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  1. Hi folks - I'm a self employed book keeper in the UK and am soon to travel to Australia as a perm citizen. As I work remotely and my work isn't time sensitive I can carry on doing this in Australia. Has anyone else done this and has any knowledge about the tax implications? I'm thinking I should set up a UK limited company and pay myself dividends as a director based in Australia. If anyone can point me in the direction of a professional with some knowledge on this I'd be grateful.
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    Remote Work as a UK Citizen - tax issues?

    Thanks so much Alan, I'll do that
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    Remote Work as a UK Citizen - tax issues?

    Apologies, I wasn't very clear as it probably wasn't relevant to my original question. My husband and I have applied for a 186 DE visa as he has a job offer in Hobart. By the time we fly out to Australia it will be 12 months since the application was submitted and so, based on the current processing times, we hope that all the planets/stars etc have aligned for us and we come out as PR's. At the moment we are just hanging around in the UK waiting for the approval and so our logic is that we may as well do that in Australia and have a holiday before his job starts. If the worst happens and the PR isn't approved then it means we've just had a really good holiday and we have to come back to the UK. If I'm on a tourist visa I'll obviously tell my UK clients I'm taking a sabbatical and can't work temporarily. Hope that makes a bit more sense!
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    Remote Work as a UK Citizen - tax issues?

    Yes, of course - I understand that. I meant that I couldn't set up as an aus sole trader until I get my perm visa. As an aside, I wonder where the line is drawn now that remote working is so much more common? If I was on holiday and my UK employer expected me to answer emails or attend the odd meeting etc whilst I'm away then surely that's acceptable?
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    Remote Work as a UK Citizen - tax issues?

    Thanks all. So it sounds as tho my best bet is to stay a UK sole trader until I get my perm visa (I'll initially be coming over on a tourist visa) and then set up as an Australian sole trader after that and pay tax according to wherever I'm registered. Simple! I own a house in the UK that I'll get rental income from so I guess I'll still need to do a tax return over there anyway.