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  1. Lyocar

    Bridging visa

    Thanks very much for all the responses, if anyone else would like to add further comments please feel free to do so.
  2. Lyocar

    Bridging visa

    Wow ……Marisawright, many thanks for such a detailed response, my wife and I really appreciate the time and effort that you have taken in your response. Although my wife and I are in our mid sixties we are in good health but you have raised some very valid concerns. Can you please advise how we would stand health care wise and would we be entitled to care home facilities if we were to apply for the contributory aged parental visa 864 at approximately $110k. TIA
  3. Lyocar

    Bridging visa

    Many thanks for your feedback Marisawright, coming from the UK can I ask what you believe are the main challenges of living in Australia under a non contributing aged parent bridging visa or should I start a separate thread. Thanks
  4. Lyocar

    Bridging visa

    Many thanks for your reply Ausvisitor.
  5. Lyocar

    Bridging visa

    Hi, we are new to the site, we are planning a parental visa which takes many years, we would go on to a bridging visa and technically you are not allowed to leave Australia except in special circumstances, but does anyone actually know at what point we become a non resident of the UK. Hopefully someone can help TIA