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    482 visa processing times

    Oh no! My cat is booked to go out in August so hopefully it won't come to that long to wait. Hope you get your renewal soon!
  2. I applied for a 482 4 year visa in late February through a migration agent with a view to moving and starting my job in late April. My visa still hasn't arrived and I'm wondering if anyone else has also experienced delay in receiving this visa? And if so, how long they were waiting. The DHA website timelines say 75% of applications are dealt with within 3 months and I am told by the migration agent that they can't provide any estimate beyond the processing times on the DHA website. My employer needed to apply to be a sponsor which may have delayed things but this was approved in April. The only person I know who has also applied for this visa is a doctor and, while they applied after me, their visa has been granted. I'm basically looking for some reassurance from others who have recently applied for this visa that it will arrive soon as I'm in limbo at the moment.