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    Moving from U.K. to Aus

    Hi, no your fine, no i am not the biological father however permission has been granted. thank you !
  2. Ben678

    Moving from U.K. to Aus

    For the medical side of things I am trained as a technician for the ambulance service it’s one step under paramedic Instead of going to finish off a degree I went the other way about it and completed something called a FREC course. I’m trained in emergency care and emergency response driving the response driving is internationally recognised but the FREC’s are only nationally however I do have all certificates and coursework to back up these certificates including what they cover. I was thinking about going into hospital care and completing my Nursing training but that’s something I’d like to perhaps complete out there if possible. What happens with the sponsorship side of things? Does this enable your employer to extend a temporary visa for example ? thanks for your advice Paul also this is going to sound dreadful but me and my partner are not married have been together for 5-6 years however would it be better for a visa application for us to get married before we look at moving or does it not make much of a difference hoping they do start opening up again as we desperately want to get out there and stay and start a new life over in aus. The FREC suite has been developed by the Awarding Body Qualsafe, and clinically endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh’s Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care.
  3. Ben678

    Moving from U.K. to Aus

    posting in this section as wasn’t sure where to put it was sent from Reddit as someone recommended this website to me as there relations with a moderator. I’m going to read through as a lot of useful info on here mean while my post below thank you kindly So Iv been wanting to move to Australia for a few years now there’s a few things that really appeal to me as a person and to us as a family. We are prepared to work hard for it. I am hoping to document this process as I go. As far as how far we want to go We would like to get permanent citizenship out there eventually with no turning back! Age me and my partner both 30 with a child of 13 now. Ideally we would like to move to either Brisbane area or Perth. We are massive beach go’ers love paddle boarding surfing and camping. This is mainly what we would do in our spare time. Jobs - This is my main bug about everything Iv read online or seen on YouTube etc. Everyone moving out there either has a higher degree or masters and it seems this is the only way to guarantee some good points for visa application. But is it possible to do on a medium / white collar jobs. Im medically trained to an emergency level with internationally recognised qualifications including driving. ( however not completed a degree yet.) I am currently trained as a bar/ hospitality supervisor currently. ( mad switch I know but it has its reasons) I do still participate in community first responder roles to keep on top of my skills. My partner is a property manager for local property firm. ( sure I read somewhere she could get a sponsored visa from a new employer out in aus. But this is a 2 year temporary visa. Education - we are hoping to tie this in with when are child has completed her GSCE’s so we can look at colleges over in aus. This gives a time scale of around 33 months. We will Be seeking advice from a authorised migration company. But just wanted some free advice if anyone has any here Has any insight this would Be great !