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  1. Pub

    AAT Won for 187

    Hi! AAT opened my case in August 2022 and requested documents, my migration agent requested an extension and we submitted all requested documents in September 2022. In February 2023 they emailed my migration agent, stating we had not paid an application fee of $540, however according to my migration agent this is a mistake on their behalf and it is not relevant to my application. I haven't heard anything since and am slightly worried that they have made a mistake before even looking at my case properly. I initially applied to the AAT in August 2019, as a Hotel Manager in QLD. Just wondering if anyone has received a hearing date recently and how long it took after AAT opened the case and requested documents? Thanks
  2. Pub

    AAT Won for 187

    applied for AAT August 2019 AAT requested documents August 2022 which were submitted in September 2022, haven’t heard anything since. how long was the wait for a hearing date? has anyone received a hearing date recently? thanks
  3. Pub

    AAT Won for 187

    Hi how long after your case was opened did you wait for a hearing?
  4. Pub

    AAT Won for 187

    Hi! Has your appeal been opened yet?
  5. Pub

    AAT Won for 187

    Hi! I applied for a 187 in feb 2018 as a hotel duty manager in Queensland. This was refused in July 2019 and I applied to the AAT in August 2019. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar timeline and had there appeal looked at yet? Thanks