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    Jim Tilley Passed Away - Chairman British Pensions in Australia (BPiA)

    Hi Ken Wow. If that's true, there's no hope of a reciprocal agreement!
  2. letmeinsoon

    Jim Tilley Passed Away - Chairman British Pensions in Australia (BPiA)

    I've written to the UK all party committee on this matter. It's beyond time the UK Government agreed a state security agreement Andrew, Do you have any contacts in BPiA - particularly those dealing with the 'state security agreement' or 'UK National Insurance contributions / state pensions'? It seems to me that the Australian Trade Minister (Dan Tehan) has about six months to demand the inclusion of a state security agreement inside the coming Free Trade Agreement (which is not a done deal by a long shot - thank you Liz Truss). We know from the published agreement in principle (AiP) regarding the FTA that the age a young worker can now work for 3 years in Australia or the UK - for the UK, that may mean the years a young person pays their NI payments to the UK Government on the proviso they would return to the UK, would result in the payments benefitting other UK pensioners onshore, or worse, in the USA or Philippines. I believe there's a legal case to be squared at the Government, the consideration being expat pensioners who now live in the Philippines or the US are awarded an 'unfrozen' (i.e. full) state pension. I note the Canadian minister who recently attempted to mediate a state security agreement with the UK failed. However - they were not negotiating a trade agreement. There's strong interest from Australia in agreeing a state security.
  3. letmeinsoon

    309 extensions and cancellations?

    That's great. So (reading between the lines) you think they'll be in place until at least the end of the year? Not trying to be difficult - I'd like to enter - but I'm getting a little fed up of flights being cancelled as well as cruises (no less!)
  4. letmeinsoon

    309 extensions and cancellations?

    Paul, Thanks. That wasn't the opinion of my agent - "there'll be a dramatic reopening to secure an election win" At no point is the word 'force' used in my message. I've had several flights (and cruises no less) to Aus cancelled - not by choice. Greg Hunt just extended the Biosecurity period to 17 December meaning restrictions will be in effect until at least then, allowing the facilitation of the extension letter.
  5. letmeinsoon

    309 extensions and cancellations?

    It's a problem and I'd like to understand the official position. I'm concerned that Immigration will be 'told' that domestic vaccinations finished around November / December 2021 when everyone 'thinks' 70% of the population will be vaccinated, so extensions for offshore applicants are no longer possible as of then, and suddenly the extension document will cease to exist. That would leave all of us who have been forced to wait a whole year offshore due to government policy and horrendous flight costs with 3 months to move to the other side of the world.
  6. letmeinsoon

    309 extensions and cancellations?

    Hi Jon, Thanks very much for the reply, I have seen the letter but it's unclear how much additional time is granted to plan and to book entry. Do you have experience with submitting that letter? When you say 'for the time being' ... our entry date is March 2022 - some media coverage suggesting full vaccine coverage in Australia by March 2022 ... so, my question now is - when will they remove the extension period and leave me with days to frantically organise? Haha. We'll likely submit that letter later in the year. Cheers
  7. Hi all, Hoping someone here could help me with the following two questions. I had my 309 (offshore) visa granted in March 2021 which came quickly after 5 months from application in September 2020, with a RFI in November 2020. My agent is pretty good and supports us each stage of the way. Our planning for our move was based around the 309 usually taking 18 months to clear with authorities, which would have suited us better given the current entry restrictions and commercial travel costs (meaning we would have relocated late 2022 / early 2023). Unfortunatley, this year has been difficult with challenges on my family in the UK and with the turmoil in Australia, we are reassessing our choices. My questions are: I understand the entry date is a condition of the visa, but with the cost of flights and quarantine at the moment, has anyone - particularly agents - had any experience with Immigration extending initial entry dates / requests for alternate entry dates? In the worst case, if we cancel the visa, is it going to be a problem for me to submit another 309 application at a later stage next year when travel is more free? Do Immigration have an issue with an applicant cancelling and reapplying later? Thanks in advance...
  8. letmeinsoon

    Partner 309/100 visa

    You'll have no problem. I'm in the same boat for a scrap with my dad as a teenager. I had my 309 granted in March. You will have more of a problem with cancelled flights, affording flights and quarantine.