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    Telling young children you are all moving to Australia

    I would not tell her. Just tell her you are going on trip (the flight) for a overseas holiday - after some weeks she will eventually figure out you have moved permanently, and by then she will be use to the new environment. You don't tell dogs you are moving and you move them anyway, and they soon settle into a routine in the new country, so not much different to children under 7 years of age. Probably would not work with an older child though.
  2. BeachBabe2022

    Anyone been granted a work holiday visa recently?

    . I am guessing they are still being issued As this was in the media this past week: An Australian state is so desperate for workers that it's offering bargain basement $17.60 (Β£10) fares to entice British backpackers to come Down Under. The South Australian scheme is a modern twist on the post-war '10-pound Pom' scheme and will see Irish travellers get even cheaper trips to Australia costing just €10, or $14.90. The move comes as the battle for backpackers heats up due to worker shortages across the country.
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    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    I don't. Just being obnoxiously sarcastic for the sake of it
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    Still here and still feel the pull

    Whatever dearie However, you completely wrong about what my views are. In the scheme of things, you know really nothing about me, my lifestyle, my home life, my work or my earnings - so you are making huge wildly inaccurate assumptions based on your own viewpoint
  5. Yes. I am scientist who has done their research to prove otherwise.
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    Still here and still feel the pull

    Most places in the world have gone down I am sure, including Australia But we are not talking about Australia are we? That is not the subject on hand.
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    Still here and still feel the pull

    Because that is exactly how it came across
  8. BeachBabe2022

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    A reliable source says its not really her - it is a lookalike
  9. BeachBabe2022

    🍊 Juicing πŸ₯

    . Why is that a worry? Your assumptions are actually more worrying..... I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables every day - more than the average person I would think. But my preference is for juicing Why? Because I have personally found it to be LIFE CHANGING FOR THE BETTER for me personally I have completely changed my health around simply by juicing. Gone are the medications (that the doctor told me I would be on for life) and this is all from juicing So again, I will say, juicing is the healthiest thing I have ever done in my life.
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    You certainly gave me the impression that you thought I was lying....so presume you did for the other poster too
  11. BeachBabe2022

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

  12. BeachBabe2022

    Living in New Zealand

    . Well as much as I love Australia, I would absolutely love to live in NZ again (was there for a year on a WHV). Fine for retirement But the wages are so low (for most people), that would be hard to manage, unless I radically change my lifestyle Also the large number of earthquakes and volcanic activity.......does make me a little wary If I did ever live there again, it would be away from the city
  13. BeachBabe2022

    🍊 Juicing πŸ₯

    Healthiest thing I have ever done in my life.
  14. BeachBabe2022

    Still here and still feel the pull

    Err Whatever dear......... I am simply talking from MY experiences and the feedback I have personally been given by family and friends still living in the UK. If you have experienced different, well that is YOUR experience isn't it. Doesn't make mine less ......does it. ???
  15. Don't believe everything you read......
  16. BeachBabe2022

    Still here and still feel the pull

    Well there could have been an ulterior motive....... I suppose you will never know for sure But you know, it could just be the absolute truth too Previously when I made a comment to family and friends in the UK, about maybe returning for a few years, each and everyone of them have said the same thing. They say the UK has changed so much for the worse, and how bad it is now. My sister and a couple of friends, have said it noticeably started to go downhill about 20 years ago, but has got rapidly worse in the past 10 years. It is not even one area. I know people who live all over the country, from Cornwall to Glasgow, and everywhere in between,.....and they all say the same thing. I think my problem would be, remembering the good times of my youth, and then being disappointed that things were not the same as I remembered. I know nowhere stays the same forever, but apparently things are now so bad, I would not recognize the place at all (or so they tell me) I have never had a pull to return, so I am not really fussed either way, if I did go back or not. But I can totally understand how you feel - as I did have a pull to get back to Australia last time I was in the UK. It is a distressing feeling to be longing to be elsewhere Hope you find some peace in your heart and soul soon
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    I know loads of people renting in the UK, and they all have regular inspections I was being thoroughly checked - once got into trouble for leaving dust on a light bulb. There are different tiers of managing a property, depending on how much fee you want to pay
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    . Don't rent it out privatey Use a real estate agent and rent it out through them The agent will ensure rent is paid on time, and they will do regularly inspections. I only rented once in the UK and it was a nightmare. Bloody neighbours would dob me in (to the owner and real estate agent), for any misdemeanor - real or imagined. If I was even an hour late with the weekly rent, agent would be on the war path And they did an inspection inside and out three times a year. Your house would be pretty safe with a reputable property manager. And you will have peace of mind
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    Recent road trip

    Lovely The first and last photos look absolutely gorgeous You mentioned the last photo was Jimbour Houseο»Ώ ......but what was the first one? Were they the same place? Interesting they are breeding Murray Cod in QLD. Are they planning on repopulating The Murray, or are they selling the fish commercially for food?
  20. BeachBabe2022

    Three snakes in three days

    Must be a lot of snakes there. The town is home to about 6,000 residents, and have a number of snake removal services. I might strike that off my retirement list.
  21. BeachBabe2022

    Have your home cooked meals changed ?

    Bit small but bet tasty
  22. BeachBabe2022

    Presents to take back to UK

    I remember people eating green ants off the tree in Townsville I have never heard of that gin - sounds interesting Outstations Aboriginal, have some gorgeous bags, umbrellas and silk scarfs, that would make a unique gift. And the coaster sets from Baribunma Aboriginal are beautiful. Otherwise, you could go for a tacky Kangaroo Balls Bottle Opener or even tackier Cane Toad paperweight. Whatever you take, make sure it is Made in Australia (and not an Aussie souvenir, that was Made in China) .
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    Definitely seems to be an age thing I reckon. When I was in my 20s, I literally (well almost) moved suburbs, or traveled overseas at the drop of a hat with a random snap decision, and never gave it a second thought. Nowadays it takes me ages to make a decision and I often change my mind several times. However, since you say "it has been my life long dream", .......if you don't act now and stay put, I think you will live to regret not taking the opportunity when you could. You don't want to be sitting in the nursing home regretting missed opportunities. Also, emotionally you could just treat it as a temporary Working Holiday Visa (as opposed to a lifelong change), that way you take the leap, give it your absolute best for a year or two, and if you don't like it, then return to your old life. .
  24. BeachBabe2022

    Where to live in Sydney

    Interesting. Never been there exactly - well apart from making sure my car doors are locked when driving through.
  25. Sounds brilliant - lucky cats