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Found 72 results

  1. Paula and Jay

    Parents Migrating

    Hi, Does anyone know of anyone who had a parent migrate using the visa 103 or 143? We are planning to move but want to take my mum with us or for her to follow on shortly after and it looks very difficult! :eek:
  2. Hello could anyone help us please!!! my husband has divorced me before a couple of years and got married to another woman for his parents wish, now he wants to call me and our son back with him to australia. He is planning to sponsor our son on child visa and then apply for contributory parent visa for me via my son's child visa now the problem is i cant wait here in uk for 2 years with out my son until i can get the parent visa applied, my son is too young he is 3.5 years old and he never been with anyone except me. more over in the past years only thing that kept me goign and alive was my son, seeing him and being with him get me out off the hurts i was in since the divorce, now if my son has to leave me i dont know how i am going to survey here that too for 2 years long. now the question is, is it possible for us to apply for child visa for my son and apply for parent visa same time by requesting tat my son cant stay there alone as his father works 2 jobs day and night shift a day, i gotta be with my son, he cant leave me as he hasnt been with anyone else than me. can anyone help please, do i really have to wait for 2 years since the date my son leaves to aus or could i go there to my husband along with my son on tourist visa 676 and get the parent visa applied after the 2 years or should i apply for the parent visa same time when we apply for child visa and get there on tourist visa, am really confused please help. thankyou Claudya
  3. Guest

    Contributory Parent Visa 143

    My mother in laws visa was in the queue at 110, then it went down to 40, now the queue calculator is saying that there are no applications lodged on that date! We thought this must be good news as the application must now be being processed, but our Migration Agent has told us this isn't the case and that the queue calculator is not to be believed. Has anyone had a case officer allocated recently, how long did you wait to get to this point? Does anyone have any idea how long visas are currently taking from lodgement to granted. Can my mother in law come on a 12 month temporary visa whilst hers is being processed? Any info would be gratefully received as it is like pulling teeth to get any info from the agent!
  4. Hi my partner and i are perm residents along with one of his brothers, and his parents are here on a temp retirement visa. they are just about to apply for a 143 visa, just wondering how long they are taking at the moment? also there other brother lives in the uk and wants to come out when his parents are residents as last remaining relative. His parents have lived here already 3 yrs, so does that count towards the wating period for sponsoring, or is there still a waiting period? thanks tracy
  5. Guest

    143 visa

    Hi all we put our 143 visa on 18/04/2008 and still waiting for co so do any one know how long still to go :notworthy:
  6. hazo

    (subclass 143) visa

    We have recently applyed for a 143 visa .Has anyone out there got a 143 and if so what was the time scale? how long before you got a C.O, how long before Medicals and Police checks. Most of all how long did it take to get your visa.
  7. wow

    CPV subclass 173 to 143

    Hi Everyone, I have a query about the Contributory Parent Visa subclass 173 (temp) and the CPV subclass 143 (permanent). If you apply for and are granted the 173 and decide to apply for the permanent 143, do you need to have medicals done again please? Or is it a paper exercise? Are there any advantages to obtaining the CPV 173 then moving over to the 143? Regards, June
  8. Guest

    Contributory Parent Visa 143

    I have been recently granted a permanent resident visa 886 (state sponsored). My parents consider applying the contributory parent visa 143, and I am going to sponsor to them. However, I am somewhat confused with the term ‘settled resident’. I am concerned about the application would be refused because I am not an eligible sponsor for my parent. Some background information below: I have undertaken full time secondary and tertiary studies from May 2001 to Nov 2008 on Australian student visa. I started working part time in an engineering consultants company in Melbourne as an engineer assistant from July 2006 to Dec 2008, and become a full time engineer since Jan 2009. I was granted my permanent resident 886 on 20 April 2009. I have a car with market value AU$15000 and renting a property in Melbourne. I am the only child of my parents. Based on all these facts, I would consider myself as a settled resident in Melbourne. Please! Can any one give me some guidance on this? I want my parents come to join me ASAP.
  9. We are applying for visa subclass 143 and we were wondering how long after the application is submitted a medical health check will be required and roughly how long this takes to complete as we thought this would be a good time to put our house on the market? Is the wait for approval still two years?
  10. Welcome all and thank you for reading this post... we seem to be getting some conflicting info on Visa Costs so perhaps you guys can help?. My parents want to move to Oz. Therefore, is the total main cost of the visa (as per Immigration site is 1st instalment $1420 2nd instalment $32 725 plus aos bond of AUD 14,000 plus other misc stuff like police checks, meds etc, Are these prices for one parent or both? Thank Nick
  11. Guest

    visa 143 and benefits

    Hi Hope somebody can help me. My parents have been here for over 4 years on a permanent parents visa 143. We have sponsored them for $10, 000. They are struggling at the moment. My question is can they claim any low income benefits and will they be taken out of the bond. My dad turns 65 in january but I'm pretty sure he can only get his uk pension not the AU one. Mindy
  12. Guest

