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    804 Parent Visa

    Hi, My Mum arrived in Australia on a tourist visa in May and we have applied for the 804 Aged Parent visa onshore. According to postal tracking, the application was received on July 7th. Does anyone know what happens next? Do they send an email or notification to say the application has been received and that she has been granted a Bridging visa, or does the application itself now mean she is automatically on a Bridging visa? What happens if they don't get back to you before your tourist visa runs out? Does she have to leave? Her tourist visa runs out August 20th. We want to start to process of looking for a car for her and applying to FIRB so she can get approval to buy a property, but are worried about doing this before we know for certain that she is on a Bridging visa, and I am guessing that FIRB will need some kind off proof that she is a temporary resident? I would really appreciate any pearls of wisdom from people who have been through this process! Thanks, Sarah