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Found 1,342 results

  1. Hi! I am new to the forum. Hope anyone can shed some light to my question. I am applying for 176 visa and would need the points for my partner's skills. I am applying as a secondary school teacher which is in SOL 1. Must my wife's nominated occupation be from SOL 1 as well? She is a university lecturer which is in SOL 2. A second question: I have been a university lecturer the last 15 years, does that qualify as a closely related occupation to a secondary school teacher? I know some secondary school teachers applicants have used their primary school teaching as their closely related occupation. Thanks in advance for all your replies.
  2. flissjane

    175 or 176?!

    Hi, can anyone help? My partner and I are in the process of applying, we are going via the skilled migration with my partners occupation and I will be a secondary applicant. Hopefully the skills assessment should be sent off in the next few days and we realise we are cutting it very fine to meet the 1 July 12 deadline...! that being said, we're not sure which visa is the best option with changes looming. Originally we were going with 175 - skilled independent, but now were wondering if we should go for 176 - skilled sponsored as my partners sister moved to oz last year on a 175 visa and would be able to sponsor us. Whats peoples thoughts on this and what differences would it make other than getting the extra points? Hope somebody can help!
  3. Guest

    176 - Police & Medical Checks

    Hi there, Was just wondering....... I have just sent off for my SS for SA. Ever keen to be one step ahead of the visa process (I should be an agent!)... lol Im wondering would it be advisable to start police and medical checks now? So when DIAC ask for them when 176 app going through I already have them to hand. Have already rang my local medical check partner for DIAC and waiting time is 4 weeks for an appointment!!! Also living in the UK who do I apply with for a Police check?? Got two different answers so far from looking at previous threads and posts........
  4. Hi, It might be a silly question but I am about to start my online application for the 176 visa and was just wondering about supporting documents uploading: can you upload more than one for a single question? For example, for evidence of employment, can I upload 4 scanned files: payslips at start of employment, payslips at end of employemnt, P60s & a letter of reference from my employer? Or do I have to re-scan them all into one big document, if the system only allows you to upload something in each section only once? Don't want to start the application process only to be tripped up in the middle of it because my documents are not as they should be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi there, We're trying to get our visa application in before the 1st July date where they're introducing the new system. We've started our skills assessment with ACS and were planning to apply to NWS for SS. Can people share with us the rough processing times for applying for their 175 or 176 visa to getting a CO, to finally getting a visa please? And if you could put whether it's a 176 or 175 visa in, that would really help us decide whether to just go for the 175 without the SS! It's just that we're worried we'll miss the boat if our SS application with NSW takes too long, and the new guidelines being such an unknown! If anyone has gone through the NSW SS application recently too, any info on difficulty/time etc would be most welcome too! Thank you all!! K&C
  6. Hi all Does anyone have a telecomms or radiocomms TRA application I could have a look through, I'm struggling to get all my info together, even if its not Telecomms I guess just to get an idea of detail etc, Thanks
  7. Hi folks! I know there are plenty threads concerning this issue but I'm little confused here.. As I understood, I have 1 year to validate the visa from the moment I get it. However, I've also noticed that some people mentioned that the count begins not from the moment I actually get the visa but much earlier, from the moment I had my medicals done.. One more question I have is - what is the procedure of validating the visa? Does it only takes to enter the country or it is a longer procedure? Could someone please provide a correct answer? Thanks a lot!!
  8. aduffield76

    1st July Deadline

    Hi all, With regards to the 1st July changes in Visa submissions.....if you submit your initial online visa application before that date (ie you've got your Assessment and IELTS and SS) is that within the deadline? (Hurry up ACS Assessor :-)) Cheers guys
  9. Dear Folks, Please suggest if someone has information or been through similar experience. I have all the required documents for submitting application for Subclass 176 to DIAC, but my application to Victorian State Government for state sponsorship is in process and has not been approved yet. My question is, should I go ahead and apply to DIAC now, and when SS is approved, send them the approval letter or Victorian Government inform them directly? Is there any requirement from DIAC, which says that SS must be approved first before applying under Subclass 176?
  10. Mizzmp

