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Found 18 results

  1. Dear All, My name is Gaurav and I have recently joined this discussion forum, however I've been following the posts as per 176 visa for a long time. I would first of all like to thank all of you for sharing your experiences as it encouraged me to keep moving and I use to pick on the pros and cons from all of your experiences. I am hereby providing you all with my timeline so far and would love to hear from you about any suggestions as per my situation. I am basically from India and in the process of applying for 176 before 1st July deadline and now it seems by God's grace I might be allocated a CO before that. Skills Assessment with ACS - 24/11/11 Docs Received by ACS - 05/12/11 IELTS taken - 03/12/11, L-8.5, R-7.5, W-7, S-6.5 Appealed for IELTS result re-evaluation - 22/12/11 IELTS result with no change result - 26/03/12 ACS positive skills assessment - 07/05/12 SA SS Applied online - 07/05/12 Documents registered by Immigration SA - 10/05/12 IELTS Reappeared - 12/05/12, L-9, R-8, W-7, S-7 SA SS decision received today morning 30/052012 as Approved:biglaugh: I cant describe to you all how much delighted I am at this point of time. I guess now I should go ahead and apply with DIAC ASAP. I would highly appreciate if any of the members would like to advise me before I proceed with the application. A big thanks to all the members once again to share their experience.
  2. Hi guys My apologies this may be long and possibly confusing...... We started the ball rolling in Feb and TRA received our skills assessment on 15th Feb...like so many others we are going demented waiting for an outcome but should hear by 30th June. This is for painter+decorater and drywall finisher which is on SOL list. Hubby has his IELTS test on 9th June. We are doing our visa application ourselves as can't afford agent fees and through this forum and our research we felt our order of applications for GSM 176 visa were: TRA, IELTS, SS then once got all that submit actual 176 visa application. We are opting for 176 visa as don't have job lined up yet (otherwise we'd be going for employer sponsored 175visa if there was a job) and this 176 visa was recommended to us at migration agent interview. BUT with the new rules as of 1st July we weren't sure whether we get state sponsorship now or when get TRA+IELTS outcome or do we wait until we have registered an EOI and get word back inviting us to apply? The reason I ask is the info I found about skillselect....I hope I've understood it.... once u register EOI your name is put on a database which is accessible by state governments and employers and if they are interested in your skills/trade then your selected+invited to submit application. So my query (no shortcuts with me sorry) what if an employer wants you and is prepared to sponsor you then that's a different visa and you don't need SS for that. Am I getting mixed up with current+new rules? I imagine there will be loads of painters on the database and its very unlikely they are gonna say...'oh he looks good I'll have him' lol so state sponsorship still our best bet I think...so get it now or once invited? We just wanna move asap and want to get everything ready for applying and obviously not waste money on things we don't need. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. TIA Donna + Dave (+boys)
  3. Well... we made it in time for the deadline! It would be great to use this thread for anyone lodging 176 during May. The previous groups provided a great support for one another. What a relief that it's finally lodged!! Now we wait...
  4. aduffield76

    How long does your Visa last?

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of getting all my assessments and ss for a 176 visa lodge and wondered....(taking bloody ages!! :chatterbox:) If i get my visa, and validate it, how long do I have to finally move? Is it indefinite? :err: Thanks guys Andy
  5. Hi folks! I know there are plenty threads concerning this issue but I'm little confused here.. As I understood, I have 1 year to validate the visa from the moment I get it. However, I've also noticed that some people mentioned that the count begins not from the moment I actually get the visa but much earlier, from the moment I had my medicals done.. One more question I have is - what is the procedure of validating the visa? Does it only takes to enter the country or it is a longer procedure? Could someone please provide a correct answer? Thanks a lot!!
  6. Hi folks! I got my SS from WA and already lodged for a visa. Now just waiting.. My question is regarding the obligation regarding the money transfer which is mentioned in the SS agreement. There is a following paragraph there: You transfer around 40K$ into Western Australia for living costs and domestic arrangements. I wonder how strict are the government to this obligation? Since the moment I signed the agreement things are changed and I'm not sure I can transfer this amount of money now. When I take into account the around word, which is mentioned in the agreement, I assume they will not argue if there are minor differences. But what if the total amount will be far less than 40K$? Thanks!
  7. EugeneS

