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Found 72 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice from those who have experienced a similar situation. My parents are waiting for their visas subclass 143. I am their sponsor and only assurer. The AOS process has been successfully completed a couple of months ago. I have recently been made redundant from my job and now I'm trying to work out a couple of things: 1. Do I need to inform the Department of my change of circumstances as a Sponsor and/or an Assurer? There is a form to inform of the Applicant's changes, but what about Sponsors/Assurers? 2. Am I in trouble in regards to the AOS? I initially got really stressed thinking that because I'd lost my job I couldn't be the Assurer any more. However, after I've done some reading I now believe that once the AOS has been approved, I am finalised as the Assurer for the next 10 years whatever my circumstances are. This would work perfectly for me; I'm still willing and able to be the Assurer as I've got savings and don't think it'll be too hard for me to find a new job (however I wasn't planning to start looking until after the school holidays as I've got young kids and wanted to spend the holidays with them). Could anyone help answering my questions? That would be highly appreciated.
  2. Hey guys DEPENDENCY - The date my father lodged this visa, i was 17 yrs old and on this September ( 2014 ) im turning 19 yrs old. As per the visa criteria, a dependent should be under 18 years old. My question is, What age is considered for dependency? the age when i applied for visa or the age when my visa is verified by the case officer ?. At the same time I would also like to know the factors which can do to prove my dependency on my parents ? I may also inform you that lst year i took admission in BA part !, under the correspondence course scheme conducted by the university. Pls suggest me the evidence i can show to prove it to my case officer and how detailed i have to fill dependency questionaire. cheers rich
  3. shaahul21

    Please help - Parents Visa Options

    I am holding an Australian PR and living here with my partner since Feb 2013. I would like to bring my parents here (aged 60 and 67). Could someone please let me know my options? What will be cost and processing time for the visa's? Many Thanks, Shaahul.
  4. richardcoull

    Contributory 143 queries

    I SENT THIS EMAIL TO MY AGENT >>BUT HAVENT GOT ANY RESPONSE..I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IF U GUYS CAN HELP ME email \/ i have applied Parent Contributory Visa 143 through agency in March,2013.Im in last stages of the visa,i have query that is worrying us as it may become obstacle for our visa. I would really appreciate if u guys can clear our doubts and reply with a satisfactory response.The query i would like to make are as follows:- DEPENDENCY - The date my father lodged this visa, i was 17 yrs old and on this September ( 2014 ) im turning 19 yrs old. As per the visa criteria, a dependent should be under 18 years old. My question is, What age is considered for dependency? the age when i applied for visa or the age when my visa is verified by the case officer ?. At the same time I would also like to know the factors which can do to prove my dependency on my parents ? I may also inform you that lst year i took admission in BA part !, under the correspondence course scheme conducted by the university. confirm if this correspondence course will satisfy the immigration authorities or not? Other queries:- 1. Assurance of Support ( AOS ) - Till now, we haven't got a appropriate response by you or your agency.We haven't received a procedure for it or when we can apply for it. I have read through some forums related to aus immi that applicants before us, have already applied for it. I heard it takes a month to get AOS done ..is that true ? Please share any information about AOS, we would really appreciate. 2. As we are in the last stages, it is really tough to wait as there is mixture of excitement,curiosity and worry. So please tell how much more time it will take for case office allotment? Respectfully, Richard coulls
  5. http://www.immi.gov.au/About/Pages/legal/nolcs/20140322-12.aspx http://www.gm-parent-visas.com/visa-application-charges-increased-for-contributory-parent-visas/ Visa Application Charges for CP visas increasing from today (22/03/2014). Best regards.
  6. I would like to ask professional advisers some questions about the main applicant of visa subclass 143 ( my family has just lodged the visa subclass 143 for 3 persons : my dad, my mom and my younger bro (dependent child on my parents) First, if the main applicant ( my dad ) passed away while the visa is still in its waiting process, can my mom and my younger bro still be granted their visa? Second, if one of them cant pass the health check, can others who pass it be granted their visas normally? Third, Can my family change the main applicant to my mother although the visa application has been lodged already? many thanks
  7. ozziepom1963

