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    Please could an administrator contact me I have sent several messages and no one has replied
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    Medical exam eye test

    Hello hope everyone is well! I was really hoping someone could give me some advice, my husband has been offered a job in queensland and they want to sponsor him, he has submitted his skills assessment and we are supposed to be starting the process for a 186 visa. Me and 2 of my 4 children have an eye condition called optic nerve atrophy mine and my daughters visual acuity with glasses is 6/19 or 20/50 my sons is slightly better at 6/15 does anyone know what the minimum visual acuity is to pass the medical? There is no cure so no medication no operations we need no help looking after ourselves and have been told its very unlikely we would ever be completely blind. My son has a computer that we provide for him to help him at school, so other than an occasional eye test there is no costs related to it. If we declare it and get a report from our ophthalmologist what do I get her to write or is there a set report she needs to follow? I'm stressing out about this soooo much I really don't want to destroy my husbands amazing opportunity, does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much sorry for the essay x