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    I just thought, there are a million posts on here with people lodging at diff times. Why don't all of use that lodged our 176 visa this may post our timeline on here and see how we progress? It should help us to see when we may get our answers! Bricklayer, VETASSESS Feb 2011, WA SS approved 03.05.11, 176 lodged online 14.05.11 (but only uploaded docs wk after). Awaiting CO.:jiggy:
  11. Helloooo, I've decided to apply for a 176 visa and am wondering how difficult this will be and whether I should pay for an agent? I am 30 yrs old, fully qualified accountant (ACCA) and have 5+ years of relevant work experience, plus I am from the UK and can only speak English so I assume I will have no problem proving my English skills?! I also have an uncle and aunty living in Cairns (they both hold perm resident visas) and when I took the test online I scored 75 so looking quite positive I think so wondering if the app will be straight forward in turn? I do plan to apply for a de facto spouse visa for my other half who is also from the UK but his occupation is not on the SOL so he will not qualify for any points... I've looked at one site so far called NationalVisas.com.au and there are a variety of services ranging from all inclusive end to end service for $4k AUD to 180 day access period with personalised app guide for $600 AUD to 15 day access period with personalised app guide for $110 AUD.... I know I have to be careful about finding a registered agent and avoid the dodgy ones, I will def do my research and background checks first before handing over any money! So if anyone has an opinion I'd love to hear it Also from a few threads that I've read on here I am getting the sense that 176 visas apps are being processed a lot quicker than the 12-18 mth guidelines so any thoughts on that are welcome too! Many thanks
  12. Can someone Review my RPL report ? - Software tester (8 years of exp) - No formal college or diploma I am going to file it on Friday.
  13. Hi all :cute: In a desperate bid to get to Melbourne as soon as possible, we are wondering if... My partner (who is the main applicant for a 176 state sponsorship visa under the gsm (general plumber) could go out to Melbourne, 3 months before the 176 visa is granted, on a working holiday visa and if I could travel over with our 2 year old on a holiday visa??? Is this viable and allowed?? We're aware that we will have to travel off shore and back again to validate the 176 when it's granted but are we allowed to go out together but on separate temporary visas? Advice and tips would be much appreciated on this matter. Thank you x
  14. I am a little confused! My boyfriend can apply for a 176 ss visa and we want to do this before 1st July. however does he need to have taken the skills assessment and passed this before we can lodge an application? If we do then i am worried as i understand that we may not get a date before then. If so i am assuming we can't apply as he wont qualify after July 1st. does anyone know please. thanks Sally
  15. I got 9 in each category except writing where I only got 7 so does this mean I only get ten points? If i get only ten I think i get 65 points anyway, so I should be ok,, but I am finding it hard to find this information out on the immi.gov.au site under the 176 visa. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  16. helene73

    176's lodged October 2011

    Hi guys we have just lodged out 176 on the 7/10/2011. Any others out there? We can all keep each other from going mad while we wait
  17. I got SA State Sponsored 176 visa this year and arrived at Adelaide 2 months ago. However, I can not find a job related to my profession in Adelaide. But I got a job offer from another stage which is related to my profession closely. Can I move to another state before he 2 yrs is up? Do anybody have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? What can I do? Or must get the endorse (like green signal) from Immigration SA? Dos any negative affection on my citizenship application? And what the role does the state pay during citizenship application? Any successful case before? Hopeing for experienced answers.
  18. Guest

    Will my 175 supersede my 176?