    Contributory parent visa 143

    Just want to share my happy story:) My mum has just been granted her CPV today YAY! she is 76 we've waited for this for 3 years, at long last it here we have been on a roller coaster in the 3 years my dad passed (who was originally coming with mum)and my daughter has had a baby!:biggrin::sad::jiggy: Just wanted to ask if anyone knows mums entitlement for her prescriptions will she get them for the cost that all Auzzie pensioners get it for even though she only gets uk pension? will she be entitled to commonwealth or senior. thought they would of given us more info about this stuff! :biggrin::yes: Thanks in advance peeps
  8. Godfather777

    Visa 143 Contributory Parent Visa

    Hi all, I am in a process of applyiing a contributory parent visa (subclass 143). I want to know the timelines. How much time is it taking these days as on the website they say 12 months. Also any experiences realted to CPV would be helpful. All your help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Guest

    Contributory parent visa 173

    my sister is a permanent residence of australia.. i live in australia as a fulltime student about a year ago my sister applied for my parents permanent residency as a Contributory Parent Visa permanent 173 now immigration has asked for my parents medicals and Police clearance they have also asked my medicals and police clearence The question is why are they asking my medical and police check when i wasnt even included in application?? does it mean im getting permanent too because of im dependent on my parents for my fee etc??? and how long more does it take once you have given medicals and police checkss already been 15 months. Answers in details would be highly appreciated thanks guys !!!
  10. Guest

    Advice on 173 & 143

    I have 2 daughters,1 of whom is settled in Oz and the plan is for me to apply for a 173 contributory temp visa then if everything works out after 12 month to apply for a 143 permanent visa for both myself and my wife who will have remained in the uk up to this point. Is this feasible? Advice and comments much welcomed.
  11. Guest

    Visa 143 Granted today!

    Mum's visa finally granted today! Time lines were. Application - July 2008 Case Officer - Nov 2009 Medicals - Dec 2009 AOS - Feb 2010 Second Payment - May 2010 Visa Grant - 13th May 2010 WWOOOOOOOOO HHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thanks to everyone who listened to my rants! :biggrin:
  12. whats jointly income required for 3 assurer for aos for parent visa sub class 143? if income critria not meet as per centrelink how than what to do?
  13. Guest

    CPV 173 to 143

    I fly to Perth on Friday (yahoo) on a CPV 173 (2 year) and wonder does anyone know how long it takes to obtain a CPV 143 (permanent)? Since the allocation was filled so quickly last year I assume I should apply immediately. Marilyn
  14. Can any one tell approx , how long to wait, until i am informed, if i will get a visa. Every thing is in ,sons bond , police checks,medical, 3 weeks ago, Of my two year journey this is the worst bit. Nigel the waiting pom.
  15. sandch

    The All New CPV thread

    Just to let everyone in this category know that there has been quite a lot of activity in the last few weeks, and today were were asked for the 2nd VAC (application acknowledged 7 November 2007). Things have moved quite quickly recently. Let us know how it's going out there!
  16. Hello! I am not a Pom and no one in my family are, but I find this forum very informative for finding infos on visa sub 143 so I hope I am allowed to join the party.... We have just started the journey into CPV sub 143. My parents are gathering the documentations and I am filling out the forms. There are a few things I am not clear when filling the forms so any help will be very much appreciated: Form 47PA part B which is on withdrawing other existing parent visa application. If my parents do not have any existing parent visa application, do we still need to complete this part? (put N/A in "previously applied visa classes " and sign the form or do we completely leave it blank? Form 40, just confirming that my hubby will need to sign the "partner approval"? The applications are for my parents and 1 dependent sister. Also, I obtained Australian citizenship 2 years ago and I will be enclosing the citizenship certificate and Australian passport with Form40. Is it better if I also enclose a copy of my old passport & old PR visa as well? Just to show I have been hear for ages? Thank you.
  17. Guest

