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    Visa subClass 600 First Entry

    Thanks for your reply Paul. So If I have up to a year from my original applied for entry date, before I first enter and the 6 months starts from then, than this could work for me. I hope I have understood correctly? Although not sure what you mean by 600s come in many flavours?! Thanks Mal
  2. Mal Green

    Visa subClass 600 First Entry

    I have recently applied for a 6 month tourist visa and I put a date of arrival as November 2022. However, my circumstance have changed and may not be able to visit until sometime in mid to late 2023. Are you given a period of time to first enter Australia after your visa is issued (ie can I defer entry from Nov 2022 for some period of time and if so how long can the deferment be). If it is not possible to defer can you just cancel it and start again in the future? Thank you Mal