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    New law for pet owners

    We had our two dogs rabies jabbed and first titre test( test results ok) in preparation for a potential move to Australia later in the year( sub class 804 visas to be applied for on arrival) Our vets have been most helpful as have Ladyhaye agents for transport. With this change in regulations it seems apparent that the UK goverment have not been able to comply with the requirements which have been placed in respect of "goverment approved Vet certification".requiring verification of pet identities. What with the change in quarantine stay of ten days to 30 days this has put our plans in disarray. The UK is Rabies free so this does seem rather severe to place such stringent controls for immigrants wishing to bring thier furry friends along. Hoping this issue will be clarified/adjusted . Our vets are confused,we are confused and no doubt the UK goverment is too.!
  2. teejaybee

    Does Medicare cover all surgery.?

    I have read and digested many posts in relation to Medicare ,private health insurance etc but must admit to still being rather confused. My partner and I wil be entering Australia on tourist visas then immeediately applying for Aged Parent (sub class 804) visas. A bridging visa will be issued and Medicare applied for asap under UK- Australia reciprocal agreement. I understand certain treatments eg dental etc are not covered but my question is in respect of any elective surgery which may be needed at a later date resulting from any non pre existing conditions other than accident/emergency which I presume as covered being 'medically necessary.' It seems rather a grey area as what is considered covered by Medicare in respect of elective surgery. Any clarification of whether any additional private medical cover is vital for certain surgeries is required. Thanks in advance. Terence.
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    Does Medicare cover all surgery.?

    My thanks to all for your comments and advice. I have been researching further and found this useful piece of information, albeit dated 2014 but assuming this may still relavent today.
  4. teejaybee

    Does Medicare cover all surgery.?

    Many thanks to Quoll and Marisa for your comments,greatly appreciated. Your experiences are invaluable especially in respect of serious matters like Healthcare. Any further comments/experiences welcome.
  5. teejaybee

    Sub class 804 question

    My partner and I hope to be arriving Australia later this year to join family . Our question for the community is when we arrive on tourist visas ,if questioned on arrival by immigration do we openly declare our intentions to apply for the subclass 804 visa asap ?
  6. teejaybee

    Sub class 804 question

    Thank you Marisa for your reply and advice. I have researched extensively many aspects of the 804 visa but I am sure there will be other questions. The property surcharges are certainly hefty ,your warning appreciated. Melbourne greater area near family is our preferred destination but the prices have rocketed in past two years so other locations must be considered.