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  1. Andrew1980

    QLD Sponsored Visa (Mgmt Consultant)

    OK thanks. So is the employer sponsorship also driven by the open skills list for the state or can an employers sponsored visa be granted regardless of the states listed preferred skills?
  2. Andrew1980

    QLD Sponsored Visa (Mgmt Consultant)

    Hello all I recently secured a sponsored visa with a mgmt consultancy in their Brisbane office however the skillset (ANZSCO 224711) is not on the open QLD skills list just now. My question is will I need to wait until mgmt consultant is added to the list for the visa to be granted or is there a 'fast track' route considering it will be sponsored by an established firm (big 4) regardless if the skill is on the QLD list or not? Thanks in adv Andrew
  3. Andrew1980

    Sponsored Visa Offer for QLD

    Thanks Marisa. Suppose last question from me would be, are sponsored visas (186 or 482) actually getting processed just now (pre covid timelines) or stuck in the backlog with every other visa? I see 7-9 months timeframe on aus.gov website however much longer on the forums.. Thx again A
  4. Andrew1980

    Sponsored Visa Offer for QLD

    Thanks Marisa, I should have clarified, looking at a perm residence sponsored visa and targeting Jun/Jul (ish) next yr to relocate. Depending on covid and borders etc... Hoping does not seem too good to be true! Thanks for the very useful info re temp 482 A
  5. Andrew1980

    Sponsored Visa Offer for QLD

    Hi all Lucky enough to recieve a job offer (mgmt consultancy firm in Brisbane) recently and the sponsored visa application is now underway. Unsure however whether the visa will progress considering covid / backlog etc or will QLD process my sponsored visa under exemption? Basically, am I in the same backlog as most or will it get processed while others are on hold? Many thanks in advance for any advice , A
  6. Hello all We are a family looking to relocate from UK to QLD (gold coast) ideally next year. Considering a 190 visa under the 'project and programme 511112' skilltype but also have experience in both the 'mgmt consulting 224711' and 'ICT Project mgmt 135112'. I have 20+ programme mgmt experience hence 511112 but see its a tier 2. Is tier 1 better or does it not matter? My wife and I are both 40yrs old (old for immigration standards!) + 2 young kids but only I will look for work initially. I see alot of updates re very long wait times but seem more NSW related. Anyone have experience of QLD wait times and success rates for the above skill.types recently? Is there a quicker option whereby we come.out on a temp visa (12 months), gain work and then apply for PR when employed in Oz?? May be too old for that one... Any help greatly recieved, Thanks Andrew