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  1. Dear All, I am currently living together with my partner (we have been living together for a total of 3 years 2 months with full records like bills and documents). I, an Australian Citizen (with a British De facto) I believe have a few outstanding tax things to take care of. This was related to HECS debt and having to submit tax returns while overseas for overseas income. It was not a thing when I left Australia and it seem I have a few years where this has been outstanding. I am completely happy to fix this up and submit the details / settle any tax etc. as it obviously is owed and so on, although I have been out of the loop after living overseas for 10 years. I feel like I need help to get this sorted out and I think will need a tax agent. My question is, I was thinking of coming back to Australia trying to see a tax agent while in Australia and sort out my tax while there and I'll be with family, able to easily meet with tax agent / work through things. Does leaving my de facto partner overseas and trying to go to Australia to sort this out complicate things? E.g. I have all of the rental agreements / utilities in my name and loads of proof, but does me temporarily being in Australia (with the aim of sorting the tax stuff out) create an issue? If so, should I try to sort out the tax stuff while overseas? - Can I submit an application while there are tax issues in place provided that I am working on them at the same time and provide proof that the tax is settled or an agreement or so on is in place prior to the issuing of the partner visa? - I am not against getting married per se, although not in a rush to do so. Would this make things any easier? Ideally if the tax stuff was sorted I would just apply overseas while we are still in the same apartment. I am OK to be apart from her for a few months while the visa is being processed, but I am concerned if we are still considered de facto in this time period or if we can actually apply while I am not physically living with her at that moment in time. Best S
  2. Dear All, I am an Australian with a British partner and we've been together for many years, living together for several years in the same house etc. as a de facto couple. She's had the go ahead from her company that they'd be happy to move her contract from overseas to Australia and she basically just continue doing the same work as previously but as an employee of their Australian entity. What do you think would be the best process to apply to do this? Onshore or Offshore? Is she able to enter Australia with me apply while we're visiting family and then leave? Can she leave before she has a bridging visa? My concerns are her job, although she can do this remotely.. stopping work for a few months is not going to be impossible. Could she enter AU for 2 weeks on holiday, apply for partner visa onshore | Go back overseas and continue working and wait | receive bridging visa?? | Return at some point on bridging visa or wait to see if its's processed in a few months anyway. My concerns are A) She will need to keep working so we need to do this without interruption if possible. B) Would prefer not to be be apart for a long period of time.. a few months is probably OK, but do not want to be apart for 5-6-10-15months or whatever it takes. Is it possible to receive a bridging visa whilst overseas?
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    Partner Visa advise if possible

    Sorry I mean stopping work for a few months is GOING TO BE IMPOSSIBLE. That was a pretty bad typo.