    Subclass 143

  18. Guest

    Submitting a 143 application

    My partner and I have decided to go the way of the Contributory Parent (143). I have Googled some questions but a few things are not plain to me. Can I apply online or do I actually have to print the forms out and physically submit them? Are printed versions of the necessary forms available from somewhere? (Dicky printer!) I note there is the main application form and others to be submittted by the 'sponsor.' Should these go with the mail form or should they be send to the sponsor (in my case my daughter) for separate submissive. As you can see, we are right at the start!! FB.
  19. Interested to know if anyone has recently got their case officer and medical lined up for CP 143 helen
  20. Guest

    143 visa cost July 2008

    Hello all, Does anyone know what the cost of the 143 visa was in July 2008? Thanks Ange :smile:
  21. Hello all, I hope I'm not tempting fate asking this question, but is it possible for my Mum to pay her 2nd payment (Contributory Parent Vsa 143) in England? With the exchange rate at the moment it would make so much more sense. Cheers Ange P.S Gill, more developments with the health situation, will update other post when I have more a bit more info! Am now feeling rather :twitcy: with it all!
  22. Guest

    Parent Visa 143. Medical help!!

    Hi All, My mum has applied for contributary visa on 2008 and she has done the medical. Now we received a letter from medibank asking her to do a echocardiogram (cardiomegaly) and forward the results. She had slight enlargment on her heart and got her treatments. I am worried about this situation and don't know where all his leads to?. Is this condition is enough to get her medical failed?. Please help me to understand the procedure from here. Thanks a lot Dimsy
  23. Guest

    Medicals 143

    Hello all, Does anyone know the current processing/back log times of a referred medical? Thanks:biggrin:
  24. :confused: Please can someone help as we are very confused! We (that's me, hubby plus our 2 kids) arrived in Oz on a subclass 119 permanent residency visa on 2nd February 2009 and, thankfully, are very happy with our new lives down under. However, my poor parents who we had to leave behind are desperate to join us. When we first arrived, we were of the understanding that they couldn't lodge their contributory parent visa subclass 143 application until we had lived here for a period of 2 years. However, during their holiday here over the Christmas period my Dad decided to phone DIAC to enquire when they could start the ball rolling. He phoned on two separate occasions and spoke to two different members of staff who both stated that it was not necessary for them to wait until we have lived here for 2 years and told him that there was nothing to stop them applying once back home in England. On the strength of this information, Dad made contact with a migration agent, only to be told that he thinks the information Dad was given by DIAC is wrong and that they do need to wait the two years! :arghh: So who is right?! If there is anyone out there who can shed some light on this very confusing matter, we would be very grateful to hear from you. Many thanks. Tracy :wacko:
  25. Hi everyone, We are planning to send mum for her meds before we are allocated a CO for her PCV (lodged Feb09). The main reason is we’re planning her clean bill of health would provide a greater chance for the High Comm in Singapore to grant her a 12 month visitors’ visa before the grant of PCV. - Do we need to have a CO to provide a letter before we can go to a panel doctor to get the meds done? - Can I confirm the forms to use are: Form 26 (medical examination) and Form 160 (x-ray)? - The results are generally sent directly to DIAC. Should we quote the PCV reference and have the panel doctor send it to them although we have no CO? - Are we able to obtain a copy of the results/ reports for our own records? - Will POPC provide a written confirmation to us that meds are ok? If not, do we refer High Comm to POPC for cleared meds? My mum is planning to have a knee replacement surgery done on her left knee (she had her right knee operated a few years ago). Will this any have impact on the medical review by the panel doctor? I remember there is a section on mobility for her health check done recently by HSA Sydney (for visitors’ visa extension), the doctor had requested her to stand on one leg & lift the other leg. She will definitely not be able to do that after the surgery. Should she delay the surgery? Thanks for your help! :cute: