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  1. I'm looking to utilise my qualifications in Psychology for a visa application. I have 3 university qualifications, and have worked in areas that qualify as experience (business and clinical experience), though am not chartered or registered. I've previously been advised through a migration consultant that I am eligible to apply, though upon closer inspection of the APS forms I have found the attached highlighted section which leads me to believe if there is registration in your country that you cannot count 'psychology work' without that registration. (The UK does have registration). I'm confused and would like to know if there are any migration agents which can offer further advice. I have contacted the APS previously though there is a long wait for responses.
  2. Yes he does, though I've been informed my the migration agent that the australian government won't approve my visa without the court order.
  3. I have a nagging feeling he won't, (his family were known to be 'troublesome'), so I'm preparing for the worst case scenario.
  4. Thanks for replying. He is absent to the extent that I don't have any contact details or know where he lives. I've been told I will also need the order in any event.
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping someone has been in a similar situation and can advise. In short, I am a lone parent looking to emigrate to australia, I have had a initial meeting with a migration agent who has advised I am in a good position to apply for a 190 visa, and I need to take the next steps to apply for a qualifications assessment. What I also need to do is apply for a court order (C100) to be granted approval to move my 10 year old son out of the country. My son's father has been 100% absent for over 9 years, i.e. no financial support or communication in any way. With this in mind I'm 'reasonably' confident it will be approved, though obviously there are no guarantees. I was going to do the court order first, given this is the least costly part of the process, though I've found they will ask for confirmation of visa, job, schooling, housing etc, which I will have no idea of until I have gone through the visa application and know I have a chance of success. I'm in a 'chicken and egg' situation as I can't get a visa approved without a court order, but I can't get the court order until I know for definite the situation. I was tempted to start the visa process with the australian psychological society qualifications assessment, though this alone is $1191, which would be a lot to lose if the court order failed. Has anyone been in a similar situation and can share some advice as to which you did first?