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  1. Grace Yee

    Aldi Self propelled Lawn Mower review

    But nowadays I've got a moebot robot lawn mower - admittedly it doesn't have much grunt compared to the big boys, but it does a fine job. I've got a pretty big front and rear yard and I find as long as they're mowed regularly there are no problems - and even if I've left it for a while I just adjust to the higher settings and then clip closer next time I've had mine for two years with no probs, although I expect that the blades could do with some sharpening Based upon my experience I'd recommend https://moebot.com.au/product/moebot-s20/
  2. Grace Yee

    Aldi Self propelled Lawn Mower review

    I used a Ryobi battery lawnmower a few months back seems to be good. Not the cheapest when i looked it up. It went well over small twigs cut through grass easily. The person had an average front yard. Much quieter than petrol. I didn’t give it full-on testing.
  3. Grace Yee

    Window Cleaner

    This one is great. Requires less trouble and gives 100% result. Lol