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  1. Us nurses are able to get 491/190/189 pretty easy these days. I personally would put in EOI'S for 190 and 189 and not bother with sponsored or 491. 491 makes it hard for you to buy a house and sponsored route is such a faff and obviously you're tied to an employer for a period of time
  2. What about a 190 visa?
  3. Can't argue with you there
  4. Yes, we did not expect this in a million years. The amount of sterling recommendations is what swayed us to go with them. Can I ask what you mean about working with a RMA directly? All the guys at DUC are RMA's including the lady dealing with us
  5. There are countless recommendations across all of the associated Facebook groups. Recommendations for DUC represent the vast majority of all of the recommendations for agents on there. That's why we went with them.
  6. Why would somebody deliberately submit an invalid visa application as a strategy???
  7. Can I ask what you mean by this? The lady that we're working with at DUC is a an RMA
  8. I deffo would not do it with a 491. And I'm reluctant to do it with a 190 but we are getting desperate after everything we've been through so far! It's hard to know whether to trust them or not cos I'm thinking it's best for them to just get a you a visa and get you off their books - making room for more paying customers.
  9. Ah thank you for checking that for me, that's really kind. I'm useless at finding these things out myself. Yeah we want SA or QLD. Our agent is also saying to apply for a 190 for other states and just move to the one you want but I'm a bit worried about this!
  10. Oh my god I hadn't even heard of this I'll have to ask the agent about it. Yeah we're just horrified that it happened and feel so let down.
  11. Do you mean the visa application fee? She said DOHO will return it to us in due course. The agency fee, we were due to pay £600 for the visa application part which we didn't pay anyway due to it being up in the air. They are going to put fresh EOI's in for us free of charge and then conver any state nomination fees too.
  12. Just wanted to update you all that the DOHO finally got back back to us via our agent and have deemed our visa application invalid due to it being submitted 3 minutes late and therefore the date after the EOI expired.
  13. Nurse and no they haven't as yet
  14. Thank you, We've had something like that from DOHO to acknowledge our application
  15. Yeah, I guessed that. It was definitely 00:03 in Canberra at time of submission