    176 Visa = PR ?

    Hi folks, I'm on my way to getting the 176 State Sponsored visa and I have a question. Many times I hear the term "Permanent resident" or shortly PR. So I wonder whether the 176 visa and PR are actually the same? As far as i understand, the 176 visa grants you the right for permanent residency.. Am I right? Thanks!
  8. Hi folks! I wonder what will happen to my 176 visa in case I decide to move back from Aussie for unlimited period of time? As far as I know I have to register the moment I arrive to Aussie for the first time. But what happens next? Do I have to stay there continuously just to keep my visa? Does it have any expiration date? I know that 176 visa is for PERMANENT residents. But are there any conditions which may cause the visa to get expired or non-valid anymore? Will be difference if I'll have to leave after being less than 2 years or more than 2 years (which are required to stay in certain state for sponsored visas)? Thanks in advance! All help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. To those of you that are in IT and have had skills assesed by the ACS... What was the turn arond on getting approval back? Im about to submit mine on tomorrow(Wed 14th March).... Once back will then apply for 176 Visa for Melborne to get ahead of the July changes.... Hows turn around on that also? Was thinking of doing the 175 but I hear turn around is 12 - 24 months... Want to move out tail end of 2013 so any advice....
  10. Hi folks! I'm am new on this forum so nice to meet everyone:) I am on the last stages of getting my 176 State sponsored visa to WA. Originally I planned for Victoria but unfortunately, after few changes to SOL, I am lacking 5 points! I know that if I had a job offer from Victoria located firm, I actually would be able to get those points. But now I have no such offer and it's also too late. So my question is if I arrive to WA and then get a job offer from a firm located in a different state, will it be possible to make any changes to my 176 visa which will allow me to apply for this job? Thanks in advance! All help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Guest

    No reply from CO for PLE

    Dear all, I lodged my application on 4-Dec-2010. Since, the application has already taken much time, I sent my first PLE in Jan and got a seemingly automated response that your application has been forwarded to concerned department and they will reply soon etc. Afterwards, I heard nothing from CO. Later, in Feb, I sent another PLE and got no response. Can you please tell in which case no reply comes? Quite confused and worried now Hope everything's going the right way. I was already assigned CO on the initial stages of my application.
  12. Finally my agent has lodged my visa application yesterday (7/1/2012). Is there anyone else who has lodged their visa in January 2012?
  13. Hi, just wondering if anyone who has recently got their sponsor, and how long it took?? We are hoping any day now to apply for SS then the 176 visa, however my hubby has still to sit the IELTS this month and would like to know if someone has lodged their application for SS without having sat the IELTS??? Really hope someone is able to give us some advice, as not sure whether to do it on our own before the dreaded July or go through an agent (even thought the immi.gov website stated they would not speed up the process)!! Help is needed
  14. Guest

    Is anyone else going?????

