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  1. AnthonyKeen_1971

    (Subclass 870) Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa

    No he didn't, he was a regular 3 months tourist visa, we were planning to make it a year (they come over most years) but this time, it all went quite bad and we had to make sure he was treated and his treatment is ongoing and he wasn't getting the treatment needed in the UK - partly due to anyone to help, the distances involved and the chronic nature of the issue, as he has many conditions that need care. The medical visa isn't a pathway to anywhere, you do not get medicare or any support, they were granted an ongoing bridging visa without expiry until this matter is resolved.
  2. AnthonyKeen_1971

    (Subclass 870) Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa

    No worries, I've contacts Go Matilda, as recommended above, to have a chat but thanks for the details for Joey, I will keep her in mind. We can't do the 864 as my parents do not meet the balance of family rule, I would have done this if I could My parents are on a medical treatment visa (Subclass 602 Medical Treatment visa) as when they arrived, his health was bad and rapidly declined, ending in many trips to hospital in 2018. It was rejected and we appealed but the processing time for appeals is long, and has taken this long to get heard. We are not confident in a positive outcome which is why we're investigating the (Subclass 870) Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa for them
  3. AnthonyKeen_1971

    (Subclass 870) Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa

    An update, our migration lawyer refused to take the case! We've contacted one of the recommended ones. Also, we received a postponement from the AAT. I don't intent to continue to give a blow-by-blow from now on but I just wanted to update this.
  4. AnthonyKeen_1971

    (Subclass 870) Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa

    Just a note from the https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-onshore/temporary-820#About site, regarding application location (might help others if they search). Apply from You and any family member or dependent child applying with you must be in Australia, but not in immigration clearance, when you apply for this visa and when we decide your temporary visa application. == Far from an expert though but does give me a bit of hope we can apply from inside AU.
  5. AnthonyKeen_1971

    (Subclass 870) Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa

    Thanks Marisa, we are progressing on several fronts, we have an agent reading up now on the case, appoints to gather up documents and stat-decs and we are all set to go to another agent if I don't get a satisfactory response today from my newly found agent; sitting here waiting for something to happen and feeling a bit useless led me here to read these forums (again). I actually spoke to George back in 1998, he was so helpful back then, I will investigate his agency and another one today if we don't get anywhere. Appreciate your reply. Anthony
  6. Hey all, I am sorry to dump my tale into here but any advice or comments are appreciated. My parents have been in AU from the UK for years waiting for a date at the AAT to discuss my fathers medical treatment visa, it was denied and we're appealing; our migration agent retired last year, we were not informed and on chasing up the AAT, having heard nothing, we've found that his date for the tribunal is 2 weeks away! We've asked for a postponement to speak to a new agent, gather up the information the previous agent put in and prepare etc. My father has many ongoing critical issues and can't walk, stand, and requires ongoing treatment (he's 87) and over the years has gone downhill; he certainly can't fly and his doctor has said he won't approve him to fly. He has kids from his first marriage (estranged in the UK, I've never spoken to them) that prevent him from applying for any normal parent visas thanks to the balance of family rule. We feel that the hearing will not go well, and if the decision is upheld, given the lack of visa options, we were wondering if we can apply for the (Subclass 870) Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa for them, 5 years and a 5 years extension will take my dad to 97 years old. They have the finances for such a move, they have private health insurance and we are supporting them as well. We'd have to get permission to apply from Australia but, apart from that, does this seem reasonable? What I missing apart from a nervous breakdown? If you've read all this, thanks, we're seeking some option and opinions. Thanks, Anthony