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  1. Hi everyone, Please use the link below to sign a petition lodged with Parlament of Australia to increase the yearly cap for 143 & 103 visas. https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions/petition/EN3582
  2. SergK

    143 or 173 subclasses?

    Thank you Marisa and Linda, That is so discouraging... ((
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry if this question has already been asked somewhere in the forum. It just seems like there is no direct answer and is a bit confusing. I am planning to apply for a visa to bring my mum permanently to Australia. I was initially thinking of 143 and have already prepared the documents. However, I wonder if the 173 - 143 path would be any faster... Could someone please advise if applying for 173 visa and then for 143 visa brings my mum to Australia sooner than applying for 143 straight away? Is it true that these two visa classes are in the same priority queue and have the same processing times? Thank you very much