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  1. cwh

    Problem Applying For Citizenship

    it’ll all be worth it
  2. cwh

    Problem Applying For Citizenship

    do you know how much the applications cost? and the passports afterwards?
  3. cwh

    Problem Applying For Citizenship

    my grandma is currently in the UK atm, could she possibly do that but i’m not sure as it says not related by birth, who’s best to do this?
  4. cwh

    Citizenship application - parents details??

    hi could you check out my profile and read my post i could really use your help thanks.
  5. I’m 17 and want to apply for australian citizenship via descent, my dad was an australian citizen (aswell as his mother my grandma) and we always planned on getting myself an aussie passport, as i was born and live in the UK, however my dad passed in 2018, which is giving me the problem i have, on the immigration website on the application for citizenship by descent there is a form that has to be filled out the 1195 form? and there is a section that needs to be filled out by the person with the citizenship (my dad) but obviously i can’t get that done, and i don’t know what to do, can someone help me please. i have all the passports and citizenship evidence and death certificate etc.