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    28M USA to AUS (Military Lateral Transfer)

    Thanks for the response. I emailed them and hope to hear back soon. Hoping I will be qualified. In the States we break down aircraft maintenance to very specific jobs. Ex. I work electrical and environmental, so landing gear, anything electrical, pressurization, oxygen, etc. However, from what I found on the RAAF website it seems you train your aircraft mechanics to be just like civilian ones, they work on everything. So it does appear I'd need some type of additional training on that.
  2. I have looked a little into the Lateral transfer process to join the RAAF. I only obtained what information I have found online. I see that I could possibly do it, my job is working on C130s in America (Electrical/Environmental Systems). I can get my FAA A&P license through the US Air Force (I am Air National Guard) but I know its completely different than what Australia uses. I'm currently studying Criminal Justice at University, possibly become an Investigator at the prisons here or an insurance investigator, definitely not looking to be a Police Officer in America anyway, but would be open to see about it in Australia, if that opens a door for me. Looking for maybe someone who has become an Australian citizen through the lateral transfer military process, or maybe giving me ideas as to other options? If I can get some type of Visa with a Crim. Justice degree or with knowledge and possibly my A&P to work on aircraft? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks