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    Returning to Australia

    Thanks for that. So if they believe the reasons we’re not compelling enough, would she need to go thorough the process of a new spouse visa or is there another way? She did hold permanent resident status once…
  2. DaveM27

    Returning to Australia

    Thanks for the replies. We haven’t been back to Australia since returning, mainly due to elderly parents. I also still have my brother who lives there. Not sure how import it is, but me and my daughters citizenship is from both being born in Oz.
  3. DaveM27

    Returning to Australia

    Hello! First post here, so hopefully I am doing it correctly! My family lived in Australia for 5 years, but moved back to the uk 13 years ago. I am an Australian ciziten, as is my teenage daughter. Both duel, UK. My wife had a spouse visa, but never got citizenship. We are now looking to return to Australia. Does anyone know if he has any returning rights under her old visa, or would we need to go though the full process again? Spous visa, I assume? thanks for any help!