    Hello! Very new to all this and just wondered if anyone else is going to 'Wanted down under' in London this weekend? My family and I (Partner's a Marketing Director and we have 2 boys who are 3 and 7) are about to start the process of applying for a visa - probably it'll have to be a skilled sponsored 176 as I am a teacher and we thought that the seminar in London might be a good place to start. Has anyone else attended these and are they of any use? Thanks Wendy :unsure:
  15. Hi I'm a first time poster here... read a good few threads and seems there are some very well informed people about so I hope you can share some of that knowledge and pass it my way! Basically my partner and I are looking at migrating to Australia using a 176 subclass visa, she has relatives who live there and would be happy to sponser her and I could go as her De Facto, we have been together 12 months and have lived together for 6. We are both qualified Food Technologists with BSc(Hons), from what I can work out food technologists are on the SOL as 'Chemist'. We are yet to do our VETASSESS but will do so if and when required. My question is.... I believe I am right in thinking that even though our occuption is on the SOL and she has a family sponsor our applications would not be processed until 2012?? and thats on the premise we get them in by the end of 2009, which seems unlikely as its now the 5th of Dec. We would ideally not like to wait that long (durrrrr) so are thinking we might go out on a tourist visa allowing us to work for a period of 6months within 12months. While there we would aim to try and secure employer sponsorship for a permenant visa (any idea what visa this would be? possibly a bridge visa or do they then grant onshore 176??? also if this happened would the application then have priority or is it only employer sponsored applications on the CSL that go through as priority?) Are there any people out there who work in the Food industry or are perhapes Food technologists or in that field who know of anyone who has secured sponsorship using a tourist visa originally? or perhapes know the situation of employment in the food industry or good regions to look for employment in the food industry? If we gain sponsorship by an employer do people know of any obligations tied into the sponsorship such as having to work for the company for a set period after etc etc? I'm guessing this is variable depending on the company but some people must have been in this situation so all experiences welcome. Sorry for the high number of questions but if anyone could take time to help me out i'd be hugely grateful. Me trying to work out the best thing to do>>>>>:wacko: Cheers!
  16. Hi Guys We are due to leave for Perth 26/10/09 on 457 which I applied for in June. In May I had applied for State sponsorship for WA. Last week I got it approved which was fantastic. But really struggling with what to do for the best. Do we apply for 176 now and hope it gets approved before we go which is a big ask I am sure. We have already had police checks also I have had my medical for 457 , would I need another. Also if we went ahead applied should we arrange for OH and 2 Children to go ahead and have medicals ASAP and front load them with application ???? Next:- If we applied and it wasnt approved before we left , once in Australia I understand as it is an off shore Visa we would have to leave to have it granted, How long do you have to be off shore fore ??? Also I probably will not be entitled to any leave (from my job-Nurse) for at least 6 months could be longer how longer say after your 176 Visa has been approved would the DIAC allow you to wait to get it granted. My head is in bits about all this as I know the clock is ticking and have so much to sort out other than this. Also I have been told there is a good chance my employer will offer to sponsor me 3-6 months after I arrive! So my other dilema is should I just forget about this176 visa and just go on my 457 and hope the hospital does:arghh: I know I am in a very lucky position to have these options but just do not know what to do for the best for me and my family. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks Dawn:confused:
  17. Guest

    help any migration agent

    Hi, We're currently having some problems with our 175 visa:arghh: We were assigned a case officer in october 2008, but we had a mix up with the Australian police checks and it took 2-3 months to receive certification. We have been informed that Australia are no longer looking at general Electrician applicants as we are not on the CSL list; We are on the MODL list. We were made aware that they are going to start looking at the MODL 175 applications at the end of May. We have since received no confirmation of this. We are seriously thinking about changing our visa application from the 175 to the 176 State Sponsorship, Queensland. We seem to have been waiting for an extremely long time for this already, and we were wondering if anybody else has been experiencing the same problems??? Any help you can offer would be great!!! Graham & Michelle
  18. Hi everyone, My OH and I lodged a 175 application on 20th May 08. In December I was offered job I couldn't refuse, and they applied for a 457 to get us to Aus quickly. That came through really quickly, and by mid Feb we left the UK and came to Melbourne.:biggrin: When we knew the 457 was happening, we completed our full medicals and police clearance for the 175, as by completing full meds etc, this covered both visa applications. My confusion is over this 176 visa that is being spoken of on many threads. We lodged our 175 through an agent online, the online tracking shows that "application received, processing commenced" on the 20th May 08. Yet have still not been allocated a case officer. (11 months later?) The medicals all show as finalised, yet the document checklist shows that things like birth & marriage certificates, qualification paperwork etc is still required - we gave all of that to the agent BEFORE the application was lodged. Is our agent messing us around and not sending stuff through? Does this time to be allocated a CO seem realistic? Is it possible that because we already have a 457 that our application will take longer? Would there be any benefit in changing our application from a 175 to a 176? Apart from one visa being state sponsored, is there any other difference between the 2 visas??:goofy: Lots of questions, sorry! But I just really want the PR to come through as I just cannot face going back!! The 457 is only for 4 years! Cheers! Smifyduo )