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Found 1,342 results

  1. dalejaneaustralia

    176 Low / High risk time frames

    http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm Hi, slightly confused on the above link (right at bottom) it talks about the new low / high risk processing times for 176 state sponsorship. If you read through the info I believe it is saying a UK passport cannot be used on the ETA system and therefore will be high risk? Or am I just misinterpreting it? Thanks, be good to how others are reading it!
  2. Guest

    Confused 175 or 176??

    I've read I need 120 or 125 points and on other sites I've read 65 and 75 points? Has something recently changed. I've tried a calculator and score 75 points without sponsorship points so is this suitae for a 175 visa? If it is is it advisable to try for a 175 rather than 176? Is there a price difference and difference in processing times? I'm very confused by it all! :-( I don't want to spend all this money applying for the wrong one.
  3. Hi DIAC has edited its processing time table and has included other visas categories which were forgotten in the last announcement. For instance the 176VE applicants who were included in SOL and off from SMP list were not listed in the first announcement and many believed that those applications will be considered in Cat5 and now are included in Cat4 which is a good news for them. There are some other changes in the table which can be seen through the following link http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm
  4. Guest

    Activating 176

    Myself, wife and 2 children have 176 for Victoria. We are all moving in Jan 2012. I'm visiting for a week in October-will I be able to use my 176 and 'activate' it, or do all the family have to arrive at the same time? Thanks in advance.
  5. Guest

    Attaching docs for 176

    Hi all!! just want to know if I have to upload the educational quals certs and the employer reference letters at the time I lodge the 176 visa?.... thanx :notworthy:
  6. We've just been granted our visa and my partner (not the main applicant) wants to fly out next week to kick start his job search and I'll be staying at home with the kids to start packing up. He'll be flying out on a tourist visa as, as I understand it, he can only validate his visa if he does so with the main applicant and other applicants. So my question is will job hunting on a tourist visa even though he has a invalidated 176 in the background (which will be validated before he starts work) be allowed or will it jeopardise our 176 visa? Thanks
  7. Jems30

    176 Visa help.

    We are in the very early stages of visas etc... and am after advice for my brother in law. He is a tiler and wanting to go over with my sister and 2 children. His occupation is in demand and they want to go to Perth. He has been asking me if i can find out about being sponsored as their laptop is in for repair at the moment so he has no internet access. On a 176 visa can you get sponsored by an employer or state and then get financial assistance with the move/visa? A friend of mine went on a 475 visa and her husband had everything paid for to move them over, visas included. Is this rare or does it happen? I am not sure how likely it is with his profession. Thanks very much.:smile:
  8. Hello frineds, I had applied for 176 Visa For toolmaker on 3rd April 2008 and is been rejected now .Stating that i do not have the required work experience for the post for the past 2 yrs from the date of application .. I need some sugggestion can i reapply the Application now .. so should I just give up . as Now i got Enough work experience in that field. Please give some suggestion .
  9. Hi guys! I hope anyone can reply and help me with this thought. I was thinking since i applied for a 176 ss visa as an architectural draftsman is it possible once i arrive in Australia can I apply for work but not as an architectural draftsperson. Since im an interior designer by profession, i just applied for archi draftsperson since the ielts band reqt is lower. So does anyone know if I can do that apply for different work position from the work i nominated for my ss. Thanks in advance for anyone who will reply!!
  10. ranjeetsingh2010

    How much time for CO to pick up 176

    I want to know how time is usually takes for Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 (priority 4) to get picked up.. I have just opened an application online. I have 120 points and also made the payment. my occupation is in the SOL list. can anybody tell me with their personal experience if it was picked up earlier... the auto email from mgsm.processing@immi.gov.au says Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2010 That is like an year of wait... can I hope for an earlier pick up or this is the actual timeline. is there a way to speed it up.
  11. Guest

