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  1. Hi All, There are so many visa forums I not entirely sure that this is the correct one. Like no doubt so many of you on here, I have not seen my family in 3 years now, so I want to get them out here ASAP in case we close the international borders, (before Brisbane even has had a chance to open our) My parents can only come for 3 weeks so needless to say a 2 week quarantine makes that a bit tricky, so my question is this, can they fly to Sydney, and as no need to quarantine we could spend some time in Sydney and travel up leisurely up the coast by car and at least see the sights etc for 10 days or so , and then cross the border with just under a week to go and spend the remainder of the 14 days at home? I have searched high and low for any information on this so any help would be gratefully received. Thanks