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    Advice for a new Career in Mining ?

    Hi Eera! Thanks for your comment! Agree! Mining will have some up and downs but will never go away! I found some Youtube presentations about the Automated gold mines in WA - mind-blowing stuff! I will send you over my CV - Resume in "Australian English" I think! when I complete the Degree then! Cheers
  2. Hi there, Just wondering if someone out there could give me a sort of career advice? After living for a year in Perth while on a Working Holiday Visa in 2012 I became interested in the mining sector/way of life. At the time I had no formal qualifications. I came back to the UK and graduated in Mechanical Eng with a First-Class Degree in 2018. Got a job as a Field Service eng. for a biotech company but the idea of "going underground" never went away!! Not to mention that the salary for Engineers in the UK is just very low (I have friends packing boxes at Amazon - with overtime taking more money home than me!! ) I am now 33 currently going through a mid-life crisis - single, no house, and not many friends! I feel like now is the perfect time to take action and leave the country! (of course, covid has caused some delays) but hopefully, the borders should re-open by next year! Anyone out there working within the mining sector in WA (Trades or engineering)? How do you see the future of mining in Australia? - It seems that everything is going autonomous with potentially a lot of demand for robotics, automation, and AI... I am looking at a Masters's Degree at Curtin in Kalgoorlie ( I know is not the place to live but there is a possible scholarship to relocate there)! Much Appreciated! Cheers