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    UK Pension Transfer to OZ SMSF via TorFX

    @innervoice might be an idea to call them as my letter basically stated that if I had GBP funds sitting in my account at the point of closure, they would auto-convert to AUD without further notice. My account also still looks open, but I was warned that after 18th May it could close at any point thereafter. I'm guessing they'll stage the closures that said.
  2. jldathome

    UK Pension Transfer to OZ SMSF via TorFX

    Thanks Andy - unfortunately, this does make sense based on that subtle technicality. I did actually have a Citibank Australia account until last week when it was closed on account of NAB buying their business! Thanks for the tip.
  3. jldathome

    UK Pension Transfer to OZ SMSF via TorFX

    Thanks Andy - loose language on my part...the account is opened in the name of my Trustee.
  4. Hi All Has anyone used TorFX (an FX transfer agent) to move GBP from their UK pension provider to an Australian bank account? My UK pension provider (Hargreaves Lansdown) has refused to release my funds to TorFX citing the fact that the money is going into an account called 'TorFX Pty Ltd' (with a reference to my funds account number with TorFX) rather than to an account directly in the name of my fund. TorFX assure me that they do this all the time. Hargreaves Lansdson warn me that HMRC could hit me with a 75% penalty on my fund! TorFX have re-issued their settlement instructions that note the name of my fund rather than the account number, but so far no progress from Hargreaves. Thanks in advance.