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  1. Thank you so much for this Benj. I have contacted my university and now wait for their response (they seem to open emails bi-annually....) Thank you Marisa! I contacted the other accrediting body and they said I would need 6 months full time work to update my 'currency' (skills). I will be speaking with an agent soon to see which visa has the better chances...and maybe looking for a 6 month job.... Thank you so much for the replies
  2. Hello all, Am looking into getting AITSL to recognise my teaching qualification. Does anyone have a template for the observed teaching letter from the university? Or any advice as what to it should say? The uni have (finally) got back in touch and have agreed to do it and before I reply with what to write I would appreciate any advice anyone has. Many thanks!! :)
  3. Like the original poster I have a PGCE which was not organised directly by a university - although the awarding uni have basically let me give them the text for the letter regarding observations; what we cannot sort easily is the transcript. The irony is now I teach postgrad students in a school of ed at on leadership and management in schools. More or less teaching on the very kind of stuff AITSL might take grievance with me missing from my training!! Marisa - forgive me for taking your time, but if you come in on a skilled visa do you have to work in that field? I have another qualification on the list (but no up to date with experience - so would need to sort that). It is not a field I am keen to work in again (especially if have to dip toe in here to gain recent experience).
  4. Thanks Marisa - an agent did suggest redoing teacher training...to be honest I thought if I am having to pay so much to do more study then I am doing a new degree in something else!! I found a shorter course in Sydney which retrains existing teachers for a year but only accepts residents! What a shame...(and not so young sadly - the age is the issue with my partner his job is on the skilled list but he is 47 - he will look for jobs and try employer sponsored (is economics professor)) If I can figure out a transcript with the uni then I might risk it for a biscuit. (Money down drain possibly...but would love to move) Thanks for replying - appreciated
  5. Yeah I figure that is the end game - I was hoping to not mention the SCITT at all - everything I have is from the uni itself. I have been looking into other visa options too - but nothing is straight forward at the moment.
  6. Hi benj1980 - Just wondering how you managed to get over on your SCITT qualification? Any advice? For info: I have a PGCE through a SCITT partnership - because it is a partnership my cert is through the uni and I have got the uni to write observed teaching letter. What I don't have is the transcript....so am taking a bit of a gamble. I have later academic transcripts from further study which need to be included. I am taking a bet on them having some discretion but having spoken with ed dept in WA I don't think they deviate from the prescribed list much! Any advice would be appreciated!! (Annoyingly on my first day of my PGCE someone said 'oh I hear they don't accept this in Australia' - didn't bat an eyelid at the time!!)