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  1. Hi New here, and joined to get help with my decision. 50 yr old single professional, Bit by brith been here in Nelson NZ for 16 yrs. Beautiful place but honestly bored of it, smallish town, isolated, and feel like a change. I have the possible option to sell my house here, buy in Mandurah / Bunbury / North of Perth perhaps?? and start a new chapter. I know the grass wont be greener, than here anyway lol, and Im not naive, but ready to make a big change and make the most of it. Just want any thoughts on the areas, Mandurah, Bunbury, or North - Hilary or up that way. Im temple to just make the move as a permanent one - sell here and go, then I hav to make it work, otherwise paying rent and having the option to leave means I may not be 100% committed to making it all work. Worst case I cold always move again.. life short have go for it! Any ideas, advice or opinions much appreciated.
  2. Thanks all, a fair bit to consider there.
  3. Why WA - combination of the climate and I'm concerned somewhere like Brisbane might be too humid, and the house prices.
  4. Thanks, but isolated with a large city and multiple towns, not isolated as in nothing there.?
  5. thanks, Nelson is a town of approx. 50,000, and other than fly the closest bigger place is Christchurch, some 5 hour drive away. Perth has almost 2 million people, a much larger and more active place, I may get bored in the region but I think it would take a while! I meant bored as in I've been here and done this - time for a change. I don't need a bustling metropolis to excite me, and I don't imagine I'd want that anyhow. Just a largish town near enough a big city and other places to visit, in a better climate with work available (plenty in my profession) and then start a new life and make it work for me.
  6. Brit by birth.. temple - Tempted .. morning first coffee !!