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  1. Just completed my electrical practical test today and thought id share what was involved . As the vetassess website gives you a list a mile long on what to revise and it can scramble your brain if you havent been in a classroom for years . Once you have followed their instructions and completed a PES form etc you are given a date for your prac test . I did mine at kangan , the assessor was really nice . He was helpful and gave small hints on if he saw you making a minor mistake . So , we had to Follow a plan and wire up a 2 way lighting circuit in conduit using singles . Gives you measurments on the plan on how long to cut the conduit and where to mount the mounting blocks etc . Wire up 1 x socket outlet Install both circuits into a switchboard you have to mount . Select correct cable size for both circuits Select correct rcbos Install a earth stake ( just mounted to the wall ) While you are doing your booth wiring the assessor will ask you to go to another booth and you have to do abit of motor control wiring. You have a chart with 5 symbols N O contact Start button Stop button Thermal overload Coil You have to match the symbols to what it is . Then draw how you would wire a simple dol starter with the symbols all in a line . Then you have to wire the circuit using the push in lead things into makeshift start button / stop button etc . Then once he is happy you test see if it works . Then he flicks a fault in . Mine was a the normally open contact wasnt connected so when you pushed the start button it just pulsed and wouldnt hold in . Then we did Swp disconnect re connect ( watch youtube for that one ) ELECTIVES You have to choose 1 elective and i was scared of this one because out of the electives there wasnt one that i was completely clued up on . Only a few basics . I chose the data one because i pull data points for new houses etc . He literally sat me down and asked 3 questions , what the tool was called to make connections ( krone tool . I use to call it a bt pusher ) What a rj45 plug was And asked what cable i use . ( cat 5 / 6 / 6e ) And then that was it . No wiring or anything . Once all that was over we tested the circuit Cont main earth Cont earth on light circ Cont earth on socket IR on whole installation ( he put a fault in on this one , pretty obvious he had because he plugged a plug into the outlet and said keep that in then you do your IR for whole installation and record the reading . Then IR of your light circ Then IR of socket ( the ones you just wired so they are fine , they dont do anything to trip you up ) Then polarity of switches . Once that is done there is a 24 question multiple choice test . Dont worry about memerising every formula for power , ohms law , rms etc . Because it literally gives you them all on the last page of your book , and he points that out to you before you start . Other than that cant really tell you much else . Hope this helps
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    Hi mate . It took a while . About 3 months before i heard anything
  3. Thought id put a post up on what to expect from the vetassess technical interview for electricians ( general ) . As i was sh×tting myself trying to find any information on what to revise / what they will ask etc . All i found was everyone asking the same question and no one replying so here i go . To start off im a electrician from the uk and i completed my apprenticeship in 2010 . So i had not been in any situation where i was tested on my electrical theory , ( which i was never great at when i was doing my apprenticeship ) so i was really nervous . I did this in covid times( i actually had covid at the time so i was self isolating ) so it was all on skype ( adobe ) . So the questions were pretty simple . A few multiple choice and some just straight up . Off the top of my head i remember × A couple on - identifying risks × A couple on - safe isolation ( revise this because there are way more steps in oz than there was the AM2 ) X A couple on cable selection - ( but really easy , no calculator needed , just as well because you arnt allowed to have ANYTHING in the room other than yourself and a glass of water ) X a couple on cable protection ( name something you could use to protect a cable from mechanical damage ? ) hd conduit .. simple × a couple on rcds ( describe the operation ) × one was showing you a analog megger and it was set on 500v dc ir test and he just asked what the tester was set on . Then asked what the purpose of the ir test is . × then name the tests you need to perform on a new installation ( didnt even need to explain them ) × burnt out connection on red phase on a motor terminal . What could be the cause ? × then a couple on a dol starter . ( what does it stand for . How would i add another emergency stop button etc ) Only one i struggled on was he showed me a wiring diagram of a dol starter ( with symbols that were numbered ) and he asked me what each number was . Because like most things really , i just got shown how to wire one and just remembered from there , never looked at the wiring diagram or symbols . So nothing too technical. Hope this helps . Good luck