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  1. I really wouldn't worry I don't honestly think it is that significant. As long as you have uploaded all the necessary documentation to support your application for exemption and have entered the reference numbers for your 651 applications you should be fine. The exemption grant should trigger the visa grant - just be aware that the e651 can take a little longer to process then in pre-pandemic days but you should be prioritised. Good luck!
  2. We rang the helpline yesterday too! Took ages to get through. Very, very nice lady (I have to say I was very emotional and upset) but similar response to yours. She basically said every visa is looked at on a case by case basis. When I suggested we reapply for the visa and exemption she did say she wouldn't recommend that it would put us even further down the queue. Who knows! Do keep us updated if you have any success - it is starting to feel like we are the only people without a e651 grant. Even more frustrating I note people on other forums stating their 600 visas have been granted immediately after exemption is granted. I'm beginning to wonder if we should have gone down that route. It's all so depressing we just want to see our daughters and grandchildren.
  3. Thank you so much for posting we really, really appreciate it - I do remember your original post actually. Been following this thread diligently for weeks! We did put our visa reference numbers in when applying for our exemption so from what I gathered this should 'flag' the visa approval. My fear is that this flag has not been raised/applied to our visa grant - I am sure the home affairs dept dealing with exemptions is very busy and mistakes can be made with the workload. We are fortunate as we are not flying until January (wish we hadn't booked the flights now but thought with that lead time it would be fine!) so have a bit of time in hand. I wondered if our January travel date was holding it up and should I have put an earlier date but your post suggests that wouldn't have made any difference. I did actually say to my husband this morning should we reapply for our exemption and see if it triggers the visa. I await your updates. Good luck! I feel like we are the only folks getting nowhere but at least we are not alone!
  4. Any one else got any timelines for e651 grants after exemption granted please. We applied for the Visa and then the exemption on the 7th November. Exemption came through on the 15th November. Still no e651 though. Not sure if our date of travel early January 2022 is affecting our visa grant. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you for the update! Still no sign of ours! It does help to hear what the timelines have been for others. Hopefully by the beginning of next week ours might have come through. Have a great time in Sydney!
  6. Thank you so much. It's so nerve-racking isn't it? First thing I do every morning is check our emails! Have a great time with your parents and a brilliant Christmas!
  7. My husband and I applied 7/11 as well but no e651 visa as yet. Exemption was granted 15/11. We did apply for the Visa first and had a reference number to enter on our exemption application so it looks like it doesn't make any difference which order you apply! As a matter of interest when are your parents due to travel? We are not due to travel until January so wondering if this is the reason for the delay.
  8. I have just seen the same post Linda and made exactly the same comments to my husband. We are absolutely astonished! I am seeing an endless stream of bridging visa grants on that forum it's driving me mad. I thought the whole point of these bridging visas was to keep people legal whilst all the travel restrictions were in place - why should someone be granted one when they don't even have to leave until the end of next year! What is also very frustrating is that those of us waiting patiently for any progress on our visas offshore have not had the luxury of seeing our family for now almost 2 years and all these folks have been onshore during that time but still seem to moan about their problems. The immigration department must be snowed under with these bridging visa applications at the moment - I wish they could just be focusing on exemption requests and tourist visas for those of us just desperate to see our families.
  9. I am delighted for you! Thank you for the update. We submitted our 651 application and exemption request a week ago. Fingers crossed it will be granted soon!
  10. My husband and I always apply in separate immi accounts for 651 visas. However you can apply for the exemption on one account. Hope this helps.
  11. What an excellent post Marisa. I have seen so many comments on other forums of people being encouraged to apply for bridging visas after entering on a 600 Visa until the grant of their 143 - often in many cases to be expected years down the line! I don't think that people really truly take on board how difficult restrictions will be in reality and indeed expensive in health terms should a parent fall ill. I think all should read your post! My husband and I just patiently waiting for our 143 lodged in March 2017 to move forward at some point (don't expect a miracle though!). Our main focus at this time is hoping our tourist visas 651 and exemptions will be approved soon so we can at last see our daughters and grandchildren (based in Melbourne and Perth) in January 2022 after months and months of separation. The pandemic sure has put the whole situation into perspective about what is important!
  12. I've no idea what the 'right' answer is to this question but going on advice from FB forums - it has confused many! - we just put 'Parent of an Australian Citizen'.
  13. Please keep any updates coming it's really helpful - applying for our 651 and exemption today for travel in January. Fingers crossed there is some movement on processing times for these 651 visas soon. My daughter in Melbourne knows of another case where a friend's mother is travelling in December from the UK and again - like others here on this forum - her exemption came through pretty quickly but still waiting on the visa. We have had a 143 application in since March 2017 and have noticed over the years that the processing of our 651 visas, which we have used to visit our family from that time, have taken a little longer to come through. Used to be immediate but then took on average about 5 days. Guessing that our 143 application may have flagged something in the system - not that there is any issue travelling in on a 651 whilst a 143 has been submitted. Hope to hear your parents get their visas soon!
  14. You Dad is entitled to apply for an exemption as 'immediate family' - parents are now included in that category at last. Not sure of the entry rules into Queensland though at this present time. We would have no problem entering Melbourne after the 1st Nov to see one of our daughters but entry into Perth where the other lives is very restricted at present. We are unable to travel until early January as it happens and as other posters have noted borders may be fully open by then. Who knows!
  15. Thank you for the update that's great. I guess there should be no issue applying for the 651 then. What would we all do without the help and advice on these forums?! It is all much appreciated.
  16. Thank you for that update Paul... so basically a warning message will trigger as I progress through the application but I just ignore it and then go in and apply for the exemption? I suppose there is nothing to lose at the end of the day!
  17. I didn't get that far obviously the same would have happened to me!! Send best wishes to your Dad he's doing a great job testing out the system for us all! I have everything crossed he gets his 651 granted! This actually explains why our migration agent was advocating the 600 Visa for us as the directive from immi page seems to send you in that direction for immediate family visas. I've no idea why....
  18. Thank you so much for the update - so useful! I was just about to attempt to apply for a e651 but just checked back to see if you had replied before I carried on with the application. Thank goodness I did I then I saw that your Dad's initial 651 had been rejected! When you access the immi account it only flags up applying for a 600 for immediate family I notice. We are worried about how long that will take - even though there are promises of expedited processing. Having been in the queue for a 143 Visa since March 2017 we are finding it hard to actually trust any statements about visa processing these days! Look forward to your updates. Thank you again!
  19. Can I ask did you apply for an e651 visitor visa and was that granted along with your exemption or are you still waiting for the visa grant. Did you apply for the visa and then submit the exemption request as others have suggested. It's so stressful knowing what to do and when! My husband and I hoping to travel early January.