcgito
  17. Guest

    Need Suggestion regarding 176

    Dear All, I am preparing/collating documents like reference letters etc for ACS assessment and plan is to send docs to ACS for code "Computer Network and Systems Engineer - 263111" by end of Dec 2011. It gonna take max of 3 months and during this period i will try hard to achieve IELTS 7band each (my previous ielts L-7.5,R-6.5,W-6.5,S-7.5= 7Overall). So if everything goes ok, I will have both ACS assessment and IELTS in April. state nomination process will take another couple of months so I gonna be ready to file immigration by somewhere in June 2012 and will be left with only a month as, i heard, rules are going to be change in July 2012. I checked sponsorship availability for my occupation code for all states below and found only two states are open for sponsorship right now. Current Status of Occupation "Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263111" in states Victoria - Available North Territory - Available South Astralia - Special conditions applies Queensland - Not Available NSW - Not Available Australian Capital Territory - Not Available Tasmania - Not Available West Australia - Not Available First question, by the time when ACS respond me, do you really think these two states (Vic and NT) will remain open for nominations? Second Question, Is there a chance that the states that are closed for code 263111 at the moment, they will open before jully 2012? Third Question, With the education = Master in computer science, 7+ years experience of network,security, unified communications, some cisco expert level certs, age 30, do you think i should wait until july 2012 for new rules to come? Your input and comments will be highly appreciated Regards RamCis
  18. Hi, we applied online in May (my wife is main applicant), just got a case officer who has asked for medicals etc which is fine. They have also asked for proof of BLOOD relationship to sponsor, who is my wife's uncle. He is married to my wife's aunt, so does that mean he is not a blood relative? I'm now slightly worried, it doesn't mention the blood relationship on the DIAC website, if it had we would have got her aunt to sponsor! Can anybody put my mind at rest here? Thanks.
  19. Hi everyone, Please let me have your views on my situation. I need some advice about front-end-loading medicals. 1) I am working in Australia on 457 visa. And I am about to apply for 176 (got NSW sponsorship). Can I front-end-load my medicals+PCC ? This link appears to say I can - http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-requirements/arranging-health-exam.htm Also, I am from a High Risk country. I am not sure if that has any bearing on the process - the link has nothing on that. 2) Do I just need to book a medical appointment with Medibank and put the booking reference number in 176 application ? And then wait for the CO go-ahead to proceed with the medicals ? That's what another pomsinoz discussion seems to be indicating - http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/91625-diac-not-processing-group3-order-date-received-5.html A bit longish one - but I hope it would of use to others too.
  20. Sol2Oz

    processing 176's vs 175's

    Besides the time difference (with 176's taking far less time to process than 175's) is there anything else that the DIAC does differently when assessing applications for either of these visas? For instance, are 175's subjected to more checks and are far stricter to get? Or are both visa's processed the same way?
  21. Can anyone provide any insight, I lodged a 176 sponsored by a family relative application a year ago to receive "Notification of invalid application" email. This is the relevant part of the response from DIAC: This application was made as an Internet application on 5 September 2010. Form 1277 was provided on 13 September 2010 however the sponsorship was entered into on Form 1277 after the day in which the application was made. As the applicant has not met the sub item requirement by providing Form 1277 at time the application was made, this application is invalid under Item 1135(3)(ca)
  22. Hi, Just wondering is it possible to put my partner on a 176 visa and does it generally take long? Thanks
  23. Hi all, Just a quick general question. My OH and I have been granted 176 ss visa's for WA. My best friend is planning to come out next year after we have moved on a working holiday visa. Either by myself or with my OH, I plan to do a little bit of travelling around oz, is this possible on a 176 state sponsorship? I know I can't live and work in another state, but does travelling/long holidays count? Thanks all, any advice welcomed! Lucy :wubclub:
  24. musmanasghar

    VE 176 Approved after 2 years

    Dear All I am really glad to inform you that by the Grace of GOD Alhamdulillah received my VE 176 Today. After a long wait of 2 years at last my time has come. I am really thankful to all of my friends specially BILALN30, EZY_GOING, leptokurtic, User_name, SJSabir, Jimm and others (sorry if I forgot some 1, I m half asleep). My detailed Timelines are mentioned below. ACS applied = 31 March 2008 ACS rejected = 13 May 2008 Appeal Filed = June 2008 ACS Positive = 19 Nov 2008. ACS Result letter lost in post. Sent request for ACS Result copy 17 Nov 2008 ACS sent +ve eligibility Letter = 23 Dec. 2008 / 2231-79(Network Security) Another +ve Eligibility Letter with result review Sent 24 Nov. 2008 / 2231-11 (sys Man) ACT SS = May 2009 ACT SS granted = Sep 2009 Visa Applied = 3 Oct. 2009. Then ZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz Slept for 13 Months ACT SMP announced = 8 Nov 2010 (profession listed in ACT SMP) wow CO Assigned = 17 Nov. 2010 Form 80 Sent = 30 Nov 2010 Again Slept for 12 Months ZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZZZzzzzzzzz due to Security Checks Medical/PCc request 01 Nov 2011 Medicals done = 15 Nov. 2011 Medicals Referred = 17 Nov. 2011 (thanks to E-Health) Visa Approved = 22.Nov.2011 Initial Entry Date = 19-Oct-2012 Wish you all Best Of luck.
  25. Guest

    176 Visa activation help!

    Hi, my father recently got a subclass 176 Visa with a Victorian state sponsorship as the Primary applicant. The Visa has no 8502 condition so any family member can travel to Australia before he can. I am planning on coming to Australia before him. I want to go to Brisbane Queensland because that is where my uncle lives. I wanted to as whether or not I can go to Brisbane. Also if I can go, will I have to land in Melbourne or any other city in Victoria to activate my VISA/PR or can I go directly to Brisbane and my PR will get activated? Thank you