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  1. Shall88

    Bike licence

    Thanks for the reply guys really helpful! I would do the full compressed course but I can’t get in anywhere until September which is obviously when I leave which is a bit annoying so that’s why I’m trying to find out if I can do my bike license over there even though I’m from England with a UK license I’d be happy with a restricted licence too! Okay so basically I can do my licence over there but it has to be restricted for 2 years then unrestricted after that is that right? thanks
  2. Shall88

    Bike licence

    Hi everyone I’m from the UK and I’m wanting to do my bike licence but I’m moving to Brisbane in September so I won’t have time to do it before I go! I was wondering if I could do my bike licence in Australia and get my full unrestricted licence over there even though I only have my full UK driving licence not a bike licence, I have a job sponsoring me if that’s helps any sort of answers would be great thank you!
  3. Shall88

    Motorbike Licence Questions

    Hi I’m from the UK and hold a uk driving licence I’m wanting to do my bike licence but I am moving to Australia in September for a job which they are sponsoring me, I was wondering if I was able to do my full unrestricted bike license in Australia being from the UK?