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    Spouse visa refusal - MRT process?

    I'd imagine they do, but I won't find out until next week so at the moment it's all been my own research. The rules aren't particularly straightforward so hoping I can speak to someone who will clear some of it up. Like I said, a positive store to provide some hope would settle my nerves over the weekend.
  2. TartanHamster94

    Spouse visa refusal - MRT process?

    Yeah I can appreciate that, but in my case it's a pretty niche job for which demand outstrips supply. Otherwise the company wouldn't be putting me forward for a Visa. I think on of the stipulations is that they have to demonstrate why they can't hide into the position from the domestic talent pool right? They're under a bit of time pressure and so want to try some different ways of pushing me through but obviously I understand there's a possibility I get rejected so trying to find any case at all to give me some hope and share some experience.
  3. TartanHamster94

    Spouse visa refusal - MRT process?

    Has anyone had a positive visa application while being treated with Infliximab recently? My UC is well controlled and I have a job offer for Sydney, working my way through the visa practicalities now and it's just hit me that I have quite a high chance of rejection. It seems crazy that they don't cost the economic benefit I'd bring until any potential waiver (which I'm not even sure my Visa type will have). I'll be paying heaps more in taxes than the cost of my medication per year.