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  1. Has anyone received a work holiday visa recently? Just wondering
  2. Does anyone know where is the best place to get a RAT test that on the certificate has all that is required? I've rang a few places and they can't confirm for sure what is on the certificate and if it will be accepted.
  3. saucer67

    Covid-19 RAT test certificate requirements

    I'm based in Exeter so cannot use either of them as the test centres are too far away unfortunately
  4. saucer67

    Covid-19 RAT test certificate requirements

    It is required to fly into Australia and get my boarding pass. I have rang boots and Lloyd's.
  5. saucer67

    Visa granted planning travel

    Hi just trying to understand the rules around testing and isolation. Im fully vaccinated and wanting to book flights to Brisbane. However many go through Sydney as a layover for example one is a 17 hour layover in Sydney then I would travel to Brisbane. I'm wondering do I need to do a PCR in Sydney in order to fly to Brisbane or only need to get a PCR in Brisbane. I'm confused. Also the PCR test needed before flying where can I get a test 3 days before flying, I live in England?
  6. saucer67

    Work holiday visa wait times?

  7. saucer67

    Work holiday visa wait times?

    Just wondering if anyone has applied for a work holiday visa recently? How long was the wait time for it to granted? As I saw this message of the immi website "As borders reopen, and more people become eligible for travel, many applications which had been on-hand while Australia’s borders were closed are now being finalised. As these older applications are being finalised, published processing times have increased. As applicants in this category are now eligible for a travel exemption, applications lodged recently are being finalised quickly. 90 per cent of applications lodged since 1 November 2022 that were finalised before 31 December 2022 were finalised in 20 days."
  8. I've applied for return residence visa in October and haven't heard anything back. I'm wondering if I should apply for the 417 visa travel to Australia on that, as its more likely to be processed faster. Then I can just see the decision on my RRV when I'm in Australia
  9. saucer67

    Immediate turnaround + proof of funds

    What visa was this?
  10. Hi I applied for my return resident visa back in October I don't meet the automatic requirements so that's why it hasn't been processed. I just wondering if I could apply for a 417 work holiday visa at the same time as this one is more likely to get processed quicker and would allow me to go to Australia. Then the 155 RRV would be processed and sent back to me whilst I'm in Australia. Is this possible to apply for two visas at the same time?
  11. saucer67

    Applying for two visas at the same time

    I'll wait it out a few more weeks. Thanks for the help
  12. saucer67

    Applying for two visas at the same time

    Yeah I don't have a PR visa thats why I've applied for a RRV visa. I've just seen the news that the VAC will be refunded on the WHV if you arrive between now and the end of April. I'm just hoping that I get a answer for this application. The reason I don't meet the automatic requirements is because Ieft Australia when I was younger due to my father passing away whilst I lived in Australia. I then had to move back to the UK as my Mother needed to be with her family. My sister was born in Australia. I haven't been able to go back as I was too young and didn't have the finances. I now do and hopefully am able to return.
  13. saucer67

    Applying for two visas at the same time

    Ah I see so not worth applying for the WHV yet I should just wait until I get the outcome of my RRV first? Thanks for the help
  14. saucer67

    Applying for two visas at the same time

    Oh didn't realise they weren't being issued thought they were added to the list of approved visas. I've seen people have been applying for them and the global processing times seem like you could get them back quickly. Is that not the case?