    143 Meds Result for my dad

    My parents currently are in OZ by holding visa 676 (tourist). They applied 143 May 2007. Two days ago they had meds in HSA. Today we received a letter in regards to his x-ray result. Saying' it has revealed an abonormality which may indicate past exposure to tuberculosis(TB)'. "will be required to attend nominated chest clinic for a review". The nominated chest clinic is at Royal North Shore Hospital. We are shocked by this letter. Because my father came oz by visa 676 very year since 2006. As per the requirement, he was asked to have x-ray tests very time when he applied tourist visa (cos it is 12 month period). He just had x-ray last year in May and never have problem at all. How come he got TB past exposure? Maybe he got it when he is here since June 2007? We really can not accept the fact. What we worry about is whether it will affect his visa application? What is the next step for meds review? What method they are going to take to detect active/inactive TB? For sure, their application will be on hold until it is fixed. How knows how long it will take to get the review result? If my dad has active TB, will my mum be granted visa? We all worry and worry.... I feel very sad when i think about worst things might happen... i love my parents.....and they love to see my son grow up here.... Please help if you have similar experience. THANKS lOVEPUPPY
  13. Guest

    CPV 143 Timescale

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me what the timescale is after (a) paying for the AoS, lodging the medicals and police checks before you receive any news about having to pay for the visa and then (b) how long they give you to actually pay for the visa. Many thanks. Bernice:huh:
  14. Had a request today from DIAC for the BIG money for Visa. It will be issued to us in July if we send the Cash!! Is anyone able to tell us the best way to get it to them, they are talking credit cards or Bank cheques, we are wondering what their exchange rates would be and also Bank charges ( our Bank is HSBC ) Pam
  15. Guest

    visa sub class 143

    Hello out there can anyone tell me the sequence of events with the 143 parent contributary visa. we lodged our application last october via an agent now what happens, we know there is a medical,And our family sponsor pays 14,000 dollars, and we pay 31,500 dollars, And at some point we get a case officer,Then the visa, but in what order and any clues as to how long now. Greatful for all information, Very impatient poms.
  16. Guest

    143 parent visa

    Have any more visas been been granted or do we still have to wait till july for the next ones, Also are they still processing the ones in the pipe line,Not been on for a while got a bit out of touch,
  17. Guest

    parent visa 143 ?

    we applied for a 143 parent visa on 2nd october 2007, Is there any way we can go and live in australia while we are waiting for our visa to be processed.
  18. Hello,could you tell me roughly how long it is taking for a parent contributory 143 visa to go through,thanks.
  19. Guest

    parent visa 143

    A question for anyone who has had to sell there house to pay for their parent visa, How long after the 30,000 dollar payment is made do we have to wait for the visa.
  20. Hi Jo, I'm new to the forum but saw that you've been thru the CPV and ur thru the other side still smiling, so hope u don't mind me asking a couple of q's and saying hello... we've got a migration officer (but don't feel as comfy asking him these questions...) he lodged our visa application in sept 06, last week we finally heard it's being "processed" PURE JOY!!and they've deducted the money from my credit card...so does that mean I've got a case officer then?? and roughly how long after them starting to process do u get the medical and police check request...and then how long til u actually get it granted?? Just from your experience..sorry, I know ur not a migation agent LOL!! Just nice to hear from someone who's been thru its experience...the waiting is killing us...(well more me, I have less patience than hubby and can't wait to be back in oz) Next step once we are there is to go thru my parents...so similar to you!! Thanks for listening...Hope ur enjoying life out there... Clare in London but dreaming of Bellingen...
  21. phyllis71

    contributary parents visa 143

    hi can anyone help. i am aware of the cost of 1st installment of $1,340, 2nd instalment $58,660 for myself and my husband, and also the bond $14,000. Is there any other costs including hidden costs that we should be aware of. Phyllis&Benny
  22. :?: Have received request for 2nd VAC and this to be paid by 18th October - could someone advise me please - we need to make payment by a bank cheque drawn on an Australian Bank or drawn on a bank that has representation in Australia. Please can someone verify that we can have a bank draft drawn up from our a/c at Barclays Bank as they are linked with Westpac in Oz? Our local bank seem a bit vague although my OH has spoken to someone by phone at Barclays who said it would be o.k.???? :roll: