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  1. Hi all, I am confused by the Vetassess Group C category for pre-qualification employment experience, specifically the wording here: "*If employment is prior to the completion of the qualification at the required level, an applicant must have at least one year of highly relevant employment at an appropriate skill level within the last five years. The remaining three years of pre-qualifying period may be within the last ten years. A positive assessment of both qualification level and employment duration is required for a positive Skills Assessment outcome." I am looking to apply for Conference/ Event Organizer. I have spent the last four years in this role in Australia (self-employed) and I am currently studying a Diploma which I will finish in December of this year. My question is.. Do I need to wait until a year Post Qualification... or is my four years of experience + my Diploma awarded at the end of the year all that is necessary for positive skills assessment. The wording has got me confused. I know it does say "Pre-qualification" on Vetassess, but the phrase appropriate skill level is ambiguous. Thanks so much for your assistance.