    176 State Sponsored Obligation

    I have read the info posted by Melbournegirlinny. But I have found the following info in other website: (1) You do not make any effort to live by your promises, the state government can tell DIAC and (in theory at least), DIAC could attempt to cancel your visa for providing fraudulent information. (2) DIAC could, if they wished, change the laws to make it easier to cancel these visas in the most flagrant cases of abuse. (3)Some said it will affect the citizenship application sine do not meet the moral requirement. Is this right? Is there any successful cases?
  12. Hi everyone just writing to let you all know we have been granted our visas and it was all in paper form, had trouble loading up documents onto computer. we applied dec 2010, visa lodged 2 march 2011 and medicals done at bridge clinic on 31 june and police checksback on 30 june then all sent by paperwork and visa granted today........yipeeeeeeeee
  13. Hi all, Though this is my first post I am a regular visitor of this forum. So, Hi!:smile: Today, I have got state sponsorship from WA. It took only 3 days from the date I applied to get the approval and I am really surprised by this super fast process. However, I am in a dilemma whether to apply to 176 with the current offer or wait till SouthAusi to open their SM plan. I am really confused because I like both the places. All the threads in pominoz which discussed Perth vs Adelaide have confused me a lot. I am from Sri Lanka, which has 25 c all day and night, super cool beaches, hill countries, Forests: all lovely spots accessible in 3 hours of car drive. I am moving just because I can upgrade my quality of life. At the same time I don't want to miss my lovely climate and nature of my country. (And of course food) I am an electronic engineer specialised in Firmware. And also I have experience in S/W as an indie freelancer. I think Perth will have more job opportunities for me. But, SA sounds like more closer to my Country's climate. I know I should sacrifice to get something, but I want to do that with some of your advice. Anyone who could give some advice, who could think with me for me? :confused: Thank you.
  14. Hi all, My partner and I are currently deciding whether to go SA SS or Skilled independent 175, we were just wondering is there a big difference in processing times between the two? We are looking to go as soon as possible if all goes well, but have heard that skilled independent can take years. I have completed my vetassessment in plumbing and am currently awaiting my results in the IELTS. We are just wondering if anyone has any advice for us and also what sorts of things you may have included within the SA state sponsorship application. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Leanne and Simon.:biggrin:
  15. Hi, Can any one let me know that What is the official confirmation that the online sponsorship form filled by my sponsor have been accepted by DIAC. Does the sponsor get any confirmation number or any status change in original Application status page? Regards
  16. zidden

    South Australia 176

    Does anyone have an idea when the South Australia page for applying for State sponsorship will re-open?
  17. midwife2005

    175 or 176

    Hi there, I'm just after a little advice really. I am in the the initial stages of my application, awaiting results of skills assessment. We are hoping to settle in Perth and I assumed we would be going for state sponsership. However, speaking to my agent this morning he said that if I can get there under my own steam ie 175 then we should go for that because under the new points system I've got 75 points. Looking through the forums though I get the impression that processing times are longer with the 175, is this right? I'm just not sure which path to follow. Any advice? Thanks Jen
  18. dazla80

    visa 176 payment help?

    hi my visa 176 was lodged by paper on the 9th of june 2011 and i spoke to immigration this morning who said they will be taking payment any day now as they have had a back log. Will the payment charge be what it was when i applied? or will i have to pay the new visa charge as they are taking the money after the 1st of july? i thought it would be the cost when i applied but the person i spoke to made it sound like i will pay the new visa charge. i'm calling them again tonight but i thought i would try and get some opinions on it. thanks!
  19. Hi, I'm booked to go to Oz on holiday in December. I think I've read somewhere that applying for a holiday visa while 176 is being processed will cancel my 176 application - is this true? Where can I get the official view on this? Should I apply for my holiday visa before I submit my 176 application? If my 176 has been granted by Dec which I guess is possible based on current processing timings, I do not want to validate in December, because I plan to emigrate in April 2012 and want to get the 40kg baggage allowance with singapore airlines. If I've already validated in Dec they won't let me have max baggage allowance. Any guidance appreciated, Amy
  20. I am sure this is another stupid question of mine but hoping someone can answer! If I am uploading original documents like birth certificates am I required to copy them and have them witnessed etc? The email from DICC confirming they have my application and reminding me to upload documents. They are talking about documents being sent to them via post and obviously original docs dont need certification so just wondered if you were uploading them whether it was ok to upload originals and not have to copy and take to a notary public person, Hope someone can answer this
  21. Hi My application is a 176 skilled sponsored. If my occupation is on SOL and if it is taken off from the state SMP list then what will be my application category ? I remember DIAC had mentioned it will be on cat3 before July2011 changes But after July 2011 DIAC has not mentioned any thing regarding this issue Regards
  22. Hi All I'm new here. I would just like to ask regarding my situation. ACS already emailed me that my ANZSCO code is 262113 (System Administrator) though I applied for Systems Analyst. I would like to ask if I am right in SOL - Schedule 4 System Administrator is included and it is written: "This list applies to occupations in the State Migration Plans (StatSOL) with ANZSCO codes. This list applies to applicants for subclasses 176 (Skilled – Sponsored)" I check 176 Skilled Sponsored Visa it says: This visa requires you to be sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia or nominated by a participating State or Territory government. My brother and sisters are already permanent resident of Australia and been living for more than 10 years. Does this mean I can apply for 176 Visa. Hope anyone can help.
  23. yoyo333

    176 now Cat 3 - 12-24 Months

    I'm shocked, this includes those applications that are in the final stages of processing! The timeline is 12-24 months
  24. PEDLEY

    176 Visa GRANTED!!

    Hi everyone, WE GOT OUR VISA THIS MORNING!! Thanks to everyone on PIO's. We hope and would like to stay in touch with as many of you as possible. Still cant believe it!! What are we going to do now every morning and night?? No need to check our emails anymore hahaha. Thanks again. See our timeline below for dates. xx:jiggy:
  25. matimage

    176 application query

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone knows at what point I upload form 1277 (sponsor details)? There is no mention of it in any literature I have received. I am nearly there with the rest of it. Just finishing off form 80. Thanks M