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  1. Thanks for your answers. We (2 adults 1 child) are on an eVisitor (651) Visa at the moment and we are in Australia. We have to apply for Visitor (600) though as we don't want to fly out and in again but would like to stay about 3 or 4 more months. We do not need to work but we want our child to be able to go to the same school for one more term. This school is not on the CRICOS list so it doesn't seem possible to enrol to the school by getting a study visa for the child - which otherwise we would just do... So it seems one of us could apply for a study visa the other adult and the child could join that one as family and we could enrol the child in the same school again. The second adult could switch to a Visitor (600) as well - it just seemed more sensible to get us all on the same kind of visa.
  2. Hi, is it somehow possible to get a student visa (500) for a child for a school not on the CRICOS list? We (parents and the child) are here already on an eVisitor (651) Visa and had an enrolment in a school already which we all know and like now but which is not on the CRICOS list. We need a solution to stay for some more time. We actually don't need anything else then a visitor visa but don't want to leave the school. Any advice is highly appreciated. Regards sct
  3. Hi, being a family (2 adults 1 child) on an eVisitor (651) Visa we are wondering if one of us could apply for a student visa (500) getting the partner and child on that visa as well by bringing family. As of our understanding that would enable our child to enroll in a school free of choice. We don't have so much time though as our 651 is expiring soon. We got this questions and would be thankful for any help: - will we get on a bridging Visa as soon as we apply to not having to leave the country after the 3 months period of 651? - are there pure 100% online courses available? - does it matter if progress is made in the studies? - what is the cheapest available course (if possible online)? - is wellfare arrangements to be proven for the child if both parents are with it? - did we understand right that we had to show that we have about 72.000 $ somewhere to prove we can manage to live here (despite the fact that on a student visa you are allowed to work)? Many thanks for any help! Regards sct
  4. Hi, we are on the eVisitor (651) Visa at the moment. That is 2 adults and one child. As we are here for almost 3 month but wish to stay for some more time we though we just go for the Tourist (600) Visa. However we enrolled our child in a school here and just noticed that it seems that school enrolment is not allowed for more then 3 month. We really would like to have another school term though as it's perfect to get in touch with children and learning English. Now this leads to the following questions - Do we get ANOTHER 3 month when we switch from 651 to 600? - is there any way of getting the permit for school enrolment while being on 600 but having used the 3 month enrolment on a 651 before? - what other options would there be if this is not working on the 600? - if we apply for 600 do we get a bridging Visa if our 651 expires soon? Any help is highly appreciated. Regards sct