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Found 34 results

  1. Hello I got a doubt about CPV though child visa (permenant subclass 101) offshore My husband will be sponsoring our son on Child visa offshore and i wll be accompany our son on a evisitor visa as he is too young to be alone he is only 3.5 yrs old. My husabnd has divorced me so we cant go for spouse visa. My husband will be sponsoring me on CPV on behalf of our son. My husband is an aus citizen and settled there in aus. My question is, when can we apply for CPV is that do we have to wait until 2 year since our son arrives aus or is it possible to we able to apply for CPV once after his Child visa (subclass 101) gets granted offshore? Any solutions? please Help Thankyou, Claudya
  2. neilo

    101 visas?

    hi does anyone know how a older child (registered as a non-migrating child on our visa application) goes about gettin a visa? our eldest son finishes uni in june and wants to join us in oz,hes looked at the 101 visa is this the right route for him? also will he need a medical,policecheck and what is the time frame for this visa? thanks:wacko:
  3. Hi All I have just started the process of sponsoring my remaining child in the UK on a Child Sponsor visa. I am in Australia with as permanent resident & my 21 year old son is still in the UK studying at University. He has his final year and then he want to come to live over here with us permanently. He is coming out on a holiday from May to Sept and I have just realised that this will not be covered in the normal visitors visa as that is for a max of 3mths, so have decided to see if I can get the sponsored visa before he come over. Do any of the know how long the e visa process for a 101 visa is taking if you send everything up front? Any help would be appreciated Maria
  4. Guest

    Child visa 101

    We have recently had a baby and are due to move to Oz......does anyone know how long it takes for a child visa 101 to be processed?
  5. Guest

    Spouse Visa - 101 Questions!!

    Hello Guys, new to posting but have been reading a fair few threads! However I do have some questions as regards the Spouse Visa. My wife and I have been together since 1999 having lived together from 2000 and married in 2004. We live in the UK and my wife is Australian by descent (Holds Dual nationality) however has never lived in Australia. We have been over twice now - back in 2001 and in 2007. We have a 1 year old son and a 13 year old daughter (from prev relationship) If succesful with our application we would be moving in with my OH sister in Melbourne - she would provide accomodation until such time we get our own property. What is the likelyhood of gaining PR straight away - having been together 10years ? If I gained the PR would my wife still need to prove she can support me? ( as I presume I would be entitled to benefits - not that I intend to do that!) We don't have much in the way of savings and would prob only enter Oz with about $10,000 - would this have any affect on our application? What additional evidence should I supply to 'prove' our relationship? I currenty have 5 A4 sheets with various photos from different periods in our relationship, boarding cards from our initial trip to Oz, Various bills dating back to 2001, and evidence of Joint Accounts since 2001. Evidence of residence (Letters sent to our 3 diferent houses we have lived in) - What else should I supply? I do have the odd birthday card / anniversary card - should I send them? We do not have any old wedding invites with joint names on If someone could let me know what else that would be great! In the 47sp form where it asks for goods/assets - what do i put? As we won't know this til the house and everything else is sold!! Is it better to send medicals and police checks with initial application? I am sure I have more Questions but can't think at the moment - we are very nervous about the whole thing as we want it so much!! Any help would be fantastic!!! G'Day!
  6. Guest

    101 uses for a man

    I'm sure there are lot more besides these. 101 uses for a man - Times Online
  7. Guest

    Child Visa 101

    Was wondering if anyone has gone through the process of obtaining a Permanent residency visa for a child (101) after they have been granted a permanent residency visa. Both myself and my fiancee were granted permanent residency visas last year and hope to make the big move next year. In the meantime we have a new addition to the family - baby daughter 7 weeks old so now have to apply for a visa for her. I have the forms to fill in but was wondering if she will have to go through a medical, xrays etc and if granted will her visa have to be validated? We are hoping hers wont have to be validated as it will save us going to Oz especially to get it done. Our visas were validated last year. Any advice would be appreciated.thanks. :rolleyes:
  8. Hi there, We are in the throws of trying to get a 'police checks letter' from the Portuguese Ministry Of Justice. We have received a letter back which roughly translates to a request for us to complete a 'Mod. 101' form? We lived in Portugal back in 1998 for little over a year whilst serving with HM Forces. Please can someone point us in the right direction so we can obtain the necessary form. Many thanks for any help you can give us. Best regards, KK.:mask:
  9. Hi We are in the UK and have permanent residency and are thinking of having our child before we move, hence they will need their own visa. Firstly I cannot belive the cost is $1320 just to add a newborn plus medicals! Has anyone else applied in this scenario? Do you have the same restrictions that you must enter Australia within a year of the medicals? I am just concerned as we will have already done this. Any tips welcome