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  1. nate17

    Visa 884 and 864

    Thanks @LindaH27. I have a feeling that they might bump up the fee for the Contributory Parent Visas again. Is there anyone here who is waiting for the 864 with a BVA and got work rights? Immigration department doesn't really give a direct answer for this. Thanks
  2. nate17

    Visa 884 and 864

    @LindaH27I didn't know that, the age limit is getting changed in 2023. They would prefer to do some part time work if possible, to keep them occupied with something. But so far I have found conflicting information from other sources, about the work rights when they issued a BVA after applied to 864.
  3. nate17

    Visa 884 and 864

    @LindaH27Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is crazy how the demand has skyrocketed for the Parent Visas over the past few years. Do you know whether applicant gets full work rights with the Bridging A visa when they applied for 864 while holding a visitor visa without "no further stay" condition? Cheers
  4. nate17

    Visa 884 and 864

    Hi everyone, I am sure some of these questions have already been asked here before. I apologise for repeating them if that's the case. I will try to keep it as simple as possible. 1. Is Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary) - 884 faster to process than 864 or the process time is pretty much the same? (I am aware that the wait time for 864 is currently closer to 10-15years) 2. Is the queue same for all 143, 173, 884 and 864 ? is any priority given to onshore applications? Thanks in advance