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  1. Darren_213

    Migrant Return Visa

    I actually had a consult with a migration agent, who advised that I do it myself, due to the relatively low cost of application, and the fact that I can apply as many times as I want. However, I will consider hiring a migration agent, based on your recommendation. Another question: Is there any way to attach supporting documents to my application via Immi? I haven’t been able to find any place to upload anything.
  2. Darren_213

    Migrant Return Visa

    Regarding the ties question; would a job offer within Australia be considered a substantial tie to Australia? If I can get such a job offer, should I wait until I have that offer before applying so I can include the job offer in my application?
  3. Darren_213

    Migrant Return Visa

    It’s not that. I actually did expect to return. When I went to the US, I had a slew of family problems that kept me from returning to Australia.
  4. Darren_213

    Migrant Return Visa

    @Parley I’m unsure how much detail to share, as I don’t know if Australian Immigration officials use these forums, and I don’t know if it would be to my advantage to share my case in a place where they could see. Do you think it is safe to do so?
  5. Darren_213

    Migrant Return Visa

    @MarisawrightI am definitely looking into having a job lined up in Australia before lodging an application. @Marisawright and @paulhand(and anyone else reading this, for that matter) - Do you have any further insight as to I could succeed in my Migrant Return Visa application? As I'm sure you're aware, the three main questions are: If the applicant has substantial business, cultural, employment or personal ties with Australia, give details of these ties and how they are of benefit to Australia or indicate that the applicant has no substantial ties Provide the reason why the applicant last departed Australia If the applicant had compelling reasons for this absence, give details or indicate the applicant had no compelling reasons What would successful answers to these questions look like? The first one re: ties is giving me the most trouble. What would be considered substantial ties that would qualify me for a RRV?
  6. Darren_213

    Migrant Return Visa

    Hi all, I’m a former permanent resident of Australia. I was never told about the travel limit on my PR visa (5 years out of country), so I accidentally overextended it. My understanding is that I need to apply for a Migrant Return Visa. After several consultations with migration agents, I understand my chances of success are not good, as my reasons for being out of country for so long are not sufficiently compelling. Can anyone advise me on optimizing my application? I would like to restore my permanent residency, as I really don’t want to start from scratch. Moving back to Australia has long been a dream of mine. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you