    Hi there! I just got my 176 visa granted (VIC sponsored). I also have another visa application for subclass 175 in progress by another CO which was lodged before this application with another occupation which was not in priority processing list. What should I do about my other in progress application now? Should I withdraw it? If is do so, will my granted 176 visa be still valid? Should I let it progress normally? And when granted will it supersede my 176? If it gets rejected will it cancel my 176?!! It is a bit stupid, but I am worried! Thanks Siavash
  19. Hi all... Really sorry if I'm going over old ground here but I'm just hoping to finally get some things straight in my head after lots of confusion! My boyfriend Craig and are desperate to move to Perth. Craig is a plasterer with an NVQ2 and 8+ years experience. I have a fair few questions so I do apologise in advance but I'd be so grateful for any answers! I don't qualify for enough points on my own, so I'm hoping I can go out on Craig's visa, despite not being married. We've lived together for 2+ years so we've read that we can be considered as a de facto relationship – is this correct? If so, what evidence of our relationship should we start to collate (if any)? Can Craig go straight to the TRA with his NVQ or does he need to get an AQFIII? If he needs an AQFIII, is it better/cheaper to get this in the UK or in Aus? Do you know how much it's likely to cost and can you recommend any companies? We are hoping to apply for state sponsorship from WA, then apply for our PR visa (176 visa I think?) what is the process for this – is it straightforward? We are hoping to do this without an agent to avoid the fees – is this advisable? How likely are we to mess it up going it alone?!! I've read that we will need $20k per applicant plus $5K per dependant (so $25K for us)We're both young (I'm 23) and don't have a house to sell so we're going to have to save the money – will our bank accounts be checked to make sure we have this money when we get the visa (as we may not have it all by then!!)? How long is the whole process likely to take if we start now? Once again, so sorry for all of the questions and massively appreciate your help at this scary / frustating / exciting time!! Thanks, Rhianna
  20. Hi First of all I'd like to say this is my 2nd post in the last 24hrs and I've found out more information reading all of the threads on here than I have in the last 11 years since returning from Oz from a working holiday Visa - this site is GREAT so thanks to you guys and girls for all your good advice given on here! Right, here it goes... Me, hubby and 2yr old daughter want to apply for a SS Visa 176 under my husbands trade as a 'Carpenter'. Below are some things I can't quite get my head around? - to apply for SS do you already have to taken the skills test? - for a Carpenter it says TRA and use VETASSESS or VICTORIA UNIVERSITY - what one is it best to go with? - Is it correct that if you go with VICTORIA UNIVERSITY there's no actual physical skills test, just a Paper-Based assessment and then a Technical Interview which if I understand correct is conducted using SKYPE? - If we go with VICTORIA UNIVERSITY - how long will this take to arrange as we're concerned about the new points system coming into play July 11. Will we have enough time to get everthing sorted - as there's so much to do - If we go with VETASSESS - I can see tests in Feb but no other dates available on their website. How often are the skills tests and do this alwasy have to be done? Again, worried we're going to run out of time re new points system that comes in July 11. Minds gone blank! I'll ask more questions when they come to my head! Thanks for your input everyone! Cheers :chatterbox:
  21. Hi all, I m now in australia on a 457 visa. i studied here for 2 years and then i found a job and have been on 457 visa for abt 2 years.i applied for my 176 family sponsored visa in May 2009, and it was changed to state sponsored in Nov 2009. if i leave the country now and never come back( i dont wanna come back here anymore till i got my 176 visa granted), is it gonna be a problem for my application later with recent work expericene thing and the other stuffs. Regards, Chan
  22. Hi everyone Has anyone on here applied for state sponsorship with NSW as an Accountant (code 221111)? I’m going to be applying in January (since that’s when I meet the minimum 3 year requirement) and I haven’t seen many people on here applying. So any tips or suggestions? Do they actually reply within their 3/4 week timeline as quoted on their web site? Thank you Dono
  23. Guest

    176 validation trip query

    Dear All, Merry Xmas to all... Excited... Tomorrow we will book flight tics to melbourne for 176 PR validation.It will be in mid Jan 2010. Before booking I had a doubt which I feel can get cleared here in this forum. As our PR is WA SS, is it that, we need to land in WA( perth) to validate our PR?? ... Is there any such conditon for 176 PR validation? OR or any city is OK to land for PR 176 validation. Pls suggest!!
  24. Hi all, I'm a recent (Aug 2010) 175 applicant patiently waiting in Cat 3. Being a bit impatient nevertheless, I applied for VIC SS under the new SMP and got a positive outcome last week. Now, according to the new DIAC rules, I have to lodge a new application, because my 175 has been lodged after Jul 1st 2010. The problem is that the DIAC electronic visa system doesn't allow me to do so! I've spoken with an operator at Adelade processing centre this morning, and she told me that I might need to lodge a paper application because of this. Did anyone lodge a new 176 application while having his/her 175 already lodged? What was your experience with this? Thanks!
  25. Gayan

    475 now or 176 Later

    Dear All, I got my Skilled Assement Postive as Civil Engineer with 10 years Experience.. Since I got 55 points except sponsorhip points I ahve following options 1. 475 Visa to WA 2. do the IELTS and Get 7.0 each to claim 10 points( which maybe take 2 months or more ) my Previous IELTS (R-7.5, S-7 L-6.5, W-6) Expires on 10th December 2011 since the demandlist is changing I am afraid to take chances to get IELTS 7.0 My Major concern is Childrens Education cost for 475 visa please any body rell me the education cost for Kids (7and 5 years old) when we went WA on 475... Thanks Gayan