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  1. Should the agent be able to support to chase and complain to government if I have not gotten any update for 7 months? My employer’s agent keep asking me to wait but do nothing even my waiting time is almost expiring longest proceeding time as seven months. Is that normal? Thanks.
  2. Nothing occurred till now. I already get into my 7th month. I don’t know what is happening on another end…
  3. Just see the processing time is shortened into 5-7 months. Hope it is good news for everyone here.
  4. Hi, 186 DE, onshore Applied on: 14-May-2021 Occupation: Electrical Engineer Medical Complete: July 2021 No of Applicants: 3 Nomination Grant: Done before visa lodgment Update: S56 asked for health exam and kid’s birth certificate translation on 25 May, provided on 25 Jun by agent Visa Grant: Waiting Status: Further assessment from 25 July till now Is it normal to wait this long time after S56? Feel very stressed now…… help. Thank you.