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    Hi all, I’m going to make an application for a 189 visa but I’m right at the start of the process but I’m confused about 190/ 491 state nomination, I read a lot of people advising to apply for 190 for extra points plus I’ve seen people saying they’re making offshore applications but from everything I read it looks like I’d need to be living in Australia to have any hope of state nomination, is this right? I only have 65 points on 189 so from what I’ve read I’m not in a strong position to get accepted with that amount so state nomination would give more points especially in regards to the 491 as I’m looking at WA and state nomination gives an additional 15! Secondly, did anyone have their work experience assessed by AASW too, I’m wondering if family support work would count towards work experience (after I completed my BSc in Social Work) Any info appreciated!